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August 2013

Look Beautiful with TheLittleBrush Makeup

Next to your dream wedding gown, your bridal makeup is the most important component to looking your best on your wedding day. Speaking from her experience as a bride and a makeup artist, Jovie Tan, founder of TheLittleBrush Makeup, is in the best position to tell you how important the right bridal makeup is in helping you put your best face forward on the biggest day of your life.


It wasn’t until a year after her own wedding that Jovie Tan developed a particular interest in the art of bridal makeup and hairstyling. The former Secondary School teacher decided to leave the education field in pursuit of her interest after she realised how important a makeup artist’s role is on a bride’s wedding day. With the Professional Make-up and Hairstyling Artistry training from The Makeup Room in hand, Jovie pursued her interest full-time and started TheLittleBrush Makeup. Today, TheLittleBrush Makeup boasts two certified makeup artists along with a string of satisfied brides.


TheLittleBrush Makeup specialises in natural bridal makeup and hairstyling. Like Bobbi Brown, Jovie believes that makeup is a means of enhancing a woman’s beauty and confidence rather than changing the way she looks. “While I gravitate towards makeup with a more natural look to play up my bride’s features, I also take into consideration her makeup preferences and requests,” Jovie elaborates. “What her wedding gown looks like also plays a part in the makeup I customise for her – this ensures that her makeup complements her entire look.”

What sets TheLittleBrush Makeup apart from others is their use of makeup base in place of ampoules. “We find that using a good quality makeup base offers better results and less fading as compared to ampoules,” Jovie explains. Her genuine passion in helping brides look their best for their wedding day shows in the amount of care and concern she showers on her brides. Besides the makeup and hairstyling on your actual day, TheLittleBrush Makeup also provides a full trial makeup and hairstyling session at their studio and a complimentary loan of accessories on your actual day. Because Jovie understands that grooms are as much a part of the big day as their brides, a complimentary touch-up and hairstyling session for the grooms are also provided. To round up TheLittleBrush Makeup experience, both Jovie and her fellow makeup artist, Karis Chiu, stay with their brides to help them with the wedding gowns and until their grooms arrive.


Jovie is also more than happy to share beauty and skin care tips with her brides in preparation for their big day. “Refrain from trying new skin care products before the wedding and get into the routine of applying facial masks every 2-3 days 2 weeks  prior to your wedding to keep skin supple and moisturised,” Jovie advises. “Also, drink less water and go to bed earlier the night before your wedding day. If you need to start makeup early the next morning, try to wash your hair the night before to ensure a longer lasting hairstyling for your big day.”

With Jovie’s experience, passion and helpful tips, you’ll be nothing short of beautiful on your wedding day.

Contact TheLittleBrush Makeup at [email protected] or call + 65 9112 0466 for more enquiries. For more information, log on here.

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Look Beautiful with TheLittleBrush Makeup