WASHING MACHINE-which brand is good?

Discussion in 'Home And Deco' started by ugly duckling, Oct 10, 2001.

  1. hi. i am looking ard for a washing machine, small in size preferably. any advise which brand is good? [​IMG]

  2. linda

    linda New Member

    Hi ugly duckling

    I bought my Samsung 6.5kg stainless steel tub at $401.70 includ GST and delivery FOC one Samsung vacuum cleaner 1000W.

    I heard Samsung is quite good even if it is Korea brand. Their fridge is good also. More solid than most out there (Heard from friend who used to work in BEST)

    Note: - Washing machine buy stainless steel tub better...the holes at the side of the tub won't scratch as much as plastic ones.
  3. jaz

    jaz New Member

    Hi Linda,
    Is your washing machine with magic hand function? Wherever I go (Best, Safe, Court), all saleperson like to recomend Samsung or LG, seems like very popular........
    May I know where did you bought it?
  4. rolly1

    rolly1 New Member

    Hi ugly ducking,
    some washing machines came with specifications on the usage of water per wash n etc.

    U also may want to consider whether do u prefer front load or top load.

    I heard from friends using THomson washing machine n they give thumbs up for it. Personally, I have not use Thomson washing machine before.
  5. wylynn

    wylynn Guest


    just want to highlight. I used to think front load is gd cos of the way it washes the clothes. no doubt it is but after using it, i find it cumbersome cos you have to bend down and get the clothes out, quite inconvenient.
    This is the only - pt is has.
  6. rolly1

    rolly1 New Member

    Hi wylynn,
    i heard that the front load can clean better than the top load.

    I m thinkin of getting the top load with a drummer inside, unlike those jap type where it spins your clothes.

    Anyone currently using that?
  7. wylynn

    wylynn Guest

    Hi rolly,

    yup u r rite, dat's wat i know too. dat's y my family got front load. actually i'm just highlighting that it is cumbersome cos must take out from the front so need to bend down.

    oh i was considering that too. those r quite pricey rite. it's top load but works like the front load kind correct ? however, i drawback is it only comes in 5kg the biggest is 6kg and it's ex. I wanted to get that till i came across F&P washing m/c (it's e normal top load kind) but seems like the function is pretty good and the sales person say it wouldn't spin ur clothes out of shape. However, it's not so cheap too but at least it's is 7 kg so slightly more worth it.

    I have not bought my washing m/c but i'm quite set on the F&P one cos it's sounds gd. U can check it out. [​IMG]
  8. ada

    ada New Member

    hi rolly1, wylynn

    i was told that the front load washer uses less water than the top load cos the front load uses ther drum to push whereas the top load uses water to "move" and push the clothes.
  9. hi linda, sounds like a gd deal for 6.5kg! [​IMG] where did u get it & what's the model no?
  10. howesy

    howesy Guest


    I've tried both top-load and front-load machines, and I'll go with the top-load, anytime!!! Here's what I DON'T like about the Front-Load Machines:-

    a) Saves water but wastes electricity. It takes an average of more than 1 hour, to finish a load of wash

    b) Have to use Low-Suds powder and detergent. Normal powder causes too much foam in front-load machines

    c) There is NO WAY you can add in any items, or take out any items during mid-wash, unless the spin-cycle has completed, or risk getting water everywhere

    d) The option of using washing with clothes with hot-water isn't really a necessity, because hot water actually cause colours to fad easily.

    e) The Steel drums definitely causes snags and tears. To prevent taggling, I put every item in laundry bags, and the steel drums has torn at least 5 laundry bags, in 20 months.

    f) Loading and unloading the Front-Load, is a pain. Imagine having to kneel and drag out a king-size comforter cover!!!

    My honest opinions. I hope I haven't offended fans of Front-Loading Machines!!1
  11. luke

    luke New Member

    I agree with Howesy. I've made a lot of queries with the ladies at work. All of them recommended top load and most of them have bad experiences using front-load. Main reasons given was most of their clothes get torn when they use front load and the time taken to wash a small load of clothes (abt 60-90 mins). Also, one of them told me that once she added too much detergent by mistake and had to spend another 90mins rewashing everything again. That's like 3 hrs for 5 kg worth? One lady was quite adamant that a front load was better. Her rational was that it looks nicer. Guess it's a valid reason...in some ways. [​IMG]
  12. rolly1

    rolly1 New Member

    Hi Howesy & luke,
    wat those top load but with a drummer, something like those front load type?
  13. karen

    karen New Member

    Hi, but my friend told me that Samsung is not so durable in terms of washing machine and refrigerator. No offence, just want to confirm with all the experts here. They say that is why Samsung is always one of the brands that goes on sale. Is that true?
  14. linda

    linda New Member

    Hi Hi, sorry, I didn't know there were questions for me. Jaz, I bought mine at Lee Meng Tel:2931086. They are cheaper than Courts for several tens of dollars for most appliances. Give them the model no.

    So far, I have used the machine, it is alright. This 6.5kg Samsung Fuzzy Logic (whatever it means) sings songs when the washing is done. kekekkeke...I didnt know at first, gave me a fright at first. Quite quiet. Even gives you the time it takes to finish washing the load.

    I dun know Samsung if they are always on sales, but Korea brands always 'spoil' the market by giving you the most features at the lowest prices. so far, my friend's Samsung fridge is good too. So ok lor.....
  15. linda

    linda New Member

    Just to add, front load washers has this -point...Imagine bending over when you are pregnant.....or you have given birth and have stitches....... Ouch!
  16. may

    may New Member

    I'm surprised so many pp dun like front-loading washing machines! I've been using mine (Brandt) for the past year and haven't had it tear any of my clothes, even when I dump in the delicate/thin fabrics (too lazy to handwash [​IMG]

    Personally I like my front-loading washing machine coz I can put things on it, unlike a top-loader. (I have a very small kitchen so every little bit of space counts!!)
  17. och

    och New Member

    hi may,

    agree with u. i'm surprised too. amongst my colleagues, it seems that most pple prefer top load too. [​IMG]

    i tried both as a student. personally, i very much prefer front loading machines. think they use so much less water n they clean better. [​IMG] not to mention front loading machines r more friendly when i'm searching for missing socks. [​IMG] i also think they tend to spoil less easily. but this is by observation only, no formal studies done. [​IMG]
  18. two cents

    two cents Guest

    i also hear from my colleagues that front loading cleans better and use less water. Also, you have to use low suds for front loading machine. No tearings were reported
  19. francoise

    francoise New Member

    I have advice that stainless steel is better so my hubby bought a Sharp top-load one. But like what howesy said steel drum torn my clothes too. Eek Now i wash most of my clothes by hand and worst i have to wash our clothes (only 2 of us) twice a week becoz the machine is too small. So think of the load if you are getting a small washer esp. when you have beddings and quilt covers etc.
  20. winik

    winik New Member

    I have a Fisher/Paykel top-loading Smartdrive 9kg (I think!) washing machine. It's quiet, fast, reliable and does not tear clothes nor wring them out of shape. Apparently F/P's technology and placement of the detergent holder (in the centre of the drum) as well as the way the drum spins during washing reduces wear and tear on the clothes and the machine as a whole. It also saves electricity and has options for water-saving.

    My machine cost about $1,000 and is worth every penny! [​IMG]
  21. rolly1

    rolly1 New Member

    Hi winik,
    9kg for a couple! do u do ur laundry once a week?
    Find a bit too big leh. whats the ave size?
  22. angelia

    angelia New Member

    hi rolly1,

    Mine is a F/P 7 Kg one. It is just nice for us who do the laundry once a week, so we do once at full load. I find that this saves time and work, as compared to buying 5kg one, that need to do twice a week. F/P is a steel drum kind, but as winik said, it does not tear your clothes. It is ok to wash delicates in them. I recommend the f/p washer.

    Coupled with a dryer. My clothes are ready to wear the next morning. I find that very convenient. Very good for lazy people like my hubby and me.
  23. julia

    julia New Member

    When talking about top loading washer, I hope you people understand that there are some kinds with a 'stick' in the middle, and some are just round tub. I believe those round tub without 'stick' won't damage clothes.

    Can I also check how do you wash King Size bedsheets? Throw both comforter sheet and bedsheet, with pillow cases into washer together? I have one dark coloured one, will the colour fade in time to come? How should I take care of bedsheet? I ask this because i have heard people who send bedsheets to laundry! Do you send to laundry too?
  24. winik

    winik New Member

    Hi rolly1,

    9kg is just nice for us. We seem to go through a lot of clothes! I usually do about 2-3 loads a week.

    Hi Julia,
    My washing machine has the "stick" you were mentioning, and so far our clothes have never been damaged. In fact, the previous washing machine I used was a National top loader without a "stick" and my clothes always went out of shape. It's more to do with the way the drum spins than the presence of the "stick."

    As for washing bedsheets, I usually dump them all into my machine, and toss them into the dryer after that. However, it's always best to follow the washing instructions as the cleaning needs of each set may differ.

    Hope this helps,
    winik [​IMG]
  25. peanuts

    peanuts New Member

    Hi Angelia

    May I know how much you pay for your F/P 7kg washing machine? Also, what brand of dryer you are using? How much?

    I have reserve using a drying cause I thought it will shrink the clothes and also the clothes, even dry will be extremely crumpled. Can you enlighten me on this? thanks.
  26. cracker

    cracker New Member

    Hi Angelia

    Can you use the F/P to wash lingerie?

    Also, is there a slot somewhere in the machine to pre-add softener?

  27. angelia

    angelia New Member

    I use my f/p to wash lingerie. At first, i used it without the laundry bag, now i used it with the laundry bag. It does not have any problems with or without.

    There is a cup on top which you can add the softerner.
  28. cleo

    cleo New Member

    Hi Ugly Duckling,

    THomson is one of the best brands for washing machines... : )
  29. winik

    winik New Member

    Hi Peanuts,

    The dryer will only shrink those clothes that should not be tumble-dried in the first place! Once I accidentally put in a thermal sweatshirt and it shrank to a child's size.

    Now, I refer to a laundry chart for each piece of clothing I am unsure about, so I know what the washing instructions are. It certainly saves money…and clothes!

    [​IMG] winik
  30. hi cleo, thanks! but i've bought a samsung one oredi. [​IMG]
  31. cheer

    cheer New Member

    hi ugly duckling,

    think i know you [​IMG] me ur ex colleague...
    the one who used to sit near the photo storeroom and the studio :p... still remember?
  32. hi cheer. huh? u noe me? any more hints?
  33. sukibuta

    sukibuta Guest

    hi gals,

    would appreciate advice from you gals. i am thinking of buying Bosch 1601BY 6kg front loading washing machine. is it good?
  34. peanuts

    peanuts New Member

    Hi girls,

    recently I saw at Havey Norman offering a Technogas washing machines , 8kg for only $599. but I got no idea how good is Technogas washing machine. Any advise?
  35. cheer

    cheer New Member

    hi ugly duckling,

    clue#2: we were not in the same department, but we always share resources
    clue#3: we have one common friend from M'sia
    clue#4: my old seat is near a suspended TV

    ring any bells?
  36. HIYA cheer!!! [​IMG] how r u? u change ur e-mail addy huh? i tried forwarding u mails but got bounced back. CONGRATS! u getting married soon huh? so how, everything settled? so happy to bump into u here! [​IMG]
  37. cheer

    cheer New Member

    heeeheee clever duckling [​IMG] ... me fine here but really miss the good o'days back at caldecott... u can reach me at catlover1926@yahoo.com.sg [​IMG]
    i actually wanna "ka-jiao" u more be4 revealing my identity heehehee... me getting married in May02, u leh?
  38. hi cheer, my big day's in 3wks time!!! 01 dec. [​IMG] bery stress now. alot of misc things to do & also busy chasing for rsvps...
  39. cheer

    cheer New Member

    hi (pretty) duckling,

    dun stress so much... try to deligate the rsvp thing to close friends... u have to rest well n prepare to look radiant and beautiful for your big day, go for a short retreat if you have time over a weekend [​IMG]
    hey... me kpo... can i see your wedding photos, sure mei mei one [​IMG]
  40. hi cheer, my fotos are not nice [​IMG] had a bad experience wif my makeup artist...long story...wan to retake but not enuff $$$ after doing up the hse & i guess after the dinner...

    u've confirmed ur bridal shop, hotel etc oredi?

    u noe our datelines here are crazy, hope to keep myself sane & relax [​IMG]
  41. cheer

    cheer New Member

    hi duckling,

    yes... i understand how stressed you must be now ... i am sure those in your grp will understand and try to share out the work load a little, don't worry so much okay [​IMG]
    yeapz... doing reno n wedding together is really stressful, i am going through that now too...
    mayb you can get a good actual day photographer... and use those as memories since u are unhappy with the studio shoots...

    i am wif Emanuel B. and Goodwood Park [​IMG]. Where are you having your banquet?

    take care n stay pretty
  42. hi cheer, no need to eliminate the "ugly" lah. [​IMG]

    i am having my dinner @ hyatt. i guess u r taking the MTM package? wat kind of design izit?
    btw, where's ur new hse? mine's at sengkang.
  43. cheer

    cheer New Member

    hi hi....
    coz u not ugly at all mah... i know what!...plzz heeeee.... we are ex-colleagues hor
    hmm hyatt...nice place!!!
    yeap me taking the MTM but have not really decided on the design yet... my new hse in segar rd [​IMG]
  44. hi cheer, i've got only 2 wks left b4 my big day comes. *panic*
    now got a bit of flu liao, worried boy...must be the killer datelines here!!
    where is segar rd? u bought a resale?
  45. cheer

    cheer New Member

    hi ugly ducking,

    dun panic dun panic... do have more rest and put ur body system back on the right track [​IMG]
    that is of foremost importance now!
    dun think too much la.... things will be fine when the boat is near the coast!
    think of ur honeymoon destination and new life with ur dearest [​IMG] u will feel all these are worth it... gambatte ne!
    segar rd is in bt panjang, its a new flat
  46. kkot

    kkot Guest


    Can I know how much you paid for your washing machine?
  47. bliss

    bliss New Member


    Anybody bought the GWC09 washer from Prominent Impex? Can I have a copy of your invoice if you still have it?

    I really need it.

  48. tavatar

    tavatar New Member


    For those who are using F&P GWC09 washer, may I know how long does the washing take (assuming full load)?

  49. kiki

    kiki New Member

    So which washing machine is good? I am really confused. I also like front loading machine but just discover here there r so many negative points on it..[​IMG]
  50. och

    och New Member

    hi kiki,

    i bought whirlpool 287. not sure if that's necessarily the best. one man's meat is another's poison, so find one that suits ur needs. [​IMG] my selection criteria was rotating drum mechanism (i believe it's washes better with less water), variable speeds (to wash dirtier clothes) n one with a gentle/delicate cycle. when i was studying, the laundry shops near my apt used whirlpool, n i thot it wasn't too bad. [​IMG] oh yes, if u intend to buy a dryer, remember to budget a space to put the dryer. [​IMG]

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