Which Slimming Centre is the Best ?

Discussion in 'Beauty, Health and Fitness' started by riushiki, Oct 29, 2003.

  1. limpeipei

    limpeipei Member

    anyone here still going to SHOU?

  2. viviangoh

    viviangoh Member

    i do! ive tried many slimming centers and i'm really most satisfied with the service and results at SHOU!
  3. limpeipei

    limpeipei Member

    oh wow! yes! me too! that's why i keep going back! plus, CNY is round the corner, i'm more hardworking now. have been taking a lot of breaks during december. time to get back in shape! what treatment are you currently doing?
  4. Teo Ronn

    Teo Ronn New Member

    Agree to your suggestion to a point . But Sentualite is not that bad. May be we have few better than them.
  5. limpeipei

    limpeipei Member

    liquid diet? that's not the right way to slim down!
  6. itsmehere

    itsmehere New Member

    hello!!! I just joined the forum but I always read the posts as guest.
    Just wanted to share a weight management that I have tried, safe, effective and most importantly no rebound! I have introduced 5 family and friends on this prog! I have tried slimming center before, it rebound faster than it lost. :( pm me I am willing to share more with u all!

    background of myself. I am already a mother of 2, gg 3! and post partum weight is very hard to lose. I tried slimming center before I got married. after my marriage, I put back. then I was preg and I didn't bother to look for other weight management method. till I knew of this and since then I never look back. I feel healthier as don't have to go through needles or machine pressing, wrapping etc... is safe and easy to follow method! :)
  7. EmmaThongTong

    EmmaThongTong New Member

    Hi, may I know what method did you use? ^_^ Thank you!
  8. EmmaThongTong

    EmmaThongTong New Member

    Hi, as I'm going to married by June, is there any good recommendation slimming centre recently? For slimming that able to contour whole body? I've browse though SHOU, Absolute Slimming and Euyansang Clinic, they seems quite effective from those reviews. Can I have any suggestion please?
  9. wan333

    wan333 New Member

    Hi gals,

    I am currently wearing a products for my health, but surprisingly it compliment me with slimmer body line. I didn't control my diet but however, in less than 2 months, I see my size drop. Ping me for more information, I am excited to share a S wishes to get more gals to have same experience with me so that we can always share and discuss our experience.
  10. pwrlara1990

    pwrlara1990 New Member

    if its so good why dont you share it openly in the forum for the benefit for everyone?

    anywho instead of visiting a sliming centre i would suggest taking up exercise instead. its more healthy for the mind and soul. slimming centres and cure the problem temporarily but you cant rely on it for long.
  11. April9669

    April9669 New Member

    Hi, I am interested! can you pls share with me. Thanks
  12. nicols

    nicols New Member

    Any recommendation to slim down? Im around 50kg(60kg). Any good places to recommend in the recent years?
  13. yellowbeegirl

    yellowbeegirl New Member

    Lodon Weight Management~
  14. Kathy Meow

    Kathy Meow Member

    Nu Skin weight loss program
    It’s 90 days program
    I’m on my 1.5 months. Lost 5kg so far but the fats inside my body drop and muscles go up.
    N my measurement Aso drop .
    But this program they focus more on becoming leaner rather than the weight figure u see ok the scale
  15. NatalieChew

    NatalieChew Member

    the important thing is control your diet and exercise
  16. NatalieChew

    NatalieChew Member

    Thank for sharing
  17. NatalieChew

    NatalieChew Member

    where is this place?
  18. NatalieChew

    NatalieChew Member

    looks forward to your sharing result
  19. NatalieChew

    NatalieChew Member

    any suggestion?
  20. NatalieChew

    NatalieChew Member

    Sounds good
  21. NatalieChew

    NatalieChew Member

    Thanks for sharing
  22. queenstarlet

    queenstarlet New Member

    Just wanna share my experience with Absolute slimming wellness (ASW). I went there recently becoz I had tried many methods of slimming but nothing really works. I'm 100 kg and has been fat ALL my life. And I realize with age, it became even harder.. and this was the time when a friend recommended me to give ASW a shot.

    And I have not regretted since. The consultants were non pushy. They were very patient and customised a program that would be easy for me to follow. There was no punishing exercise regime to follow and I could see the results in a matter of weeks. I lost 2kg within the first 2 weeks and 10 kg in 6 weeks. And even after going for a holiday and feasting , my weight has been able to go down further, to which I'm thankful.

    Thought this would be a very good option to recommend to the brides to be, and PM me if you have any questions..
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  23. Jongsn18

    Jongsn18 New Member

    Me too also a satisfied customer of *****************.

    They use CSH method and the result is proven each time I go for the session. First time with them I lost close to 8kg all these was due to post pregnancy unwanted weight gain. Even now I still with them for maintenance. I have referred to many of my friends and family members so far nothing negative feedbacks but seeing them transform infront of my eyes is amazing and truly happy for them.
  24. limpeipei

    limpeipei Member

    what is this CSH method about? how does it work? care to share?
  25. Jongsn18

    Jongsn18 New Member

    Hi pei pei,

    S-Scrapping (Guasa)

    Hopefully I am correct and remember correctly.
    You may also go their website to read up more.
  26. Sharon C

    Sharon C New Member

    This is by far the most effective and easiest slimmimg treatment for me. During my very 1st package w them. I lost 4.6kg in a mth.

    Because of e effective results i went on to go back there once a mth for mainetance. This year as a result of hectic work schedule n frequent travel, i didnt go back for 8 months. Though i could feel myself gaining weight but i dun feel the stress as i know ***************** can help me.

    Finally now i m back w them again to shed off e weight i hv gained. After 3 treatments, i hv lost 2kg easily.

    The staffs and Irene are friendly n not pushy. I hv low tolerance level for pushy staffs who keep hard selling packages to you. But here i dun feel any of those tactics at all. The people there are sincere.
  27. limpeipei

    limpeipei Member

    sounds like TCM? do they restrict your diet though?
  28. Sharon C

    Sharon C New Member

    Hi Pei Pei

    Its unlike tcm in e sense that there is no acupuncture and the cupping is different, not those commonly see in tcm.

    No carbo and no processed food. Two slices of wholemeal bread is allowed. Can eat eggs, salad, sliced fish soup, yong tau hu, grilled chicken breast etc.

    The treatment helps to boost my metabolism rate which is important for me. I can cut my diet and after two days i either dun lose wt or lose little wt. With CSH Therapy, I eat and just 2days i can lose 1.3kg. I jus find it amazing..lol
  29. Myoreichi

    Myoreichi New Member

    Tried the ***************** at Bugis Cube and was delighted by the experience. Outcome whilst I lost 5KG within 2 months! I signed up a package with them during a promotion and each session is about SGD230 which is reasonable compared to other slimming centres. They do not hard sell any products also! Consultation is free so do book an appointment!
  30. widowwitch

    widowwitch Member

    I'm 43yo and I started trying various slimming Centres since age 17. After spending 1000s each at various slimming Centres trying almost every method, I can safely say that I have found my lifetime slimming partner with *****************. I have been with them since 2014. With the first set of 8-12 sessions, I have successfully lost about 4%+ of body fats within a basic package of 8 sessions, and since then my weight has maintain +/- no more than 1kg till now. The beauty is: their signature CSH therapy helps me to regularise my metabolic rate, which in turn allows my body to purge out all the deep toxins and fats easily. I love to eat and I have no time for exercise. I only returned in 2017 for maintenance treatments so as to recalibrate my metabolic rates (at my age I can't help that metabolic rates naturally slows down) so that I can continue to eat what I fancy (esp fatty rich food) and still stay in shape. The most amazing part (which I can't quite explain) is that the targetted problem spots like love handles, kissing thighs, chicken wings just simply go away! I would highly recommend this to anyone as a Low cost (comparative to most other slimming Centres which don't give u the satisfying effects like ***************** does) effective slimming solution.
  31. Happie Sunshine

    Happie Sunshine New Member

    After been through different slimming centers and also took part in different dieting programs, I found that the slimming program (CSH therapy) that ***************** provided is the most effective and can help me lose weight fast (lost 5 kg in 4 weeks) and in a natural way. My body fats also reduced in the process. The CSH therapy program suits me as I need not do any exercises. All i do was twice a week go for the cupping and guasha treatments and follow their non-carb (exception of wholemeal bread) diet plan.
  32. agnes88

    agnes88 New Member

    Been recommended by a friend and started the weight lose journey with ***************** (CSH Therapy). The program only takes about 1hr 15 - 30 minutes. The result is good and diet plan is easy to follow. Staff are friendly and not pushy.
  33. Cynnie97

    Cynnie97 New Member

    I am with absolute too and seen the same success. :)
  34. limpeipei

    limpeipei Member

    i did my own research on this since everyone seems to be raving about it! so it uses TCM with no machine? does it hurt? gua sha and cupping sounds painful!
  35. viviangoh

    viviangoh Member

    what is this ***************** about? tcm slimming method? really?
  36. Cynnie97

    Cynnie97 New Member

    Depends on your pain threshold. The guasha hurts but after a few sessions, i got immune and it's quite okay.

    Bloggers have also blogged about Slim Couture and *****************.

    PM me if you need any help/advice. I can share my weight loss chart if you need, or to prove am not affiliated with AS. :)
  37. Ayla

    Ayla New Member

    I am going to try out a 21 day transformation program with a fitness coach. includes health screening, daily meal plan and exercises. Going for the 13 Jan or Feb run. Anyone keen can contact me : )
    My friends tried. Lost weight and inches off their waists! Best I don't have to go gym. Can exercise at home : ))
  38. limpeipei

    limpeipei Member

    what happens after the session? as in, when you stop going for sessions, would the weight rebound?
  39. Cynnie97

    Cynnie97 New Member

    I cant comment because i am still with AS.
    However i reduce my sessions from once a week to once a month now. I am still kind of maintaining it ?
  40. FLsuccess

    FLsuccess New Member

    Hi all, I have tried slimming since 20 yrs ago. So much money spent. Different slimming centre. U name it, I tried them . Yes I did slim down initially but it bounds back eventually. It’s costly . Each time you go , they will push you to buy packages. And i found that there is no point going slimming g when you don’t do internal detox. There r some slimming centers who require u to go they 3 times detox using machine before they start slimming session. At least such centers know what they are doing. Now I do detox, n result is amazing. I did detox for 9 days follow by muscle building nthe whole programme is only 39 days. It’s so healthy. The result is good n my fatty liver reduce . This is real detox
  41. FHK

    FHK New Member

    Brides out there, if you would want an effective and quick weight loss solution, please try Absoulte.

    I would highly recommend as it helps us to lose weight naturally using TCM method. It is one of the most effective weight loss programme I have tried. We have to eat clean during the programme and they use cupping to help regulate our metabolism and to remove toxins from our body as well. We do not need to eat any meal replacement or products. I did not regret trying this.
  42. SilviaKon

    SilviaKon New Member

    I attended London Weight Management. This establishment is not for the middle class. I’ve had good results, but to be treated there one needs to work a lot to pay for the procedures. I lost 11 kilos there and could have lost more, probably, but I ran out of money. If I have the oportunity to pay for the clinic’s services, I will go there again. I liked it there.
  43. Mia F

    Mia F New Member

    yeah, i had an acquaintance who went LWM and she said it did work. although it seems like eventually her weight rebounded back. and their hardselling is no joke. they will probably squeeze every cent out of you.

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