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August 2013

A Tale of Two Writers

Our SingaporeBrides writers got married! Apart from working in the same industry, which makes them more empathetic to each other’s quirks and habits, Jaclyn Lim, 30, independent writer and owner of and Kevin Poh, 34, independent ad copywriter at, also have a shared love for indie films, bookstores, and their two dogs. They have written so many wedding planning articles for our readers that, when it finally comes to planning their own, it should be practically stress-free. Right? From putting our forum to good use and customising their wedding details, and to not going Bridezilla (or Groomzilla?) on each other, Jaclyn and Kevin is the perfect SingaporeBrides couple and we’re truly happy for them! Their wedding took place on 05 May 2013.

How did the two of you meet?

Jaclyn: We met when we were both studying for our Communications degree at Monash University in Australia. But we didn’t start going out until we were both back in Singapore – and working in the same publishing house. At the time, my family was plunged into financial troubles due to my father’s crumbling business. As I was going through this rough patch, Kevin and I grew closer. We didn’t have a typical sweet courtship, but I knew I could always count on him as my listening ear and my rock of reason.

A Tale of Two WritersA Tale of Two Writers

What was the proposal like?

Kevin: I brought the proposal ring along to our holiday in Hong Kong. I wanted to surprise her in her favourite city in Asia. And so I suggested we catch the evening light show off Hong Kong Harbour onboard the iconic Star Ferry. A minute before the show started, I went down on one bended knee, and proposed with the ring. Shocked at first, she said yes, and the city skyline lit up there and then.

Tell us about your wedding. Did it require a lot of planning?

Jaclyn: We wanted a laidback resort-style affair, and chose to hold our wedding at Amara Sanctuary Resort on Sentosa. This allowed us to have the best of both worlds – an outdoor garden solemnisation at their lovely Glass Pavilion before proceeding to the Grand Ballroom for a traditional Chinese banquet. We could exchange vows amidst lush greenery yet follow tradition by gathering all our friends and relatives for a hotel banquet – and rounds of “yum seng”!

We later took over a wedding banquet package from another couple (that we discovered on the forum), so we had only three months to plan everything to perfection. Thankfully, my mother, close friends and even relatives stepped in to help with the traditions, décor and logistics. As I’m self-employed, I could also schedule my work to revolve around gown fittings, vendor discussions and site inspections during the critical planning period.

Kevin: Working in advertising meant I took care of most of the audio-visual stuff, like scripting and storyboarding the photomontage video, and organising the music playlist. I also worked with our jewellery designer to create a custom design of her leaf-inspired diamond engagement ring, as well as our wedding bands. I also did most of the muscle work like driving around to run bridal errands.

A Tale of Two WritersA Tale of Two WritersA Tale of Two Writers

You created your own flowers for your wedding. Can you share more about that?

Jaclyn: I run with my mother, who’s the creative soul in our little outfit. Together, we created four different bridal bouquets: an elegant white peony bouquet with dangling pearls to go with my day gown, a red peony bouquet to match the kua, a yellow bouquet of alstromerias for my garden solemnisation and a pink peony and rose bouquet for the pink-and-glitter-gold themed banquet. We also planned the décor for both the evening solemnisation at the beautiful Glass Pavilion at Amara Sanctuary Resort, followed by a Chinese banquet at the Grand Ballroom.

We heard that there was also a lot of DIY in this wedding. Tell us more.

Jaclyn: I’m very influenced by Etsy and wanted to create a DIY look for my wedding, which I feel is more intimate. My mother was more than happy to get craft-sy with me! We spent many afternoons creating elements that made the wedding fun, like homemade bubbles in glass jars and ribbon wands. For my candy bar, I had mint-green and lemonade yellow themed chocs and candies. I even had butter cookies and banana cupcakes, baked by my sister and cousin. To give them credit, I handmade signs that said “Lovingly baked by Bride’s sister/cousin!” I was most touched by how my mother wrote the Chinese word “喜” in ink calligraphy on red paper herself.

What was it like on the actual day and evening of the wedding?

Kevin: It was all a complete blur, to be honest. I was constantly on the move, and was always running around doing something, though I didn’t always know what I was doing. Fortunately, my groomsmen and her bridesmaids were there to help remind us if we forgot anything. Or to let us know what’s next on the day’s schedule. The adrenaline kept us going and we kept egging each other all the way through to the big wedding dinner. We kept telling each other: “The banquet’s almost over, hang in there!” By the time everything was, we were thoroughly exhausted – and absolutely relieved we survived it.

A Tale of Two WritersA Tale of Two Writers

What did your family and friends have to say about your wedding?

Jaclyn: All of them loved the flowers – we handed out rose boutonnieres and wrist corsages to all the guests during the banquet. They also really loved Kevin’s witty wedding speech, the selection of songs (we marched in to Nick Cave’s “Breathless”) and the quality food served by Amara Sanctuary Resort.

Were there any particular moments during your planning process or on your big day that were especially memorable or special to you?

Kevin: There were two for me. The first was when we exchanged our vows during the solemnisation. I felt the ring slide into my finger, and realised that my life would never be the same again.The second was when I gave my speech during the dinner banquet. It was nerve-wrecking, but cathartic at the same time. I’ve never been known to be an emotional or sentimental kinda guy. But that speech gave me the chance to thank the people who meant the world to me. And open my heart in a way that I never would again. Suffice to say, most of our guests were surprised I could speak at all!

Jaclyn: When Kevin looked into my eyes as he was reciting his vows, I felt truly touched by how heartfelt his words were – and had to control my emotions so I could recite my vows. Seeing my mother break down in tears as I thanked her in my wedding speech was another memorable moment.

Gown & Suit: Emanuel B. Couture
Make-up and Hair: Emanuel B. Couture
The Photographer: The Peeping Thom
The Flowers: The Bloom Room
The Wedding Rings: More Than Diamonds
The Solemnisation Venue: Glass Pavilion, Amara Sanctuary Resort
The Banquet Venue: Grand Ballroom, Amara Sanctuary Resort
Wedding Planning: (Thanks to, I got a fantastic banquet package takeover deal).

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A Tale of Two Writers