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October 2013

DIY of The Month – Chiffon and Tulle Wedding Corsage

Think you’re a hands-on kind of bride and want to make something really special for your wedding? It doesn’t have to be something elaborate; think small, simple yet significant. It could be a personalised Save-The-Date card, or a memorable wedding favour. You don’t even have to be very good at arts and crafts to make these wonderful mementos. SingaporeBrides shows you how to Do-It-Yourself.

Have a say in one of the many wedding traditions by customising your very own bridal corsage for your bridesmaids! All you need is a sewing needle, coloured thread, some fabric in your favourite colours and SingaporeBrides’s guidance, and you’ll be on your way to whipping up beautiful handmade bridal corsages for your big day.

Here’s what you need:

  • Craft Paper
  • Pink Chiffon Cloth
  • Peach Tulle
  • Vintage Gold Button
  • Gold Ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Sewing Needle
  • Pink Sewing Thread
  • Paper Clips

Time taken for each: 15 minutes

Average cost for each: $7


1. Print out the flower templatehere and cut it out on a piece of craft paper.


2. Cut out a long strip of tulle and fold it 4 times in a square. Make sure the square is bigger than your flower template.


3. Using paper clips, clip your flower template on top of the folded tulle and cut along its sides.


4. Repeat Steps 2 and 3 until you have 11 pieces of tulle flower petals. Once done, set them aside.

5. Repeat Steps 2-4 with the chiffon cloth.

6. Once you have 11 pieces each of tulle and chiffon flower petals, proceed to layer them piece by piece, starting with one chiffon flower followed by a tulle one, alternating between the two until all your petals are layered.


7. With a needle and a similar coloured thread, sew the petals together. Sew through 4 times to secure the petals properly.


8. Place a button on top of your stitches and continue sewing, securing the button to the center of your flower petals.


9. Measure and cut out a piece of 18cm long gold ribbon and sew it onto the underside of the flower petals. Go through 4 times and end the stitch by tying a knot on the underside of the petals.


Ta-da! Your very own handmade chiffon and tulle corsage completed in no time at all! This DIY bridal corsage is perfect for busy brides-to-be who don’t have a lot of time to spare but still want to inject a personal touch to their wedding day. Experiment with different colours and fabric to achieve the look you want for your special day and give your bridesmaids a keepsake to remember your day by. You can even transform it into a wedding favour by adding a pin to the back of the flower in place of a ribbon for a chiffon and tulle flower brooch your wedding guests can bring home!

ChiffonandTulleFlowerCorsage10Designer’s Guild Book Box, FHR Martini Glass (above); Designer’s Guild Book Box, Heart Plate (below) from Francfranc

Perfect for Bridal Corsage, Wedding Favours, Pastel and Vintage themed Weddings

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DIY of The Month – Chiffon and Tulle Wedding Corsage