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March 2014

DIY Tutorial – Gilded in Gold Leaf

Get crafty and gild your wedding with this simple DIY wedding sign that’s made of materials you’ll have around the house, and some spray paint!

These stunning golden letters spell charmingly elegant décor, and the best part is, they’re so easy and inexpensive to make. They may look like burnished metal, but they’re actually made of paper and paint! A touch of gold looks gorgeous above your reception table, or transforms your photobooth’s backdrop into a veritable Bower of Bliss.

Here’s what you’ll need:

Time taken each: 20 minutes

Average cost: Most of the materials can be found around the house. Gold spray paint costs about $10/can, but you won’t need a lot of it per letter.

gold leaf letters 3

1: Print out the letters you need in a sans serif font. You can also draw the letters freehand, like we did, each about 10 inches in height. Trace your letters onto cardboard and cut them out.

We spelt out “love,” since that’s what weddings celebrate, but you can use these pretty gold leaf alphabets for anything you like—create your initials, spell out “Desserts” or “Just Married” for pretty DIY wedding signage décor.

gold leaf letters 2

2: Fold the white paper in accordion folds along its length. This enables you to cut out multiple leaves at once and save time. Pick a leaf from outside, or print and cut out this Gilded in Gold Leaf Template. Holding the leaf as a template, cut out leaves from the white paper. You should need approximately 1 A4 sheet of paper per letter.

gold leaf letters 1

3: Fold each leaf in half.

gold leaf letters 4

4: Make three or four creases along each halved leaf, then open them up. Sharp creases give your leaves the most depth, and make them look realistic.

gold leaf letters 7

5: Apply glue onto the lower half of each leaf’s underside, and stick them onto the letters. Alternately overlap the leaves to form a ‘V’ pattern.

gold leaf letters 6

6: Once you’ve covered the letters, it’s time for gold spray paint! Place the letters on newspaper and gild away. Remember to spray from different angles to paint the undersides of the leaves as well. Leave the letters to dry, then you’re ready to stick them onto your walls for instant elegance.

gold leaf letters 5

Wasn’t that simple? These gilded gold leaf letters are pretty light, and will stay up on the walls with some Blu-tack. You can also prop them on your dessert table. If you want to make an even bigger impact, scale the letters up for hugely glamorous DIY wedding signage!

gold leaf 8Featuring Bouclair Tealight Holder Birds in Gold from Spotlight

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DIY Tutorial – Gilded in Gold Leaf