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June 2011

A Tale of Ten Princesses

With the recent Royal Wedding uniting Prince William and Miss Middleton (and her drool-worthy gown!), the Wedding of the Year has swung the spotlight on royalty. We take a look at how other princesses have taken the world by storm.

And on that note, here’s a list of our top ten favourite princesses of all time and what they wore, or could wear, at their weddings, starting off with the one we are all now familiar with.

1. The Low Maintenance Princess

Copyright Mario Testino 2010

Despite being the princess most featured in the media at the moment, Catherine Middleton, wife of Prince William (he’s second in line to the throne so if he becomes King, she becomes Queen Consort), has started her reign as princess on a simple slate.

She has requested for a small entourage for her first trip (only six as compared to the usual 30 for such occasions) with her new husband, an attempt to keep a ‘no frills’ approach in their new married life. But what is a princess without jewels, right? This princess may not be able to keep them, but she has full access to the Queen’s Jewels any time she chooses. That’s right, all £20 million worth.

And for those of you who thought she looked absolutely stunning on her wedding day, check this out: She apparently did her own wedding-day make-up, and it seems that she will continue to do so for all her official events and interviews.

What she wore: A dress of sheer, cream-lace arms and a V-neckline over a form-fitting bodice. Very traditional, very elegant. We love!

2. The All-Rounded Princess

Copyright Sirivannavari

The only daughter of the Thai crown prince, fashionista Princess Sirivannavari re-launched Thailand to the world through fashion, showcasing her works in both Bangkok and Paris Fashion Weeks. The princess also excels in sport, having won a Gold medal in Badminton in the 2006 Southeast Asian Games. In 2009, the Princess was ranked among the 20 hottest young royals in the world by Forbes magazine.

What she could wear: We’re thinking a halter-neck mermaid gown for this fashionable princess, with curved skirt flares from the knees. Elegant and sexy without revealing too much skin.

3. The Sporty Princess

17 year-old Miss Pauline Ducruet is the daughter of Princess Stephanie of Monaco, but holds no title herself. A competitive diver, she’s represented Monaco in many global diving championships, most recently in the 2010 Summer Youth Olympics in Singapore.

The Olympics is in her blood; her great grandfather won 3 Olympic Gold medals for rowing and her uncle, Prince Albert II, is a five-time Winter Olympian. Miss Ducruet is granddaughter of Prince Rainier III and Princess Grace of Monaco (better known as American Actress Grace Kelly), and is currently 8th in the line of succession to the Monegasque throne.

What she could wear: A strapless silk-satin gown with sweetheart shaped neckline is perfect for flaunting her well-conditioned arms and shoulders!

4. The Fairytale Princess

A Still of Giselle in Enchanted

Handsome prince, evil queen, castles, happy ending… She may be a fairytale character but doe-eyed Giselle also made it to our Top Ten list for checking all the boxes.

Banished from her storybook land by an evil queen in the movie “Enchanted”, she meets New Yorker (played by Patrick Dempsey) and is pursued by the prince she was supposed to marry (played by James Marsden). Like a true fairytale princess, Giselle eventually finds true love and lives happily ever after. But honestly, having two really hot men chasing after you can’t be all that hard, right?

What she wore: Two words – pouffy sleeves! Only she could pull it off and still look amazing.

5. The People’s Princess

She may live on only in memories but in her life, the late Lady Diana was the envy of many when she married “Prince Charming” and entered the life of a true princess. Princess Di came from an old, aristocratic English family with royal ancestry but despite her privileged beginnings, she was as human as anyone else. She was apparently not academically inclined, and in her youth, spent some time working as a dance instructor, play group assistant, cleaner and nanny.

Her heavy engagement in charities over and above her royal obligations (she worked closely with charities and organisations, helping the homeless, youth, drug addicts and the elderly) led to her being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1997, after her demise. She is remembered for her compassion, style and her charisma.

What she wore: A 25-foot long train! Brides, don’t try this at home.

6. The Chrysanthemum Princess

Photo: Imperial Household Agency

Born the daughter of a diplomat and former ambassador to the United Nations, Crown Princess Masako is a member of the Imperial House of Japan through her marriage to Crown Prince Naruhito.

She was educated at both Harvard and Oxford Universities and speaks six languages. The Princess was forced to give up her own career as a diplomat to marry the Crown Prince and has been called a “prisoner to the Chrysanthemum throne”, bound by her duty to produce an imperial heir for the world’s longest unbroken dynasty. She is said to be battling depression and has been excused from her royal duties. She did however make a rare appearance, paying a visit to evacuees of the recent earthquake.

What she wore: Waxed bridal wigs and two heavy kimonos… at the same time! So if you are upset that your future mother-in-law is insisting that you put on a traditional outfit, cheer up, at least it won’t weigh 30 pounds!

7. The Independent Princess

Photo: Anders Wiklund/Scanpix

Ditzy and dainty, this princess is not. Hailing from the land that gave us IKEA and ABBA, Victoria, Crown Princess of Sweden, is the heiress-apparent to the Swedish throne. She is expected to ascend to the throne, and will be Sweden’s fourth Queen Regnant.

She is one smart cookie – she studied various subjects at Yale, Conflict Resolution and International Peacekeeping at the Swedish National Defence College, was an intern at the United Nations in New York and has also completed the basic soldier training at the Swedish Armed Forces International Centre. From the day she turned 18, she was allowed to act as Head of State in the absence of her father – the King, Carl XVI Gustaf. She made her first official visit alone to Japan at the age of 24 to promote Swedish culture, tourism, design and environmental sustainability.

What she wore: An ivory silk off-the-shoulder Duchess Satin gown devoid of details (unless you count the five metre long train), allowing the princess’ strong, independent character to shine through. Simply stunning!

8. The Pitiful Princess

Copyright Disney

Fairytale character Cinderella was bullied into doing all the housework while her evil, overweight stepsisters ate, drank and made merry. With the help of her Fairy Godmother and her bibbidi-bobbidi-boo wand, Cinderella attends a Ball, dances and falls in love with Prince Charming, but loses her glass slipper in an effort to be home before midnight. Armed with the glass slipper, the prince scours the land to find his true love. Of course he does, and they live happily ever after. Cinderella gets our vote as the perfect rags-to-riches princess.

What she wore: Gloves! Ivory satin gloves! Classy and unquestionably formal, befitting of a wedding of her era.

9. The Gung-ho Princess

Born to the late and former King of Jordan, Princess Iman bint Al Hussein of Jordan, 24, is the half sister to the current King, King Abdullah II of Jordan. Her ancestry includes Jordanian descent on her father’s side, and Scottish, English, Syrian, Swedish and American on her mother’s, explaining her exotic beauty.

But don’t let her stunning looks fool you. This gung-ho Princess was educated at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, England, and has also served in the Jordanian army. She is currently pursuing a higher degree in the field of veterinary studies.

What she could wear: A square neckline with short laced sleeves with an elegant chapel length train will accentuate her petite figure without compromising on modesty.

10. The Go-Getter Princess

Princess Beatrice von Preussen, 27, is not one to sit in her lofty castle and twirl her long blond hair. She co-owns The Studio Shop, which sells paintings, jewellery and furniture from local artisans. She also co-wrote the children’s book “The Princess Handbook” in 2006, a humours and fun guide for little girls who dream about becoming princesses, with tips on how to dress, etiquette for formal occasions, and how to find Prince Charming. She is the daughter of Prince Frederick Nicholas of Prussia.

What she could wear: We think this princess can afford to choose a short and fun gown, something like a strapless number with a fully gathered skirt. Young, hip, unconventional, and fun!

10 different princesses, 10 different lives. Which kind of princess are you? Have fun forging your own happy endings with your own Prince Charmings, Princesses!

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A Tale of Ten Princesses