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October 2011

Massage Your Sinus Problems Away!

Sinusitis is more common than you think; roughly 90 percent of adults have had sinusitis at some point in their lives. The condition may affect some sufferers so much that they seek surgery, but most people simply live with it. Do you know that you can actually massage it away?

Understanding sinusitis and sinus headaches

Sinusitis can be caused by infections, allergies, or even due to autoimmune issues, and can be further divided into four types. Acute sinusitis lasts less than four weeks, subacute sinusitis lasts anything between four to eight weeks, and any inflammation that lasts longer than eight weeks is known as chronic sinusitis. Lastly, a recurrent sinusitis involves three or more episodes of acute sinusitis a year.

The sinuses are actually pockets within the bones of the skull that helps strengthen and stabilize it, as well as humidify and filter the air that enters the body. Inflammation due to any cause can initiate a build-up of fluid and increased pressure within the sinuses, giving rise to a sinus headache.

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People who are predisposed to sinusitis usually suffer from allergies or have structural abnormalities, such as a deviated nasal septum. There are also many types of treatments available, ranging from antihistamines, to decongestants, and nasal sprays, but those seeking a permanent remedy would go for surgery.

Why sinusitis-stricken brides should seek treatment

Only a fellow sinus sufferer would understand what a nuisance the inflammation causes:

  • endless mucous discharge from the nose
  • bad breath
  • a reduced sense of taste, smell and hearing.

All these symptoms in turn cause sleepless nights, which leads to a general lack of energy and puffy eyes. That’s not a very good look for a bride-to-be! Add that to the stress of the wedding planning and you have a recipe for disaster. The make-up may conceal your dark eye rings, but if you don’t feel good inside, it shows.

Like skin conditions, sinusitis cannot be cured, unless you take drastic measures to correct it in surgery. However, the good news is that sinusitis can be managed. The Sinus Sway Treatment* from Devotion Beautique is a holistic curative therapy that combines massage, acupuncture and reflexology techniques to help relieve the symptoms of sinusitis.

Each one-hour long session involves:

  • the massage of the diaphragm to encourage breathing
  • lymphatic drainage around the neck to relieve shoulder aches
  • a detoxification of the cheeks, eyes and forehead that incorporates Shiatsu and acupuncture
  • a soothing ear reflexology and a head massage for equilibrium to finish

The long term benefits

Immediately after each session, your stuffed nose will start to clear, your shoulder may start to ache, and you may have to make frequent trips to the bathroom. All this is due to the drainage and detoxification that had occurred during the treatment.

However, all that is nothing when you think of the long-term effects:

  • relief from headaches, relaxed shoulder and neck muscles, and—get this—
  • smoother skin, a flatter tummy, and a face that is less puffy!

Brides-to-be who have a slightly plump face, water retention around the tummy, and are all stressed out from the wedding planning will benefit from this treatment immensely. As mentioned earlier, the treatment does not aim to cure sinus problems, but will manage them, so it is a good idea for brides-to-be to start the treatments as early as possible and continue them after the wedding day.

Devotion Beautique is offering our SingaporeBrides readers four sessions of the Sinus Sway Treatment at the price of three, for an unlimited period. Each session is one hour long and costs $140, a steal considering the number of techniques used each time and the wonderful benefits you’ll enjoy after. How would you like to feel totally refreshed, breathe easier, and feel great both inside and out on your wedding day?

Devotion Beautique is at 402 Orchard Road #03-18 Delfi Orchard, Singapore 238876. Email them at [email protected] for enquiries or call them at 6732 2138 to make an appointment now. For more information, log on here.

*The Sinus Sway Treatment is not suitable for those who had undergone any nose surgery, rhinoplasty or rhytidectomy procedures.

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Massage Your Sinus Problems Away!