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December 2011

Use Your Favourite Hue Of Orange For Your Wedding

If you think about it, different hues of orange work for every season. Nothing says spring like a bright amber, while tangerine is full of summery smells and flavours. Pumpkin is definitely an autumn colour, while coral is muted down but still gorgeous in winter. This colour is perfect in an outdoor setting like a garden or beach wedding. And if you’d like to balance out the vibrant colors, you can always add some black accents on the wedding accessories, bridesmaid dresses, and even the cake for a retro look.

Finding suitable wedding decorations should be a breeze, especially in forever-summer Singapore. There shouldn’t be any problems finding beautiful orange-hued flowers like tulips, ranunculus and Gerbera daisies, as well as their accompanying flowers in vibrant colours. In the inspiration board below, you’ll find some ideas for incorporating your favourite hue of this bold colour in your wedding. Dare to be different.

1. With a rather lovely tint of orange, you can match equally sweet colours like canary yellow and mint green for a pastel-themed afternoon garden party. White always adds a stylish quality to any colour, so a white and orange wedding theme is at the same time bold, and chic. For a fun and retro wedding, pair orange with royal blue or earthy tones … think of how fabulous the decor will look! And lastly, for the girly and flirty, orange and pink never fails. It’s not too saccharine sweet, yet these two colours complement each other really well.

2. I haven’t had a bride send me a photo of an orange gown, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be the first to wear it. This Elie Saab Spring 2012 Ready-to-wear gown worn by Anja Rubik is totally unembellished, apart from the languid and floaty seventies-ish silhouette cinched at the waist with a thin belt.

3. If orange gowns are not your thing, say it with flowers. If you like exotic flowers, which happen to be bolder and more vibrant in colour, you will have no problem finding a perfect hand bouquet to walk down the aisle with. Otherwise, a simple yet eye-catching bunch of silky two-toned tulips will do the job. It will look especially good against an ivory gown.

4. Don’t forget your bridesmaids’ posies! Instead of corsages, your bridesmaids can each carry a flower posy, which is much smaller than your bouquet, but still adds a wonderful splash of colour to your event.

5. If you’re going to have a retro-themed afternoon party, don’t forget those shades! Put them on for those wedding photos, and don’t forget that sexy pout. This pair of Karen Walker is perfect for propping on the head to accessorise a chic beehive ‘do. Then channel your inner Audrey Hepburn with a pearl choker.

6. For your bridesmaids or even your ROM dress, these one-shoulder looks fits right into any casual or formal event. The fact that they are in such a happy colour means that they can be worn again for other occasions without looking too wedding-y.

7. Something about these neon orange flower girl dresses remind me of candy and popsicles. Instead of the usual elaborate, flouncy dresses, little sheath dresses with a satin sash and a rosette can be so sweet and pretty without being over-the-top.

8. Because orange is such an attractive colour, there is no need for intricate details or fanciful ornamentation to bring out its beauty. Keep your accessories simple and elegant in full colour blocks, like this arm cuff with gold sides. Also, don’t overdo it; for this colour, a little says a lot.

9. A bride wearing sandals? No! But why not? A spiky heel can be such a pain when it comes to outdoor weddings. Imagine the sand getting between your toes, or stepping right into a pothole hidden by grass. Sandals are great, especially if you’re wearing a short dress or the really popular goddess-style gowns. These Raoul gladiator sandals are comfortable for walking around all night, or you can quietly slip out of your heels and seek comfort in a pair of Kate Spade Beau in fuchsia and orange.

10. But we can still dream, can’t we? A pair of Jimmy Choos in Fluo Orange, or in any colour actually, makes a sexy pair of wedding heels. These look great under a short sassy dress, or even a long bias-cut gown. If the husband laments, blame Carrie Bradshaw.

11. Orange is a tough nut to crack when it comes to nail colour. If you’re Asian, it’s important to find a shade of orange that complements your skin tone, or you’ll end up looking sallow or like a Hollywood has-been. If you’re already going to be wearing orange, tone it down with neutrals like these by OPI. The colours are Mimosas for Mr & Mrs and Over The Taupe.

12. The obvious choice when it comes to orange wedding favours would be candies, jelly beans, lollipops, or even candy-coloured pinwheels. One really nice touch would be to find (or make!) orange flavoured Jordan almonds, dusted lightly with icing sugar, and packed into small gauze bags or boxes with a customised message. A thoughtful wedding favour always makes a memorable wedding.

13. Although I mentioned earlier, that when accessorising in orange, less is more, it is a different matter when it comes to wedding decor. Choosing this colour for your wedding already meant there’s a bold and fun streak in you, so why be stingy when it comes to decorations? In large environments, orange works best when done liberally, together with its complementary colours. If you’re afraid of being too gaudy, you’ll find you can’t go wrong with flowers. Have your florist do hydrangea balls for chair ties, or classy table arrangements with glass and crystals.

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Use Your Favourite Hue Of Orange For Your Wedding