Taiwan photography advice please

Hi sl lim,
we having difficulties open the files too. End up, they burnt them into CD and bring it over for us, since they are always here for roadshow.

Hi mango,
So did u get very good rates?? i would say we did.. hehehehe.. because ah hong told us they didt closed any bridal deal before us, they threw in so many goodies inorder to seal our deal, so i killed them with good rates.. hahahha.. anyway, they got nothing to lost cos we bought back all the photos.. faintz...

Hi angel-jinz,
you may want to drop by at Bukit Pangjang plaza and ask for their package details since they are there till sunday. or if u want, we can meet and go together so we can help you to negotiate on the package price and freebies. We will be visiting them tomorrow..


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Hi Grace, yup they give us alots of freebies which some I don't know what I can use for hahas ! You chose the 30 photos packet right ? How much discount they gave you? Originally was 2999 or 2888 hahas!


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i so regret chosing the 30s one! it was so not enough! ended up we need to top up and buy the photos! did they talk you into renting the gown back to sg ? who was your make up artist ?
we expected will top up and is a matter of topping up how many more.. so before we went to taiwan, we decided the most is 10 more to add on to the package and make it to 60 only but.... we both failed totally!! I was surprised it was my hubby who wanted all the photos instead!! so we asked for more freebies again before we gave them our credit card!! hahahaha...

They didt talked about renting the gown, maybe we did mentioned not holding dinner and customary.

My MUA was Sandy (whole team incl driver, same as Sl lim). Your MUA - AMy is the most senior MUA there..


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Hi ladies,

I went down to the booth with my bf that day and they say could give me better price and throw in more freebies if are willing to be their model. But i dunno if what they saying is true not and whether they are like really givin me more freebies! anyway have similar experience??


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Hi gracefulswan, I just signed up the package with them. My so and I tot that it was a scam. Cos we nv do any research at all and didn't even intend to get marry so soon but after looking at their pictures, I was so attracted to their package and there now we are signed up with the package haha erm but was wondering if u could share some of ur photos with mi? My email is [email protected]


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Hi angel_jinz,
I think that's one of their selling strategy. We were also told that we were given special price because they were going to use our photos as model samples. They even showed us photos taken on their handphones, of other couples who booked earlier and how they are "not good enough to be model". They told us not to reveal our price to others because I think they are afraid of pulling down their prices further.
I compared prices after that and I think my package was fairly cheap but not "specially good".


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Hi, anyone sign up with Jing Hua International Wedding City (å°åŒ—京è¯åœ‹éš›å©šç´—影城) ??
I had did some research but couldn't find forum comments on this taipei bridal studio at all~~ I'm having cold sweat and gets worried on the design of the gowns, the photography skill, the services...etc etc.... too many doubts...
anyone here under this taipei bridal shop~~??


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Hi gracefulswan, can share with me some of your wedding pics as well? As we just signed up with Judy Wedding @ Illuma last weekend..

Was quite worried as I couldnt find much reviews on their BS..


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Hi ladies,

I have signed up with Judy after much persuasion from there and they ask my SO and I to be their models and promised to provide their top photographer and best MUA with no additional charges! Any of you has such experience where u are their models as well?? Can share??

Any of u know who is their top photographer n MUA?

Can share ur PS taken?[email protected]

Thanks a million!!


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On FB? I can't see any photos. Only the shop front photo. It's near Jan and i have not book the hotel. sigh... so slacking away......


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Hi people who signed up for Judy Wedding Photo Shoot!!

I signed the package with them too! Just wondering where did you all go for the shoot? do you all mind sharing with me your photos?



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Dear all BTB

Interested to have pre-wedding shooting at Taiwan? Please note Ivy-Bride from Taipei will be coming Singapore in December...

Roadshow at Suntec city level 1, Manager to contact is Kelly ([email protected])
Date: 21st - 26th Dec 2010

Packages are cheap as they having christmas promotion. Don't miss this chance.. Do email me at [email protected] if you need to find out more details.

Or you may want to visit their website at http://www.ivy-bride.com.tw

p.s. i'm one of their satisfied customer (as promised, quote my name-Yi na will get special deal


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I signed with them too, their service was extremely good, highly recommended. And if you guys interested to sign with them, may find æŽç¿ è‹±ç»ç†, she is so helpful, and service is perfect^.^


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Hi Wallace I also sign up same bridal shop with u.I will be going on 2 mar.how about u?my coordinator have sent me the list what to bring. I can forward to u.Who is ur PG & MUA?


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Hi gracefulswan

I went for my Ps with Judy wedding on the 15 Nov 2010.

Photographer: Ah kun (阿ç¨)
Assistant: Yi Qiao
Make-up artist: Amy
Coordinator: Vicky (Yu Qi)
Gown selection advisor: Pei Qin
Driver: 陈大哥

Since 22 Nov 2010 until now, i have not receive my Album, poster, frames, etc. They have promised me that it will be ready for collection on 4th Dec 2010. The coordinator contacted me halfway thur email and nv did again. So i emailed her and asked her when can i collect and asked her to contact me asap after she read my email. But she nv did. So i decided to call to their Taipei office. My coordinator name is Vicky( Yu qi)was kinda shocked upon receiving my call. I asked if she did received the email i sent and she paused and answered yes. She told me that my stuffs are not ready for collection and have to wait again. So i asked her when can i collect then? She said she's not sure and will contact me again. So i replied, when can u confirm the date that i can collect my stuffs? She replied Tonight we'll have a meeting and i will ask my manager. Before i can ask another thing, she shutted me with eh, im very busy now. Can i call u back later? Her later is never. It's the 4th day and i didnt get any respond from her. They never keep their promise! The after- sales service is really bad!


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Hi ccci, I not sure who is my PG and MUA yet? How do u go abt deciding? they give u a list to choose?

I'm going on the 31th march ^^


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Those who went for Judy wedding photography in taiwan, how do you get your AD gown since they do not have an outlet in SG?


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Hi Babes,

Can share with me your PS with Judy Wedding? I signed up with them over a year ago..

How many gowns are you allowed to wear outdoor?


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Well, if you do search around, there are some starting from NT$23800. Thus, it really depends on what you want and how you define "reasonable"..


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Hi Girls, if any of you need album layout samples from Fa Guo Ba Li, drop me a PM.
I have the samples which the studio provided me.
I can also send you part of my album. I removed all the atrocious English wordings and after several rounds of editting, I'm very satisfied.
Just let me know which you want.


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If $1800 includes 6 different sets of attire, 40-50 photos, MUA to tag along the shoot, borrowing of gown back to SG, car rental inclusive all these in taiwan.. then it will be consider cheap


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hi all ladies ,
i m just sign a package with Judy Wedding @ JB road show.
Izzit v r the one should pay the car rental for outdoor shooting @ taiwan ?


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We just got back from Judy Wedding Photoshoot in Taiwan!!

We were so lucky! cos it was raining non stop when we arrival in taiwan..we went for our photoshoot on our 4th day in Taiwan and its sunny!! Yeappie!! =D

Its was a great experience with them..
Their service was good! everytime we go to the bridal shop they will buy bubble tea for us..so sweet of them..

We selected the gowns the night b4 our photoshoot.. Another assistant helped me with the gowns selection and she helped me to find the gowns that I like =D

Thereafter, our photographer (阿焜) talked with us to find out our preferred style (Fun, elegant etc) and places we like to take our pics..

On the day of PS, we just wait to be served cos we had no idea what to do! To make us laugh, our photographer & his assistant (å°å·§) kept cracking jokes. They even prepared scarf for us to keep us warm.

We started make up at 7.00am and rounded up the shoot at around 9-10pm!

And the photographer still managed to make sure our photos are ready for selection for the following night even though he has another PS early in the morning the next day.

We took near to 500 pictures even after 阿焜 done his round of selection! We go on a fierce elimination on the 1st rd..lol it was difficult to select!! We select till the boss came in and befriend us and gave us additional 5 free pictures!!

They have just opened a shop in malaysia..SG branch coming up soon too! =D

They are having road show in tampines currently, you guys can go down and take a look!

Do quote us, ShuZhen and YongKuan! he say he will give special rate for my friends!

Email me at [email protected] if you have any enquires!


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My experience with Judy isn't that good. Now waiting for their edited photos, hopefully this can cheer me up.

But I think going to Taiwan for photoshoot is definitely better than in Singapore.
PM me if you wanna know more details.


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anyone took their wedding photos in Taiwan during Oct? Can share with me how the weather is like and what type of scenaries will be there in Oct?



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I also signed with Ivy Brides.. As they only have Taiwan branch, you can rent their gowns back to SG for ur AD.. But you hve to pay for the courier charges... It also means the gowns have to be fitted when u go over for PS and the risk of whether it can fit still nearer to ur AD.. For me, I will probably sign another AD package with a local BS for convenience..


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Hi everyone,

Just like to share my experience @ Judy Wedding ,Taipei.

We are married for 5 year but we didn't take wedding pic due to my size. Thus i never think of taking wedding pic in the future too.

I had planned for a free & easy trip to taipei 3 month before i saw the exhibition at Singapore Expo Travel Fair. (Annual holiday)

I and my hubby going to Taipei on 26 Sep to 1 Oct.

I only saw the exhibition on 23 Sep and i sign on the spot because they can arrange that i can choose my gown on 26 Sep afternoon when i reach Taipei.

I took 12" 40 sets as the package with other items that is included.

U may view my pics at http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150324936239215.353990.583684214

On 26 Sep, quite raining, we took MRT to the Judy Wedding. Kind of lost. As i can't find the street. Luckily there is a kind lady that direct me to the correct street.
We were late as there is an hour delay of our flight to Taipei (Jetstar).

When we reach Judy Wedding, there is many couple at the 1st floor sitting there to ask the package.

We were serve by the assistant call å°åˆ€ while the manager is not back yet.
å°åˆ€ is very friendly and helpful by choosing the style and the gown i like. She took about 10 evening gown to choose that i like. In the end, i choose 4 evening gown and 1 wedding gown. The manager æŽç¿ è‹±ç¶“ç† treat us 雞排.

At night, the makeup artist è—å·§ and photographer 焜哥 came to discuss about the scene i want to go and the style i want. To be honest, my hubby and I don't have any idea what should we choose. Thus we only choose the scene, the rest we let the makeup artist and photographer to decide.

The next day (27 Sep)sunny day,we took taxi from the hotel (新驛旅店西門æ·é‹åº—) to Judy wedding only cost NT 125 (around S$5.40). Then we start of the one day shooting consists 4 outdoor and 1 indoor shooting, starting from 8am -8pm. they also treat us 便當 at evening.

The following day (28 Sep) 6pm then go back to Judy Wedding to choose the photo. Total we took 256 pics. In the end we choose 120 pics. the package i sign have 40. Thus i add another 80 pics.Worth it. So we take it.
æŽç¿ è‹±ç¶“ç† treat us 便當 and çç å¥¶èŒ¶.

æ”影師焜哥技術超好. 助ç†å°é›žå‹å–„貼心.

Too beautiful that don't wish to delete.
The service is very good, we felt like VIP.

The hotel we stay is 新驛旅店西門æ·é‹åº— Address:å°åŒ—市中正å€å¯¶æ…¶è·¯63號
Very near to西門町 Exit 3. Just need to cross one road.

Judy Wedding (Taipei) : www.judywedding.com

If you would like to know more information, do free to email me @ [email protected]

(Pls take note that i am not promoting this for any items exchange, purely wan to share my experience.)


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Hi, would like to share our photoshoot experience in Taiwan with Vivibride.

Unlike many who signed up at roadshows, we signed up directly with Vivibride at Taiwan, due to friend's recommendation.

Before deciding on Vivi, we checked out some Taiwanese bridal shops with establishment in Singapore, but they are really much more expensive. Even for those with establishment in Singapore, it is possible to sign up for a cheaper package directly with the shop in Taiwan. As you can imagine, less parties are involved in the deal, and thus you can get a cheaper deal. In fact, we heard that the team executing the shoot in Taiwan is different when you sign up in Singapore or Taiwan.

We probably got a better deal with Vivi, signing up for the basic package at below S$1800 with pretty good number of pictures, 6 different gowns/ styles etc.

The experience was good. We liaised directly with å²åº—é•· and 佳棋, who arranged for us fitting, photo-taking sessions, photo selection and collection. The photography team was fun and dedicated, carrying out their duties till 10pm. Truly impressed by their stamina.

For people who are planning to do their photoshoots in Taiwan, remember to cater the following costs to your budget -- air travel, hotel, food, vehicle rental, MUA, entrance fees for photo-taking, shipping fee for albums, as well as accepting more photos than you plan (because Taiwanese are really good at persuasive sales tactics)!

For more information/ pictures, you can refer to:




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I have signed up a PS with Judy on October where the Taiwan people came and have a booth in Tropicana City... So when I sent message to Judy in Facebook, they say they have not receive my booking receipt yet. The staff who attend to us is Feel and they said Feel have not back to Taiwan yet. I'm afraid that I might get cheated. Please advice me...