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June 2011

Achieve Brighter, Clearer Skin for your Big Day

Women before the Victorian era took harmful measures to achieve that flawless, pale complexion so definitive of that period. Fortunately for the modern brides of today, having that radiant, glowing skin on your Big Day is painless and easy.

When Queen Victoria ascended to the throne in 1837, she implemented a very strict moral code, steeped in religious values and the virtues of modesty. The Victorian Era marked the decline of the use of cosmetics, where it was thought to be used only by women of dubious morals.

But that didn’t stop the women, of course. Actresses and prostitutes, for professional reasons, didn’t stop piling it on. Real beauty then was that of a delicate, feminine woman, with a pale complexion and soft locks. Women would preserve their skin by avoiding the sun and using lacy parasols, and some would even go to the trouble of painting fine blue lines on their faces to make it look as if veins were showing through their translucent skin!

At least they were smarter than the women of the era before them, the Elizabethan period, where the noblewomen would use foundations made of white lead, sulphur, alum and tin ash, all harmful for the skin. So being a woman is this scientific age is a blessing. These products, made only of natural ingredients that are beneficial for the skin, will even out your complexion and curb blemishes, so you’ll look absolutely radiant when you walk down the aisle.

1. RMK Extra Brightening, 30ml, $79

This brightening essence nourishes the skin using 13 different floral and fruit extracts to counter blemishes, uneven complexion, dullness, dehydration and UV damages. Used after the toner, the rich emulsion transforms into a watery serum once you spread it onto your face so that it penetrates deep inside the skin.

2. CLINIQUE Derma White Brightening Moisture Cream, $84

Relieve and hydrate your skin with this luxurious moisture cream that brightens the visible signs of UV damage, delivers antioxidant protection and repairs the essential protective moisture barrier. Skin will be satiny soft, smooth and more even toned so your makeup glides on perfectly on application.

3. LANEIGE White Plus Renew Apple Zone Mask, $58 for 8 sheets

This hydro gel-type mask is specially designed to protect the Apple Zone, the delicate area on your face that is especially prone to sun exposure, pigmentation and dehydration. It helps seal in the essential ionised minerals in the serum for intensive moisture care and doubles up with whitening effect, recovering your skin’s vitality in just four days.

4. BVLGARI Blanc Originel Serum, 30ml, $280

Contained in this clear bottle is the Bvlgari Gem Essence W and Bvlgari Blanc Complex, which prevents and corrects dark spots and pigmentation irregularities. Powerfully enriched with sophora root extract and high concentration of seaweed extract, it restores a perfectly even, flawless complexion with an extraordinarily penetrating and pleasurable texture.

5. GUERLAIN Blanc de Perle Lightening UV Base Brightening Pearl Perfection SPF 30 PA+++

This pearly pink, fluid base is the ultimate emblem of the Guerlain pearl. A true veil of light, it lightens the complexion, corrects dark spots and protects the skin against damage caused by UV rays. Used before makeup, you can see visible results from the very first application. It has an incredibly comfortable velvety finish and is able to adapt to all routines and skin types due to their delicately moisturising and gently emollient properties.

6. FANCL SunGuard 30 Nuance Pearl, Part of the Perfect Whitening Kit, $80

This sunscreen contains a trio of pearls that will have your skin looking translucent and glowing, all while protecting your skin from UV damage. This limited edition kit is an intensive whitening range that contains four essential skincare products to help achieve the fair and translucent skin all brides desire to look fantastic in photographs.

7. JURLIQUE Purely White Skin Brightening Mist with VItaBrightKX, $79

This lightweight facial mist with natural extracts helps soften skin and restore a youthful glow on your skin for a more radiant appearance. It gently nurtures and hydrates skin with licorice root, which calms troubled skin. To be used as part of the Purely White Skin Brightening routine, it can be misted directly onto the face, neck and décolletage any time of the day.

8. THE BODY SHOP Moisture White™Shiso BB Cream SPF 25 Pa +++, $32.90

This multi-action makeup base creates fairer-looking skin in an instant and conceals, soothes and protects. The Moisture White™ collection targets freckles and brown spots, and also contains shiso, designed to help improve the appearance of dark spots and discolouration, even before hyper-pigmentation begins. Available in a tube for ease of application, this BB Cream also contains Vitamin C, liquorice and Community Fair Trade organic aloe vera from Guatemala.

9. BENEFIT B.Right Triple Performing Facial Emulsion SPF 15 PA++, 50.3ml, $50

You may not know you’re dehydrated, but your skin does. This sheer emulsion contains Benefit’s exclusive tri-radiance complex, which reinforces your skin’s moisture barrier and visibly brightens your face. Also included are plant extracts and Vitamin E, which hydrates, protects and comforts your skin with an oil-free, lightweight formula. Are you prepared brighten up the ballroom?

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Achieve Brighter, Clearer Skin for your Big Day