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March 2013

Nothing Like Old Fashioned Vanilla

It’s sweltering outside and all I can think about is ice cream. And not just any ice cream, but sweet, creamy Old Fashioned Vanilla. There are many delicious new flavours available out there nowadays—and I do have some favourites—but there’s just something traditional, something homemade, something comforting in the tiny black vanilla seeds that Salted Caramel or Durian cannot replace. It’s often overlooked as the ice cream that came with the dessert, but I think nothing brings out the nuttiness of a brownie, or balances the tartness of an apple pie, like slightly melted Old Fashioned Vanilla can.

Some people prefer their weddings traditional, homemade and comforting, so you’ll see a lot of lace, cream-coloured gowns, vintage-themed stationery, vanilla wedding cakes, and simple DIY wedding favours. Ivory and cream are excellent colours for such weddings, because although it is mostly white, which is a cool colour, it takes on the warmth of the colour brown, making it an elegant and very accommodating colour. When paired with warm earthy colours such as peach and orange, you can create a very elegant theme. When used with darker colours such as purple or navy blue, you will have a very sophisticated contrast, which is not as stark and piercing as with white.

Follow our Pinterest board “Old Fashioned Vanilla” for ideas on how you can use cream as your wedding colour or pair it together with other colours for fun and interesting wedding themes.

Michelle Tay
The Editor

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Nothing Like Old Fashioned Vanilla