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July 2014

Capture Your Love in the Best Light

Worrying about your wedding photoshoot in our unpredictable tropical weather? We interview 10eyesGallery, wedding photographers in Singapore, on the best ways to let your love shine for all to see.

When it comes to planning your pre-wedding photoshoot, one of the things most couples worry about in tropical Singapore is the weather. Planning an outdoor shoot is a headache for many as well, prompting frantic searches on the Internet to find unique photo locations on our tiny island. Shooting outdoors also depends on the mercy of the sun, and blinding hot rays can dampen your exciting day of celebrating your love in all your wedding finery.

So how does a couple get the best shot at beautiful pre-wedding photography here in Singapore? Wedding photographers 10eyesGallery will tell you to embrace the tropical sun, because the bright light can transform the places you know and love into surreal landscapes, through the magic of infrared photography and lots of dedicated work by their team. Dedicated to the photojournalistic stylewhen capturing actual wedding days, Sze Ping and Wee Sien of 10eyesGallery are similarly prepared to capture every perfect moment during pre-wedding photoshoots.

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Armed with a range of photography techniques, they are ready for all kinds of light in Singapore’s unpredictable day—be it the bright rays of the noonday sun or the cloudy twilight of approaching dark. 10eyesGallery creates different atmospheres for your once-in-a-lifetime photoshoot. They’ll capture the love in your eyes at a dawn shoot, making the best of the soft morning light. Infusing glamour into your night-time shots, they balance the foreground and background using strobist techniques, or create striking contrast with artfully placed flash lighting. To create an otherworldly effect right here in Singapore, 10eyesGallery also gives couples the chance to take dreamy photographs using infrared technology.

Often used to create surreal landscapes, infrared photography explores the world in a way the naked eye is unable to see. Infrared light cannot be detected by the natural eye, as it falls beyond the visible spectrum. Photographs taken using infrared-equipped cameras result in images that look out of this world, because light reflects off objects in ways we can’t see normally. Colours, textures, even skin, is given a mysterious, ethereal feel through infrared photography. Trees and foliage seem to glow, and skin turns milky and porcelain to create a fairytale wonderland of a world. Because the post-production process of infrared photography is incredibly time-consuming, however, not many photographers offer couples this chance to take surreal, dreamy photos.

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10eyesGallerywants couples to capture memorably unique images to celebrate their love, even if they can’t afford the time or budget to have a wedding shoot abroad. Using infrared photography to create images rich in colour and texture, they’ve produced photos that make a huge impact because they truly don’t resemble Singapore. With deep blue skies, striking shadows, and even snowy white foliage, these images will have your friends and family asking about your vacation photoshoot.

10eyesGallerygives couples the flexibility of shooting in different time schedules, and they’re ready at whatever time of the day to capture your love in the best possible light. Whether it’s the soft, natural light of the early morning, or the bright sun of noon transformed into a unique, otherworldly glow through infrared photography, you can look forward to a productive, beautiful shoot at any time of the day with these prepared photographers. And if you’re looking for something special right here in Singapore for your pre-wedding photography session, ask 10eyesGalleryhow they can transform our local landscape into a wonderland for your love through infrared photography.

Contact 10eyesGalleryat[email protected]or call+65 9188 4783 for more enquiries. For more information, log onhere.

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Capture Your Love in the Best Light