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September 2015

DIY Tutorial: Super Easy 3-Step Wooden Cake Toppers

Top your wedding cake with these adorable DIY wooden cake toppers that can be made in just three simple steps! If you have five minutes, you can craft these. With their rustic, wood-grain texture and bright pops of colour, these DIY wooden cake toppers will add the perfect touch of sweetness to your wedding cake. You can also customise them in your initials, spell out “We Do,” or cut out “Love.” Happy crafting!

Here’s what you’ll need:
Wood sheets, available at Art Friend
Acrylic paint
Wooden skewers
Cellophane tape

Time taken for each: Five minutes

Average cost for six hearts: $5

DIY wooden cake toppers for your wedding 1

1: Draw or print out a paper template for your wooden cake toppers. I drew hearts in three sizes. Using the templates, cut out hearts on the wood sheets.

DIY wooden cake toppers for your wedding 4

2: Stick cellophane tape across your wooden hearts. Now, paint one side of the wooden heart, and the tape will help you keep a straight edge. I taped my hearts at different angles and used two paint colours to get a fun, colourful look. Set your wooden hearts aside to dry.

DIY wooden cake toppers for your wedding 3

3: Flip your dry wooden hearts over, and glue or tape a wooden skewer down each centre. And your wooden heart cake toppers are ready to decorate your wedding cake!

DIY wooden cake toppers for your wedding 2

That really only took about five minutes, didn’t it? You can create all sorts of different DIY wooden cake toppers this way. Spell out the bride’s name at a bridal shower, or top individual cupcakes with smaller hearts and toothpick skewers. These DIY wooden cake toppers are cheap and easy to make, and are much more convenient cake decoration than fragile fresh flowers or expensive custom cake toppers.

DIY wooden cake toppers for wedding

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DIY Tutorial: Super Easy 3-Step Wooden Cake Toppers