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October 2014

Weddings in Pictures : For Always and Forever

Although Sarah and Jakub Chudy were both Physiotherapy students at the same university, they only met through mutual friends at a music festival. 4 years later, Jakub proposed on the exact day and spot they met, sweeping Sarah off her feet with his romantic gesture! They adopted a hands-on approach and spent 6 months planning and preparing for their big day on their own! And the result? It was simply beautiful! The wedding took place on 9 November 2013.

Sarah & Jakub 1Sarah & Jakub 2Sarah & Jakub 3Sarah & Jakub 4Sarah & Jakub 5Sarah & Jakub 6Sarah & Jakub 7Sarah & Jakub 8

It’s amazing how you took only 6 months to plan and prepare for such a gorgeous wedding! What was your secret?

Sarah: Now that you mention it, I think we were pretty efficient getting everything together that quickly. It was not without help, of course. Together with my mother and bridesmaids, Jakub and I spent a lot of time DIY-ing our wedding essentials such as invitations, favours and my jewellery and accessories. We didn’t have a wedding theme per se, but seeing how we had alot of DIY elements in our wedding, I guess you could say that “DIY” was our theme!

Sarah & Jakub 9Sarah & Jakub 10Sarah & Jakub 11Sarah & Jakub 12Sarah & Jakub 13Sarah & Jakub 14Sarah & Jakub 15Sarah & Jakub 16Sarah & Jakub 17Sarah & Jakub 18Sarah & Jakub 19Sarah & Jakub 20Sarah & Jakub 21Sarah & Jakub 22Sarah & Jakub 23Sarah & Jakub 24

How did the day turn out? Were there any particular moments that were especially special to you?

Sarah: It was everything we hoped it would be! We had so much fun and really enjoyed celebrating with our family and friends, who complimented on how beautiful the venue and my wedding attire was. Walking down the aisle with my father, seeing my parents give their approval for our marriage, chancing upon a dolphin swan in the middle of our photoshoot with Samuel and our wedding speeches were all special moments that stayed with us after the day was over.

Sarah & Jakub 25Sarah & Jakub 26Sarah & Jakub 27SSarah & Jakub 28Sarah & Jakub 29Sarah & Jakub 30Sarah & Jakub 31Sarah & Jakub 32Sarah & Jakub 33Sarah & Jakub 34Sarah & Jakub 35Sarah & Jakub 36Sarah & Jakub 37Sarah & Jakub 38Sarah & Jakub 39Sarah & Jakub 40Sarah & Jakub 41Sarah & Jakub 42Sarah & Jakub 43Sarah & Jakub 44Sarah & Jakub 45Sarah & Jakub 46

How was it like working with Samuel?

Sarah: Working with Samuel was wonderful. He was warm and friendly, and he made everyone feel at ease. He’s great at bringing out real emotions in people and capturing them. He was able to take amazing photos while remaining unobtrusive during our ceremony throughout the day.

Her Gowns: Tuscany Bridal
His Suit: Connor
Venue: Western Australian Maritime Museum
The Photographer: Samuel Goh Photography

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Weddings in Pictures : For Always and Forever