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September 2010 – Here Comes The Bride

While not all of us can afford a swanky car, if there is one day you should be allowed to walk out looking like a million bucks – it’s your wedding day. speaks to – the specialist and the ‘it’ people to go to when it comes to car rental for your big day.

How much in advance would you recommend couples to seek out and rent their wedding cars before their big day?

Ideally, they should start to source and confirm their wedding car between three to six months before their wedding. However, for very popular and auspicious dates, they should best start booking from six months onwards – it doesn’t hurt to start early.

With so many modes of transport to offer, how do you help couples choose which cars best suit their wedding?

We usually talk to the couple first and try to understand their priorities like their budget, desired colours and themes and then we would propose to them the range of cars best suited for their big day. Like wedding gowns where each bride is different, each couple may have different criteria and we do our best to fulfill these.

Are there special or customisable arrangements that couples can choose to make?

Most of our cars comes with a standard package. However, we will try to assist them if there are any special arrangements to be made. We also provide additional services like car décor and flower arrangements so that the couples can take their minds off these less important details for more important ones!

Now, kiss and tell. Tell us something that happened in one of your cars…

No peculiar requests have been made so far, but we did have a very romantic client who proposed in one of our cars. We assisted him with the bouquet and the arrangement especially because he needed the day to be perfect!

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