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October 2010

Poh Heng – Si Dian Jin With a Touch of Today

We celebrate weddings with ceremonies, banquets, gifts, and traditions nurtured across time. One such tradition took shape in China centuries ago.

In the Teochew province, houses often had four elegantly curved roofs resembling the Chinese character 金 pronounced “jin”, or gold. These were usually referred to as “四点金 Si Dian Jin”, and were the focal point of a home, indicating the status and wealth of the family.

In those days, marriages were arranged and fixed through go-betweens and the bride and bridegroom rarely had a chance to meet or get to know and trust each other. So, 14 days before the wedding, the bridegroom would express the sincerity of his intentions with a lovely gift for his bride-to-be. His mother would hand over this gift of four ornaments in pure gold. It spoke of commitment and trustworthiness; and it was a way of saying, “You will always have a roof over your head and a comfortable life.” This beautiful gift came to be known as 四点金 Si Dian Jin, four touches of gold that blessed every union.

Poh Heng presents this tradition in all its authenticity and beauty with one essential addition; a sense of today. Take a look at the wide selection of 四点金 Si Dian Jin sets as they play with motifs old and new. All are beautifully-crafted, and may be worn individually or as a set.

COLOURS OF A PROMISE Yellow, white, rose, the colours of gold work their magic together in this Si Dian Jin set

LINKS OLD AND NEW The classic link motif takes on a new, more open dimension in this set of Si Dian Jin jewellery

A STRING OF JOY The everyday bead is looked at afresh and strung with ingenuity. The striking two tone set adds a gorgeous touch to the bride’s look

THE PERFECT COUPLE The dragon and the phoenix, or the most perfect couple ever, form the central theme of this traditional Si Dian Jin set. Wonderfully crafted, this is truly an heirloom piece

Please visit for more details on Si Dian Jin and other wedding jewellery by Poh Heng. Prices upon application.

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Poh Heng – Si Dian Jin With a Touch of Today