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May 2011

The Wedding Present @ Sheraton Towers

Well-known for their beautiful gown designs, The Wedding Present is highly sought-after by many women on a hunt to find the most important dress in their lives. Judging by the reactions of the audience at the show, the talented designers may have just outdone themselves again with this exquisite collection.

Even before the start of the fashion show, the backdrop at the ballroom of Sheraton Towers on 16 January 2011 offered the audience a huge hint of what to expect from the latest collection The Wedding Present is about to showcase. Soft, creamy georgette drapes against Tiffany blue, a simple yet romantic palette from which all weddings are made of.

The theme of the day was layers. Tulle upon tulle, chiffon upon chiffon, the wedding gowns captured the attention of all the women in the ballroom—even the men—as they seemed to have floated down the runway on misty rolls of clouds. This is to be the designers’ favourite collection yet, and it is really not hard to see why.

The gown that opened the show and set the mood for the show was a flattering sheath gown with a slight flare of train, draped cleverly with the lightest of fabrics, accentuating the curves of a woman’s body. It featured a sexy low back, held in place by crystal embellished cross straps.

The few dresses that followed were in varying shades of white and cream; white to draw attention to the soft, translucent drapes that are placed artfully onto the gowns, and the colour of sweet champagne to highlight the sheen that reflects off the luxurious satins in the gowns. You’d notice the very quiet elegance of the gowns, reminiscent of Greek goddess, as seen in the form of updated, toga-style necklines and the hint of embroidered lace florals across bodices and overlays.

The same soft fabrics took a magical turn when injected with rich colours for the evening. Bold reds and deep violets further enhanced the glossy quality of the gowns, especially when coupled with glittery crystal details on straps, sashes, and around the necklines. The show ended at a high point with gowns designed for the daring and the dramatic; a body-skimming floral printed gown with a black tulle overlay, a white gown with a low cut, see-through lace bodice and bouffant skirt, and a gorgeous black lace number with a long, ethereal train made of layers of soft tulle.

Of course, graceful Greek goddesses can be just as seductive when they choose to.

The Wedding Present is at 25 Bukit Pasoh Road Road Singapore 089839. For enquiries, please call +656327 4423 and email [email protected]. For more information, visit here.

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The Wedding Present @ Sheraton Towers