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June 2009

Some Kind of Wonderful

Women who want to look beautiful and feel pampered on their wedding day will do well to seek out Liren Neo, one of the most prolific makeup artists in Singapore’s bridal industry.

Tucked away in a peaceful corner on the second floor of the bustling Tanjong Pagar Plaza, Liren’s spanking new 300 sqft makeup boutique stands out for its elegant ivory-hued interior perked up by baroque touches. Black-and-white fabric curtains (embellished with glass beaded curtains) open to reveal an all-white sofa upon a lime carpet on the left, and a vanity counter on the right.

Liren, whose previous studio was located at Stirling Road, said she chose to shift to Tanjong Pagar Plaza because it was within walking distance of the bridal belt along Tanjong Pagar Road. It was a move welcomed by customers and business associates, who thronged the opening on 9 June.

Says Liren in her lilting Mandarin peppered with English phrases, “They are very happy for me. They are also delighted because it is now more accessible for them to visit the boutique.”

This youthful-looking lady started in the industry as a coordinator at a bridal boutique. After several years, she decided she wanted to pick up a skill, and signed up for a make-up course. She then worked as an in-house make-up artist, but eventually set up Beauty Magic in 2003.

“I always knew I wanted to be a bridal make-up artist. The wedding is one of the most important occasions in a woman’s life, and I want to help the bride look her best on this day,” says Liren, who offers a variety of packages for weddings and ROM.

Flip through her portfolio and one will be bowled over by the myriad of dramatic transformations she has produced. Every set of photographs comes in twos or threes, including a Before snap. Each After version reveals a confident bride-to-be, her joy reflected in her glowing complexion, those sparkling eyes and an attractive smile.

Shares Liren, “A good make-up artist must first know how to make use of her tools to enhance the facial features. Then, she should spend time getting to know the bride, to find out more about her personality and preferences. This way, she can create a look that appeals to the bride.”

With 15 years of experience under her slender belt, Liren has also won over her fair share of tough customers. Goodnaturedly, she describes each experience as bringing her one step nearer to success. The key, she says, is to consider the bride’s perspectives.

“I think some customers are nervous and therefore less confident. So in the quest for perfection, they can come across as demanding. It’s important to choose to look on the bright side – success comes to those who can endure hardship and overcome difficulties. I always remind myself to appreciate the lessons learnt,” says Liren, who tends to every customer personally, although she has an assistant to coordinate appointments.

Liren is also planning to expand her services in the upcoming months. For example, she is looking into offering makeup workshops for the bridal entourage: “I think it will be interesting and fulfilling to impart my knowledge and skills to others. After all, isn’t it better to teach a man to fish than to give him a fish?”

Beauty Magic by Liren Neo is at Blk 1 Tanjong Pagar Road #02-29 Tanjong Pagar Plaza. For appointments, call 9768-6075, or e-mail: [email protected]. For more information, visit

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Some Kind of Wonderful