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April 2012

Inspiration Board: Cadet

The theme for this month is Cadet, an understated yet versatile colour that exudes an air of sophistication and timelessness. While pinning great looks for this colour theme on our Pinterest board, I discovered that I have actually underestimated this colour when I first decided that it should be the theme of the month. Grey looks good with just about any other colour! Instead of a harsh black and red theme, brides can choose a grey and maroon or grey and purple that is softer, yet contrasts beautifully in auspicious colours. The usual pairings are yellow, blush, and blue, but I find Cadet grey and white to be—dare I say—one of my favourite combinations for weddings. A scale down from black and white, less bling-y than silver and white, and not as clichéd as blue and white, the marriage, for want of a better word, of the blue-tinged grey and white is a timeless and blissful one. For those of you who are already planning for your new home, grey feature walls are really chic as well.

To read the descriptions of the images, click on the board below to our Pinterest page. We’ll keep adding to it, so follow us if you want more ideas!

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Inspiration Board: Cadet