WASHING MACHINE-which brand is good?


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Hi all, I would advise anyone who is keen on Miele washer/dryer, and can wait a couple of months, to purchase them at Tangs during their member/citibank 12% Rebate Day.

The rebate is in $hundreds, enough to redeem for perhaps a Miele vacumn cleaner or any other stuff you fancy!

I learnt this lesson recently through the hard way, having paid for a washer and dryer set at $4388 just 5 days before Tangs Rebate Day. The sales consultant (at a big electrical retailer) whom I bought from said that Miele's price was controlled so i foolishly reckoned I couldn't get a better deal somewhere else...

My current EF washer which cost not more than $600 has been in use for 6.5 years with no significant problem. So I lost 6 years even before I start using Miele...

After I emailed Miele about my unpleasant experience, I received a call from the Head of Sales the next day. At some point, I could sense the guy was getting impatient talking to an "unreasonable auntie". He promised to call me by today to follow up but i have not heard from anyone.

Paid a premium price but can I trust Miele's customer service??!
Hi all, I am looking for a washer and dryer (separate units) for my new house. Was initially quite decided on Electrolux. Then was told recently that for brands like Electrolux or Bosch, anything lesser than 8kg is no point because it is all made in China/Thailand. Was recommended LG washer WD1065 and Elba dryer EBD602 instead.

Hmmm, now I am re-evaluating my options, since I am on a tight budget as well. Should I consider Samsung also? There are only 3 people in the household now, so I figure 7kg washer should be sufficient.


What's your budget for both?
And any requirements that you wanna? Wash programme etc?

Well technically a 7kg should serve you well. Yes they are mostly made in thailand and china as well.

As for LG and samsung. Their washer rating may be similar to european makers. But their drum size is smaller.
I.E. A 7kg samsung has the same sized drum as a 6.5 kg of bosch. And a 8kg LG may have the same drum size as a 7kg electrolux for example.

Well share with us your budget. We see which is best fit okay?

Is extended warranty a must for you?

And finally dryer - vented? Or condenser?
Auto sensing or manual timed?


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Hi Ridz,

Would like to hear your opinion. i'm planning to buy a front load washer and dryer, as my 8 yrs old top load washer was leaking and having huge sound when spinning recently.

Is the China/Thailand made Electrolux or Bosch still good? Or should I go for Samsung? My budget is about $1600 max for both. Looking at 8kg washer, as I was told by my friend that she can't washer her queen size bedding with quilt cover at 1 wash for her 8kg Samsung washer.



Hi i am terribly to reply so late.

Well i would think if you can bosch would be okay. electrolux its the construction that i am disappointed. You can see the plastic omega beater in the drum and also the trap or sorts. its really rough.

Given a choice between electro and bosch, it would be bosch.

As for samsung . do be aware that the 8kg washer for samsung and LG may not be of the same size as that for the continental brands.

Technically the 8kg washer of samsung could be about the same as the 7kg washer of bosch.

Anyhow. for both washer and dryer to be within 1600. you have to make sacrifices in terms of wash features then.

You might want to opt for the electro washer? i forgot the model - exclusive to HN and also the dryer of the electro also.

Or even downgrade the dryer to manual? if you want to choose a slightly more expensive washer?

Features on Samsung or LG would be most attractive. Again its a trade off.

So you consider whats most pertinent to you, and list the priorities to get the combination correct


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Hi Ridz,

I am looking at getting a Bosch 24468ME or the 28448ME.To be honest, it's my first time getting a washer n the only reason Im leaning towards Bosch is due to their make in Germany. Im simply assuming better quality and durability. Also Miele seems to be out of my price range. Any advice for these 2 models please

Lim Yee Wei

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we are looking for 1 unit seperate washer n dryer.
was using panasonic top loader for last 5 years. needed a dryer to dry blankets,bedsheets
intend to change washer too

at Best in TAKA was recommedned to buy LG combo at $2100
went home n drop by IMM BEST, another sales man recommend Electrolux combo last week

today went back to IMM, another salesman thrashed Electrolux, LG etcc, recommended Bosch, so I am confused

the offer for BOSCH WAS32449SG, 9 kg washer at S$2999, can get BOSCH Dryer WTS86516SG(8kg condenser dryer) free

2 years warranty, can extend 2+3 yrs by paying 10% on price of each item

is this a good deal? we wash every 2 days, but dryer mainly for bedsheet, etc once a week or month


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hi i am planning to buy 8kg washer and 7kg dryer. can any1 recommend me pls. budget ard 1.7k.
i am.keen on whirlpool,samsung or lg. bosh some say is china made.
some recommend me beko, i am.so.confused. pls help.

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Hi, anyone have any feedback on Whirlpool washing machine. I am looking to get the Supreme Eco WVTD1050AHG and hoping to get some advice if its worth the $$.