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November 2011

The Ride of Your Life

In Central Park America where horse-drawn carriages are available for a tour of the surrounding area or pre-booked for a wedding ride, you could be picked up and ferried around in one – the perfect touch to complete your fairytale wedding.

Then reality bites. You’re not in Central Park, not anywhere near America; you’re in Singapore, at your flat in the east, sitting in front of the computer with your web browser staring back at you. Also, you know you’re going to have a hard time convincing the zoo and LTA to let you ride a horse for your big day, let alone attach a carriage to the horse. So, you make do, and settle for the usual automobile for your wedding ride.

So you turn to your screen and type “car rental wedding” into your browser’s search box and hope it’ll point you to the right car for the occasion – mostly because you’re not that into cars, and a car is a car to you, much like a dress is a dress to your man. Or, there’s a much faster and less confusing way – just ask WeddingCars.Sg.

Volkswagon Beetle Cabriolet

Having been in the car rental industry for four years now, WeddingCars.Sg is a full- fledged limousines service provider with a specialised focus on wedding and events. Sabina, Sales Manager for WeddingCars.Sg, attributes their success to their size. “By leveraging on being bigger,” she says, “we can provide round the clock service and monitoring.” Also, it doesn’t hurt that they own their own fleet of vehicles.

For first-timers, Sabina advises brides and grooms to look out for three things in car rental companies: professionalism, reliability and experience in transportation. Ensure you are comfortable with the company representative attending to you and check with them to see if the company provides contingencies for last minute replacement of cars in the event of a vehicle breakdown, or change in itineraries and venues. Ask for the names of coordinators you can speak to regarding these changes or for an extension if you need one.

BMW 320iBMW 520i

Sabina also urges brides to follow by this golden rule before they settle for a company: always rent from a reputable company and never compromise service for price.

WeddingCars.Sg is exactly that and more! With a team of full-time sales coordinators who are contactable throughout even on the weekends, drivers and replacement cars on standby all the time and four years of experience in the market, WeddingCars.Sg is professional, reliable and experienced in transportation. “We can also coordinate a larger scale assignment such as arranging coaches for wedding guests, entourage cars or even provide security cover for VIPs,” Sabina adds on.

With WeddingCars.Sg, you can choose to ferry your parents and close relatives to the venue in a coach as a nice gesture for their support and help, or you can opt for a little Hollywood celebrity treatment and go with a limousine instead (which other day are you entitled to that luxury, right?) so your accompanying sisters and brothers can ride along. Alternatively, you can have them ride in different cars so you get an entourage of cars trailing behind the main bridal one. Whichever option you choose to go with, WeddingCars.Sg is ready to meet your needs.

Mini Cooper Cabriolet

Constantly looking to improve their customers’ experience with them, WeddingCars.Sg will be upgrading their IT system into one that allows their customers to track the statuses of the limousines on their smart phones. Soon, you’ll be able to check if the car’s on the way, or if the coach has picked up the guests, making time management and planning much easier for you.

Impressed yet? Here’s more: if you have no heads or tail about the kind of car suitable for your big day, the people at WeddingCars.Sg are more than happy to recommend some options to you. This season sees the Minis and Beetles – perfect for a fun- loving, quirky themed wedding, Rolls Royce and The Chrysler Stretch – this is the ‘it’ car if you’re going for ‘rich and classy’, and the all time favourite Mitsuoka Galue as some of the popular cars.

Coindentally Sabina’s favourite among their collection, she highly recommends the Galue because it is “grand, unique and affordable for all couples and guaranteed to be a head turner.” Choose from best-selling models such as the Galue, Noeura and Viewt, to popular convertibles like the Mini Cooper Cabriolets, Mercedes SLK roadster and BMW 3 series, or if you feel like arriving at your void deck in style, they also have the Bentley Continental or Rolls Royce Phantom for to choose from.

Mitsuoka ViewtMitsuoka Galue

With a wide array of cars to choose from and round-the-clock service, WeddingCars.Sg not only promises to be there for you all the way, but also guarantees that you’ll be setting tongues wagging and jaws dropping in the right way. is located at 400 Orchard Road #10-06 Orchard Tower Singapore 238887.
For enquiries, call 6735 0525.

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The Ride of Your Life