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May 2014

Weddings In Pictures : Kelly’s Oriental Wedding

Kelly and Justin tie the knot in an all out traditional Chinese wedding ceremony, complete with traditional outfits.

Kelly Latimer and Justin Loi didn’t have to think out of the box for a one-of-kind wedding unique only to them. All they did was to celebrate their Chinese heritage by throwing a traditional Chinese wedding! Kelly and Justin first met when they were 15 years old. Back then, he was just her cousin’s classmate, but things soon changed as they attended university in Melbourne, Australia. 846 steps and a decade later, she said “I do” to the boy who counted the number of steps to her apartment. Check out Kelly and Justin’s oriental wedding on 19 January 2014 and be inspired to plan one of your own!

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Share with us your aerial proposal!

Justin proposed during a holiday we took with some family and friends. I thought it’d be nice to go on a beach holiday with some friends and let loose for a few days. But little did I know, it was Justin’s plan to get me on one so he could propose. I was just a pawn being moved about on a beautiful chessboard for the perfect checkmate! Now, how is girl going to say no to that?

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You wore a traditional Chinese Qun Kua complete with a wedding headdress!

Yes, I did! It all started when my mother and I were looking at Qun Kuas. Instead of getting the more contemporary and fitted Qun Kuas, which we thought were gorgeous, we wanted something different that looked timeless, elegant and unique for my wedding day. So, we turned our search online and after two weeks of browsing through various websites for ideas and inspirations, we finally settled on a design and had it shipped in from China. My headdress, however, was bought locally from House of Etiquette and pieced together by my mother. My shoes and the Ma Kua for my mother and mother-in-law were also from this one-stop shop for Chinese wedding items.

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It looks like you had a whole lot of fun on your wedding day!

We did! Thankfully, our actual day ran fairly smooth, except for the lack of sleep (I had to wake up at 3am for hair and makeup!) and a minor laptop-hanging moment during our dinner banquet. Justin and I had initially wanted to get married on the same beach he proposed, but it was only possible if we had a smaller wedding. So, we decided to hold a larger ceremony with traditional Chinese elements instead, as a sign of respect to both sides of our heritage. Keeping this in mind, we thought it was only apt for our wedding theme to be “Shanghai Nights”. Since we didn’t have any live entertainment for the day, we had Waesome Productions to produce a series of videos for our guests. We wanted to let our guests into our life and show them how we got to where we are, and we couldn’t be happier with the turn out. Everyone remarked that there was a lot of love in the room and left the celebration happy, which was exactly what we were going for!

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Were there any particular moments that were especially special to you?

The entire day was special, but I’ve got to say that watching Justin and his brothers go through the grueling challenges my sisters had set, hearing his promises as he climbed the steps to my room and knowing that he will do anything for me, made my day. The final march-in with our brothers and sisters as we danced to “Hey Brother” was extremely memorable to me too.

Her Gowns: Various Online Websites
His Suit: Jimmy Chow from Fashion Tailors
Venue: Hotel Fort Canning
The Photographer: Bobby Kiran Photography
The Videographer: Waesome Productions

Image of wedding cupcakes by Goobycakes.

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Weddings In Pictures : Kelly’s Oriental Wedding