Taiwan photography advice please


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Question here... If I want to take scenic shoots of the blue skies and beach...should I go in end Apr or mid Nov? Understand best season would be Jun/Jul, however due to work commitments..cannot choose dates then...


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Considered taking pure overseas TW package but have to liaise through email and they have a lot of hidden cost like if there is rainy day, washing of gowns, admission fees, inland transport fees.

Decided to go for local boutique with photographers who are already based in TW. Can try: Jazz, Thomson, Yvonne, Labelle
Jazz price is competitive and for the rest can nego for more perks such as

- 2 daddy jack, 2 bro jacket
- 2 mama dress
- get soft copy back
- poses exchanged for 4R album and table top frame
- Free inland transport (worth $250)


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Hi All,

A Couple of weeks ago i signed for NAZA bridal for an overseas shoot in Taiwan, this was after much market research and reading up beforehand. They provided us with an exclusive and very attractive package which till date which i have not seen any other packages shown online of equivalent value. Due to a promise to the promotor tina, i would not be able to disclose the information online here as it was a package which was much better then the usual.

My fiancee and myself were very keen with regards to this trip and has been in good communication with the people from NAZA Taiwan with regards to the arrangement , etc.

Today we have decided to sell of this package due to the fact that we decided to stretch our budget and invest more to a trip to Australia. Australia being the place where my fiancee and myself met would only prove to be a more meaningful place to take pre-wedding shots. Thus, the reason for my posting here.

The package itself costs Sgd$2888 and i would like to ask only sincere and keen people who are interested for an overseas Taiwan shoot package to contact me via my personal email. More details would be shared then.

My Email Details : [email protected]


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I do not have any recommendations for make up artists but I just signed their package as well, their website is down and I am rather worried. Is France Paris. Reliable?


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I do not have any recommendations for make up artists but I just signed their package as well, their website is down and I am rather worried. Is France Paris. Reliable?

hi i have just tried their website today and it works.....tho i have called them to arrange for our photoshoot but have yet to hear from them for few weeks


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Hi, I just came back from Taiwan 2 weeks ago with France Paris photoshoot!!! I can recommend a very pro Mua for you!! They called her Ya Yi!



I'm having my photoshoot in May. Care to share ur experience with France Paris? any MUA & photographers to introduce? How's the service & gowns choices there? Sorry to ask so much questions as my HTB bought it without checking.


Hi luv@luv, I think it is alright to choose the gowns 1 day before. Before I went, I also thought that a few hours wasnt enough. However, there aren't that many to choose from and basically you browse through all those you find ok and try them on. It only takes a few mins each. However, do not settle for something you do not really like, even if they tell you those are all you can select from. They keep more dresses elsewhere. I took about 2.5 hrs to do all the choosing and two couples nearby took even less time. In the end, we still had an hour or two to go for dinner. We went back to the shop only at 830pm to meet up with the photographer who just returned from that day's shooting.
I will send my details and some photos to your email. I highly recommend both my photographer and MUA!
Hi could you share more with me ?


Hi sjan and all France Paris法國巴黎 BTBs!

I just came back from my photoshoot in March 2015 and would like to share my experience. I was initially very apprehensive as I signed up and paid in full (I know, silly me. I did not do any research and it was the first shop that approached us right after we got engaged us). I'd like to spare future brides of any feelings of dread or worries like what I went through.

Firstly, I hope that all brides would consider their photoshoot a separate expense from the wedding, because it TRULY is an investment for future keepsake. Once you've set your own expectations right, it wouldn't bother you that much that your package is $x00 more expensive than another BTB, because for all you know, you will be getting a better photographer/MUA for that $x00 more that you are paying.

Despite that, I must say I was very upset to find out that our package was pretty overpriced (but I still think it was a worthwhile investment!). From what I heard from other BTBs, what I paid could have bought an entire bridal package (pre-wedding + actual gowns + photography). I've not even factored in flights and accommodation! We just took this as an opportunity for a pre-honeymoon. By the way, this is coming from someone who went through 2 photoshoots! I had my first photoshoot in Sanya, Hainan in January 2015 this year. So please, don't beat yourself up for something which you will earn back eventually okay! http://www.******************/forums/images/smilies/RpS_smile.gif

It is true that they have many hidden costs - such as MUA onsite (~S$230), transport (10h but we only used him twice?! ~TWD4100), and entrance fees (~TWD3000/couple) to certain photography studios. I also got an unhappy shock from the VISA charges (3-5%) arising from our credit card fees. I don't think any credit card offers enough rebate for that, so I'll highly encourage all BTBs to pay in cash instead. And also to pay just a deposit instead =P

We encountered freak weather (it is supposed to be a drought these few months but it rained non-stop in the entire week we were there) but our photos really turned out amazing! Our photographer was a pretty funny/eccentric gentleman called Ah Lu/ Lu Sir. Lu Sir had a scuffle with his new assistant though, a young chap called Kelvin who was still learning the ropes. And my MUA was Yayi. Yukapon is right abou her. All of us were speechless when she was done! One thing to note though, Ya yi doesn't like criticism so just let her do her thing, she is superb so I was not worried at all.

I guess we were blessed with a really nice coordinator called Sammy/ Yixun. It took me a while to translate everything to Traditional Chinese during our correspondence though, as I wanted to be as polite to them as they were (or would) to me. I must also give due credit to the lady (Candy) who picked out my white gown - it was stunning! A pity they don't sell it anymore.. I would have bought it for my actual day.

I've actually given some thought if getting an entire package will be worthwhile, and my answer is - Yes. Unfortunately, I did not get it as France Paris didn't have a local office in Singapore when I bought my package in July/August 2014. I didn't even know the difference then LOL. Why I say so is because the prices will definitely be more attractive. Your pre-wedding shots are actually what gives you more bargaining power. Most shops will quote it cheap because they expect couples to top up the photos, which can bring in significant income. Because I overlooked this, I had to top up another S$2.5k for an actual day wedding package.

This thread should be renamed to France Paris to benefit other BTBs man!

All prices stated above are valid as of March 2015.


Thanks for sharing..is yayi make up good ?how arwe the gown ?
Yayi's fantastic!

The gown selection was quite good. More importantly they are all pretty new and very clean, which is important to me.

Best to go with photos of some of your preferred gowns, will make it easier for them to pick out gowns for you. I took just an hour to choose 5 gowns because I didn't have any preference. Same for photography style! Bring some photos along on your phone!


Alright..thanks for the information. which are the places you went for phototaking? Hope you can share more abt your ps with me.


Alright..thanks for the information. which are the places you went for phototaking? Hope you can share more abt your ps with me.
Yangmingshan! and there was also this giant carousell on top of a shopping centre which i chose for my night scene.