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November 2013

An Afternoon of Warmth at Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa

Couples attending the Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa 2013 Wedding Show stepped out of the bright sunshine into the warm glow of luxurious hospitality. From the romantically decorated gardens to the rich interiors, the engaging hostess to the glamourous fashion show, the jazzy musical entertainment to the delicious buffet spread, the attendees were treated to Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa’s showcase of dedicated service that transforms any wedding wish into reality—all with the warmth of sincerity.

As guests streamed into the boutique resort’s beautiful lobby, the bubbly host for the day, Sylvia Tham, welcomed them with an enthusiasm that made it easy to see why she has been a popular emcee choice for over 20 years. The afternoon kicked off with a spectacular display of Saber D’or, a special highlight of celebrations at Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa. As the couples gathered around, the spotlight turned onto a smartly dressed manager who was holding up a champagne bottle and a gleaming saber. Gasps were drawn as he sliced off the bottle top with one slash of the sword! The audience burst into applause at the magnificent performance, and Sylvia gave everyone the exciting news that grooms can choose to impress their wedding guests by popping their own champagne bottles in Saber D’or performances.

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Couples then perused the chic ballrooms available for grand wedding celebrations with up to 500 seated guests, and walked up the wide spiral staircase to discover function rooms that work well for intimate weddings of up to 60 seated guests. For the wedding showcase, the rooms glowed with rich reds, that lucky colour of passion and love.In the ballroom, hanging posies created a beautiful backdrop, inspiring couples for their own rosily romantic weddings.A decorated dessert table, adorned with all manner of treats, proclaimed that love is pretty sweet!More inspiration could be gleaned from the display by partnering wedding specialists such as photographers, jewellers and florists.

The red colour theme translated beautifully to the Chinese tea ceremony set up, with two imposing Oriental-style chairs taking pride of place, faced with auspicious yet modern red and gold tiffany chairs. With a grand setting like this, family elders are sure to be impressed with the respect and honour the newly wed couples are treating them with.

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On the tour of the beautifully landscaped resort grounds, couples made sure not to miss checking out the unique Glass Pavilion, a popular venue for a special ROM ceremony that seats up to 50 guests. It’s easy to see why this stunning structure is such a favourite spot for discerning couples. With its sleek glass panels affording one a perfect view of the lush, tropical scenery, couples who solemnise their weddings here get the best of the outdoors in the cool comfort of the indoors. As the couples admired the sunkissed pavilion, the Amara Sanctuary wedding planners warmly assured them that they would go any lengths to ensure the place was beautifully decorated to their tastes. In fact, they once worked with three different florists to ensure that a couple got what they desired for their special day. A truly memorable part of a solemnisation ceremony here is that once a couple are officially man and wife, they get to announce their union across the whole of Sentosa island by ringing the ancient bell atop the Glass Pavilion!

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Back in the Grand Ballroom, couples were enthralled by the lush vocals of Sparkle Music and the glamourous bridal fashion showcase by Sattine Couture, before being treated to a sumptuous feast. A buffet spread featured the impressive offerings of the boutique resort’s Chinese Banquet Menu, with delights like Braised Shark’s Fin Soup with Dried Scallops and Crabmeat, Soya Glazed Cod Fish with Bonito, Deep Fried Prawn with Wasabi Mayo and Crispy Potato and Chilled Mango Pudding with Seasonal Fruits. The culinary talent at Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa obviously runs high, as couples kept going back for seconds, especially for the deliciously fragrant Steamed Rice with Minced Chicken and Preserved Sausage.

Of course, couples did not miss out on the chance to get exclusive deals at the show, with attractive rates and special privileges for Solemnisation and Wedding Banquets packages in 2014. As the wedding show drew to a close, the couples were left with the indelible impression of luxurious service from the warm staff at Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa, and the assurance that whatever they could dream of for their own wedding, these dedicated wedding planners would go the extra mile to achieve their every whim and fancy for the perfect celebration in this tropical paradise.

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Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa is located at 1 Larkhill Road Sentosa Singapore 099394. To make further enquiries, call their wedding consultants at+65 6825 3838 oremail[email protected].For more information on the venue, click here.

Credits: Images by Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa

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An Afternoon of Warmth at Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa