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April 2013

A Photojournalistic Wedding

Wedding photography is an important component of any bride’s wedding day. It is responsible for turning your one-day-wedding into a lifetime of memories you can browse through in your wedding album and show to the world. Here’s what you should know: just like the sea of wedding gowns you have to wade through to find the perfect one, there are many different styles of wedding photography you’ll have to pick from to find one that best represents you and your groom. If you’re not yet familiar with the different styles of wedding photography, then this is a must-read before you decide on a photographer and style of photography.

To name a few styles of wedding photography, there is the contemporary, artistic and the ever-popular candid wedding photography. While these styles are slowly gaining popularity, traditional and photojournalistic wedding photography are still the two most common and popular styles of wedding photography employed on our local shores. Traditional wedding photography will produce mostly posed images of you, your wedding party and wedding guests with little room for spontaneity, flexibility and candid moments. Photojournalistic wedding photography, on the other hand, lies on the opposite end of the spectrum. This style of wedding photography attempts to capture the story of your big day with minimal interference and direction so as to accurately preserve the going-ons of your wedding day.


In case you were wondering, no, photojournalistic wedding photography is different from candid wedding photography. Candid wedding photography simply means capturing the events of your big day without you, your groom and your guests noticing. The former style of photography, on the other hand, takes on a journalistic approach to accurately and impartially document the happenings of your wedding day onto photographs. When put together, these photographs will tell a story of your big day, from the moment you were doing hair and makeup to your father’s emotional response to you saying “I do” – a moment you might not even be aware of on the actual day.

Now, capturing the moment is not as easy as simply pressing down on the shutter, as 10eyesGallery would tell you; it’s about capturing the moment that completes the story. Who is 10eyesGallery, you ask? 10eyesGallery is made up of two talented wedding photographers, Wee Sien and Sze Ping, who are both advocates of and experts in the photojournalistic style of photography. “It is not just about snapping candid shots,” 10eyesGallery explains. “Photojournalistic shots require the photographer to be sharp and on the constant lookout for photo opportunities. He has to exist in that fine line where he is involved in the wedding while remaining as non-intrusive as possible so as to allow the couple and their guests to behave as naturally as possible.”


In order to remain non-intrusive during the day’s proceedings, 10eyesGallery doesn’t use any camera flash. Only natural lighting and any available lighting around them is used to capture the shots they need. Refraining from the use of camera flash means that their photographs capture exactly how the naked eye sees that moment. It also allows the photographers more freedom in their photography as they are able to stand at a closer distance to capture even the smallest moment. “The photojournalistic style of photography allow the couples to be included in “lost” moments – moments they were not privy to on their wedding day – and feel the pure joy and celebratory mood emanating from the pages of their wedding album,” 10eyesGallery says. “That’s what we love most about photojournalistic wedding photography.”

To tell if a wedding photographer uses the photojournalistic style of photography, 10eyesGallery advises couples to look at a complete album of photographs from the photographer’s portfolio. You should be able to see the flow of the wedding day unveiling before your eyes as you flip through the album if he employs the photojournalistic style.


As the only physical memento you are going to take away from your wedding day, how your wedding photos will look like should be given as much thought as you’ve given to your dream gown and banquet location. If it is a photojournalistic or traditional style of photography you are after, it is important to ensure that the photographer you engage for the day is able to deliver exactly what you want. And if you’re still undecided if you want your wedding to be shot in the photojournalistic style, 10eyesGallery is more than happy to advise you on the matter.

Contact 10eyesGallery at [email protected] or call +65 9188 4783 for more enquiries. For more information, log on here.

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A Photojournalistic Wedding