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March 2012

March In With Cadet Grey

When we think of spring and summer, certain colours come to mind. Last year, bright neon colours were all over the runway. This year, as if suffering from an acid reflux from too many fizzy drinks, the mood on the runway turns fresh, mellow and feminine.

Pastels are always in season in weddings, so this issue, let’s give their often-neglected cousin a chance. Usually seen in a negative light, grey is the offspring of black and white, and one of the most neutral of colours. Sad and gloomy as it may seem, grey keeps itself calm and composed, and with dignity. I’ve chosen to feature Cadet Grey, a light military grey with a tinge of blue. It’s a beautiful shade that complements the romantic muted pastels of the season, but also holds its own very well. The formality and timelessness of the colour inspire so many wedding décor ideas and stationery designs. Even wedding gowns dipped in the lightest of greys have a wispy, ethereal feel to them. Can you see yourself in a satin cadet grey evening gown, glowing with radiance and—of course—the shine reflected off those jewels?

Grey also reminds me of technology, for some reason, and it’s amusing to find that many couples have embraced the wonders of the Internet and used them to their own personal advantage. Our news feeds have exploded with stories and links of digital marriage proposals (Google Maps, electronic games, Internet memes), and live streaming of wedding day footage using social media. SingaporeBrides is an online wedding portal after all, and having such a large community is always good news. Having been in this connected world for almost 12 years, we will continue to do what we do best: providing couples with all their wedding preparation needs with just a few clicks. Don’t believe me? Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Tumblr.

We do have a few more exciting additions to our features coming up pretty soon, but I won’t spoil it for you right now. Give us a little patience because we only want to bring you the best. Now why don’t you distract yourself by planning a beautiful Cadet Grey wedding using our wedding ideas on Pinterest?

Michelle Tay
The Editor

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March In With Cadet Grey