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December 2011

How To Look Good For Your Pre Wedding Photoshoot

Have a beauty or make-up concern that you are afraid will rear its ugly head right before your pre-wedding photoshoot? Read these tips and tricks for a quick fix!

The pressures of finalising the guest list, making sure the restaurant strikes sharks’ fin soup off the menu, and the conquest to lose that final inch to look nothing short of stunning in our wedding gowns… With so much on our minds, we can’t really blame our brain cells when they decide to go on a break without advanced warning. How else can we explain our otherwise logical selves making illogical decisions like opting for a G.I. Jane hairdo a week before the photoshoot, or saying yes to our first facial threading session a day before?

If make-up worries are on the top of your list, you are not alone. Here are some questions that some brides-to-be have posed, and advice from three make-up artists – Irene Soh, a freelance make-up artist, Liren Neo from Beauty Magic, and Jovie Tan from TheLittleBrush Makeup.

Bridal panic #1:Help! I went for face threading a day before my photoshoot and behold, a red and blotchy jawline!

All 3 make-up artists say it’s a big no-no to do something major like this before an important event (think skin irritations and allergic reactions). But there is hope…

Irene: Apply aloe vera or pearl powder on the affected areas to soothe your skin, but don’t expect miraculous results!

Liren: Try putting a hydrating mask for the jawline as such face condition is caused by the damaged hair on the skin.

Jovie: Use an anti-irritant water spray to calm the skin, and apply some pure aloe vera gel. By the following day, make-up foundation should be able to cover it.

Bridal panic #2:My photographer tells me to keep hydrated but friends say too much water will make my face look bloated. To drink or not to drink, c’est la question!

Irene: Stay with your photographer’s suggestion. Lay off caffeine, as well as oily and spicy foods.

Liren: Use a hydrating mask and reduce the amount of water consumed at night. Regular exercise and sufficient sleep will contribute toward your skin looking radiant and smooth.

Jovie: Just don’t drink too much water at night, but drink away during the day. Your skin also needs water, so apply a hydrating mask two to three times a week.

Bridal panic #3:I’m petite but have a round face. Am I doomed?

Irene: Any hair style that adds focus to your crown works best. A French twist with curls piled on top looks very nice. As long as you have a focal point such as curls on top or tussled bangs to the side, this will draw attention away from the roundness of your face.

Liren: Get a hair trim and layer your hair to shape your face (but remember not to do it just before your photoshoot!). Communicate with your makeup artist by letting him/her know your wedding theme, venue and the colours you prefer so that he/she can create a hairstyle suitable for you and your wedding theme

Jovie: Check out the flattering hairstyles of Korean stars; they keep a bit of hair at the jaw line, but do ask your hairstylist to cut the shape out, so that it will not be too long.

Bridal panic #4:Oh no, I don’t want to be ole four-eyes, but I really can’t see without my glasses! Can I and should I wear my glasses for my photoshoot?

Irene: You absolutely can wear glasses for your photoshoot. You have to be comfortable and feel great about yourself. And if your glasses allow that, then go right ahead!

Liren: Perhaps you could wear your glasses for some casual shots, but not for your main wedding gown image. Contact lenses tend to make us look more lively and fresh – you might want to consider that!

Jovie: Glasses tend to reflect light, so it is not advisable to use them for your photoshoot.

Bridal panic #5:Oh dear, I’m in need of a facial, and my unibrow needs serious work! Should I get these problems fixed now?

Irene: Go for a facial at least two to three weeks before your wedding. This gives your skin time to settle down in case of reactions.

Liren: I suggest a facial and eyebrow trim at least a week in advance. Apply a hydrating mask three days before your shoot to keep your skin moist. I strongly advise against any facial trimmings just before your wedding if you are a threading virgin.

Jovie: Don’t do anything the day before the shoot; your skin will not have any time to recover if you should encounter a breakout of sorts. Eyebrows can be trimmed 2 days before your shoot.

Bridal panic #6:Gasp! It’s the night before the shoot! What should I apply on my face before presenting myself to my make-up artist?

All 3 make-up artists advise that you stay calm, slap on some moisturiser and appear with clean and dry hair in the morning.

Bridal panic #7:Are false eyelashes absolutely necessary?! I’m worried I’ll look like Mr Snuffleupagus from Sesame Street

Irene: It’s not a necessity but it is a great-to-have tool. False eyelashes dramatically opens up one’s eyes, making them more captivating. But again, don’t do anything you are not comfortable with.

Liren: They aren’t necessary but will definitely give the best effect for pictures, enhancing the eyes and making them more outstanding.

Jovie: If you are Chinese, there’s a chance your eyes will look flat in pictures without the help of false eyelashes.

Bridal panic #8:Oh dear, what if my make-up runs during the outdoor shoot? I have absolutely no idea how to do touch-ups on my own! Should I have my make-up artist tag along? Or can I save that money for something else?

Irene: I would very much love to tell you that you need a make-up artist to tag along on your photoshoot, but no, you can live through a photoshoot without a “make-up nanny”.Just prepare your touch-up kit (pressed powder, tissue paper, blotters, lipstick, hair spray and hair pins) and ask your make-up artist to use a make-up base to allow make-up to last better throughout the day.But if you are totally clueless about make-up, then get one to tag you around. You’ll be thankful for her expertise.

Liren: Having a make-up artist join you for the outdoor shoot is useful – she can do touch up on both groom and bride during the day to ensure they look their best in the pictures.

Jovie: Outdoor shoots in Singapore can get very humid and hot. If you’re a bride who normally perspires a lot, it could help if your make-up artist tags along to do touch-ups for outdoor shoots that are more than two hours.

Bridal panic #9:I’m such a bundle of nerves! What do I do on the day shoot!

Irene: Just have fun!

Liren: If you feelnervous about having to do awkward postures, try flipping through magazines to learn the photographic poses or practice your best smile in front of the mirror. Most importantly, just relax and have fun! Have confidence in your photographer and enjoy the photo shoot.

Jovie: Don’t forget your sunblock and insect repellent!

As ladies, we’re entitled to a bit of vanity. In fact, one might even say it’s expected of us. As brides, it’s perfectly understandable that we want to look our best on the day of our wedding photoshoot. But if you forget everything that you’ve been told, just remember one thing – don’t do anything drastic just before your photoshoot! You wouldn’t want to add “shop for wig” to your already never-ending list of things to do, would you?

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How To Look Good For Your Pre Wedding Photoshoot