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February 2012

Skin Bleaching The Safe And Natural Way

Want to wear that lovely strapless wedding gown for your Big Day but you’re a little worried that you can’t hide your underarms anymore? More women are concerned about the dark skin patches on their bodies than you think, but there is an easy way out!

Taking care of one’s skin is almost an involuntary reflex for women; we spend tons of money on skin care and facial treatments every month and feel good when we step out of the house every morning. However, the skin is the largest organ on the human body after all, and people tend to neglect the delicate skin on the areas we think we can hide.

Think of the areas on your body that are slightly darker than the rest. Usually, these are areas where a lot of friction occurs, whether because they happen to be the joints on your body or because they come in close contact with your clothes. You will notice that the skin on your underarms, the inside of elbows, the groin area and the knees tend to be darker than on the other parts of your body. This could be due to many reasons:

  • Friction from clothes and movement of the body
  • Unhealthy diet
  • Reactions to the chemicals found in deodorants and anti-perspirants
  • Damage to skin due to injuries or regular shaving
  • Natural skin pigmentation
  • Build up of toxins and bacteria

While there must be several invasive skin bleaching treatments in the market that may help with the visible aspect of darkened skin, there is a safer, and more natural way to restore those areas of your skin to its original tone and softness.

Devotion Beautique is a pioneer in natural skin bleaching, and has been offering this treatment for about 10 years now. The simple three-step treatment includes an internal lymphatic detoxification, and external skin exfoliation and the use of after-care products. Between the 500 and 1500 lymph nodes that are located in the body, most of them usually occur in clusters or chains found in the neck, underarms, chest, abdomen, pelvis, and groin. The lymph nodes in the neck, armpits, and groin are especially important because they are located where the head, arms and legs meet the main part of the body, and we happen to use our extremities most as we go about our daily lives.

By detoxifying the lymphatic system, the toxin build-up in your body will be drained away, creating a smoother oxygen flow to the tissues. The gentle exfoliation on your skin will eliminate dead skin cells that may have accumulated on your body and reveal the fairer skin underneath. With regular maintenance with the after-care products from Devotion Beautique, you will be able to see results after two treatments, which start from as low as $40. Now you can be confident about your body and wear that knee-length strapless tea-dress for your solemnisation ceremony!

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Skin Bleaching The Safe And Natural Way