Taiwan photography advice please


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Hi everyone! I have signed up with a Taiwanese BS (Fa Guo Ba Li, I dont know the english name) while on holliday there. I need the advice of those who have done their photography there to plan my dates.

I will only be having a simple ROM/high tea which I have not booked yet but am planning to have it in the first week of May '10.

1) When is the best/earliest time to do the outdoor shoot? I'm thinking of going in early March but I'm afraid it will be too cold.
2) How long will the photos take? (from Taiwan photography to receiving the album in Singapore)
The BS coordinator told us 3-4 weeks for fast case but I want to know how long it took for u guys.

Please tell me about your experiences!


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i think not possible to do it in 4wks as march period is peak period for taiwan bridal shop due to sakura season, many ppl will be taking photoshoot.

editing pics will take 2wks already,
album design and layout probably another 2wks
album printing production another 1mth

in between if u not satisfy with the editing or layout will need to communicate with them and cause further delay. so giving urself 3mths to receive the album is a fair gauge.

for me, i have returned from the photoshoot at manhattan taipei last wk, they told me edited pics will be ready at mid-dec. so its like 3wks after my photoshoot? for ur ref.


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I haven't take mine yet, but my coordinator saying 1mth + will be able to do it and mail over. But there is season to take ps in taiwan, mar - may as they says weather by then not cold and bride can take it for wearing sleveless gown...


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genie u are saying not satisfy with editing or layout will need to communicate, which means is they weill email soft copy to you till we are fine with the layout then they print on hard cover and mail over?


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yup, if they over-edit the face features or miss out some important things like dirts on shirt, scars etc u can request for 2nd edit. Either they upload the edited pics to their FTP server for u to download or they will email to u. They will not start printing until u are ok with the final product.


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oic thanks, so which BS are you with? Can share your package with me and your experience over there? Can PM me.


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for brides whom went taiwan for ps already, can I check is it inconvenient to visit toilet when doing outdoor shooting ar :$ cos hor I'm very bladder active especially when I know is inconvenient to go toilet leh


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Joanne> It depends where you photo shoot is. Some places toilet is bigger than others. All the places I went to have toilet. Might be convenient. But for me, it was abit troublesome coz I have to hold a long and heavy gown. If you can handle well, shouldn't be a problem


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Hi all, I've just signed up with Fa Guo Ba Li at Suntec during Bridal Fair. Any review and info on this BS? I am a bit worried as they do not have a shop in Singapore.


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Hi all,

I just got back from Taipei.. just did my PS with Sha Luo Man Ting 莎罗曼庭 / 法国巴黎 (FaGuoBaLi is physically at another premises, but owned by same boss) on 1st Feb 2010. We were very pleased with them, thus wanna share our experiences here.

We bought the package at Raffles City when they first came to SG for exhibition last year in Aug. It was a pure Taiwan-shoot exhibition, and competition was so intense. We sat thru two other BS's sales talk but didn't really like the coordinators as they were pretty hard-sell. When we finally spoke to the coordinators of this BS, Shujing æ·‘è and Xiaoli å°ä¸½ were very nice n made us feel at ease. To me, when I buy something this big, I place alot of emphasis on the service personnel. These two were able to chat with us about other things (like facebook games haha), even when we were going through the package details. My hubby and I felt that since we can relax in their company instead of feeling pressured to buy their package, we signed on the spot and paid in full.

Since that was the first time this BS ever came to sg, we obviously couldn't find any past experience from this forum. But no matter, after this period, I'm sure happy sg customers like me will post more info for the other anxious ppl who signed them up. ^^

They r located along the bridal street of taipei. Trust me, the whole street is packed full of BS. Theirs is a 5 storey shophouse, of which
1st floor = reception,
2nd = gown choosing area,
3rd = make-up area/photographers area,
4th+5th = indoor studio shoot area.

Although they recommend we do 1st day choose gown, 2nd day photoshoot, 3rd day choose photo, we decided to go an extra day earlier, so that in case we needed to buy/prepare anything else after choosing the gowns, we still have time. True enough, after choosing gowns + speaking to photographer, it was recommended that I get another coloured pair of heels to match with one of the gowns (else they won't take full length shots, as heel colours don't quite match). Nice excuse for shopping anyway.. so I recommend going earlier if u can't be sure if you have packed everything you need. I'm sure everyone wanna be fully prepared and go for ur PS with no regrets.

They assigned me their best photographer Lai Sang èµ–æ¡‘, which they mentioned that local ppl have to pay extra if they want him. As this is the sakura season, they have like 1 sg couple everyday, and we all got Lai Sang. Same goes for the MUA Miao Ling 妙铃è€å¸ˆ. I believe they try to give the best ppl to their overseas clients. The photographer was soft spoken n gentle n is always smiling, never any sharp remarks or frowns. He had to guide us thru every pose (my hubby and I are like wooden blocks) but didn’t show any attitude or complains at all. Then the MUA is like a mother hen. It is after all still winter season, so it is really cold when the wind blows esp near the sea. She gets ready my jacket and wraps me up whenever I have a short break and just keep her arms around me until we r ready for next shot. So touched.. T_T And her make up and hairstyling skills are without a doubt fantastic. I had engaged a local MUA for my ROM 2 years ago, and I had thought that she was good, but after comparing with this Taiwanese MUA, its like totally no fight.

One thing however, they made a mistake on the day of PS, ie, we didn’t ask for a 2nd photographer to do ‘behind the scenes’ 幕åŽèŠ±çµ® photos,but one came along with us thinking that we had. So when it came to choosing photos the next day, my coordinator said it was some miscomm, but since they already took those photos, they will give me 20 pics complimentary. Later on, we managed to bargain for more, after choosing + adding 60 main photos (too pretty to resist), so it was happy ending for us

I’m willing to share more details if you r interested to know more about this BS. Typed too much already!


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Hi queen17,

Do you mean the locations of the photoshoots?

I went to

1. YangMingShan for sakura,

2. Wanted to go JiuFen for old-cheena-buildings-type pic, but it was not along the way, so settled for Ximending which is supposed to have old buildings somewhere. But it was a Monday and that place was closed. So we went to a privately-owned estate for those pictures.

3. supposed to go Yeliu for unique rock formation pictures, but it was raining, so we went to another place along the northern coast that has some rocks with greenish moss. I die die don't want beach-with-sand type of pictures, and only want ROCKS-type of seaside.

4. again supposed to go to a hotel (need entrance fee of NT700) for greek-style structures pictures, but raining, so we went to another greek-style place which is free.

5. For night shot, we were at a place with high wheaty-type of grass. Very artistic shots.

6. Another night shot place we went was DanShui, for the Lover's bridge at YuRenMaTou.

7. Last = studio shot for my final white gown shots.

According to my coordinator, she said in the best scenario, we will definitely receive our album in 3 months. But alot depends on how fast we reply to them after they send us edited photos to check, and how many times u need to do this till u r satisfied. Also, the layout of each page. I suppose u can do it fast in 2 months or less if you r happy with first cut of everything.


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thanks for your reply. i also signed up for taiwan package. the coordinator say we can get our album the next day. so it is not possible?

by the way, how many days in total you spent in taiwan and which period you think is the best for the shoots?

sorry, i am noob.


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No lah.. don't say that. Most ppl are clueless (like me also) about wedding things in the first place, and moreover its overseas shoot.

I think you misunderstood the coordinator. What she meant is that you can view the photos the next day and make your selection. Normally if its local customers, they only get to view & select their photos in about 1 week's time. But for overseas clients, in lieu of the short time u have there, they get it ready (ie adjust light contrasts all those) for your selection the next day.

I spent a total of 6days/5nites there, but that's cos I wanted time to do shopping/eating and sightseeing. You can do the entire thing in 3 days if you have very tight schedule, provided u take an early flight into taipei, and late flight out. But I wouldn't recommend it as it would be very tiring and pressurising. Selection of photos easily took us 4 hours. The sg couple the day before us took the whole day, ie morning till nite to choose their photos.

I duno which is the best period for shoots, as I signed up mine with the full idea that I was going there for the sakura season which is feb-mar. But I reckon if you want to be comfortable, ie not freezing or get heatstroke, best time is spring(mar-may?) and autumn(sep-nov?). Summer is notoriously hot there; I don't think you wanna go to another sg-weather place. I guess it also depends on what sights you die die wanna take. The best is to go through your BS's portfolio and see what sights you like, and ask your coordinator which season is best for those particular ones. Actually asking them about weather would be more accurate since they are locals there.

btw which BS did you sign up with?


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thks leana for your information. i signed up with judy wedding during their roadshow in august last year.

after the album is done, they will courier to you then. are you paying for that charges or can we negotiate to ask them for free? what about your AD then? you courier in their gowns and suit?


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Hi Leana, Thanks for sharing your experience! You mentioned going there 1 day earlier, so do you mean to bring forward the 1st day of choosing gown? ie 1st day gown choosing, 2nd day free for shopping, 3rd day photoshoot & 4th day choose photo?

Mine is also for 3 days but the coordinator arranged for us to go down only at LATE afternoon for first day. How will they have time to let me choose and alter the gowns if i need them the very next day? Or will they force you to take gowns which are of your size only? I've been wanting to clarify with them.

What do you think of their gown designs? I only saw a few when I went to book and I'm quite afraid of not able to find ones I like.


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Hi BTBs,

I initially plan to have my pre-wedding shoot in Taipei but due to personal reasons, i've to bring foward my AD so I don't have the luxury of time to do my PS in Taipei! I'm hoping to pass on a blue bay package to couples who are interested to have PS in Taipei. I was told that May/Jun is the best period to have PS in Taipei as the weather is nice and flowers bloom at their best.

Original package is S$2880 but we got it at $2280 and bargained for a lot of additional stuffs:
- 12" x 18" album with 30 poses
- Canvas effect and waterproof arrangement (album comes with crystal cover)
- indoor studio and romantic outdoor shoots
- 20" x 30" canvas mounted photo with frame
- photo album suitcase (to keep all ur albums)
- electronic files of selected photos
- inclusive of all crops required for PS
- groom and bride make-up and hairstyling on the day of PS
- shirt, bow tie white shoes for the groom
- hairstyling with headpieces (fresh flower and other accessories) for bride
- wedding gown and evening gown (5 selections)
- black or white european-style suit (2 selections)
- fresh bouquet for PS
- free 1 night stay at a hot spring hotel or free 2 night stay at a downtown hotel
Bargained for:
- 12" album with 30 behind-the-scene images taken by another accompanying photographer (a gd way to rem the memorable PS experience.)
- 4" x 5" album with 20 images (these images must be selected from the 30 selected ones)
- two table tops
- small photos (abt 3R size) with paper frame x 20pcs (for give away to friends or relative)
- card size photo x 100pcs (for give away to friends or relative)
- a selected image printed in a canvas stroll format for use as a guest book
- free airport pick-up to and fro
- waiver of fee to have MUA accompanying for the PS
- locked in the option to take up their AD package at S$1999.

www.bluebay.com.sg / www.bluebaywedding.com

If u're interested, pls email me at [email protected]. Price is negotiable. I'm happy to share more details and discuss more with u =)..thanks!


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To queen17,

I tried asking for courier foc, but they can't give me. they said the charge is totally by courier company n that they dun get anything out of it. There's no harm asking for it though, u can still try.

As for AD gown, when I signed the package in aug, I already asked n they couldn't provide. I didn't check with them recently though, I just assumed I'll be sourcing for a local or JB BS for AD gowns. XD

To jo,

Yeah, 1st day I arrived I headed straight for the shop (5mins walk from hotel), reached at 430pm. They went thru the additional cost list with me again (MUA, car, ampoule etc), and also my preferred style and locations. I actually made appt with them to choose gown on 2nd day one, but I wanted to choose on 1st day if possible, and they were busy but could accomodate me, so I went straight to choose.

By the time I finish choosing, it was about 830pm. My assigned photographer just came back from that day's outdoor shoot with another sg couple, but they were gonna do studio shoot at that time. So my coordinator asked us to go eat dinner n come back like 45mins later. By then, the photographer is ready and has a print-out copy of my chosen gowns. We told him which locations and scenary we roughly want, and he matched the locations with the gowns and we communicated likes/dislikes and stuff like which gowns need which shoes etc.. It was a short session, like 20mins at most. Then we are done for the day.

We were told to go to a nearby men's clothing shop (damn high class looking) to get my hubby's black and white suits. We went on 2nd day to do that. They measured, hubby tried and chose, and thats all.

As for your question about alteration, they can actually alter it very fast. I only went to the BS on 1st day and then skipped 2nd day, and only on 3rd day morning after I have done make up, then I did my 'final fitting', before we went out for the shoot. Even then, they could alter it straight away. So I am not so bothered with that if I were u.

As for forcing to take gowns, I didn't feel like that at all. I tried at least 2x or 3x the no. of gowns compared to two of their local clients who were there too. My hubby was telling me that I go through each gown fast, since he was sitting outside at leisure and could see what the other couples are doing. Basically I would have tried 3 gowns, while the other brides were still hemming n hawing over 1 gown. I tried all styles/colours basically, cos I didn't know what would suit me or not.

I asked my coordinator to send me some pictures of gowns before I went over.. and she sent me like 200+ pics. But its really hard to see since each gown is worn by dummys. It's really best if you can find gowns that were used by other couples in their albums, and highlight to them in advance, so that they can 'reserve' it for you when u come. Else u might just miss it, as it could be used by other brides for their shoot, or on their ADs (for the white ones).

Anyway I don't think you need to be afraid that you can't find gowns u like. I had to give up gowns cos I shortlisted extras while I was trying. I mean there are so many styles, A line, mermaid, high waisted, and then so many colours and fabrics. End up, I had to ask the photographer to help me choose 1 out of 2 gowns when we spoke to him later on.

Btw, is your BS supposed to be ShaLuoManTing or FaGuoBaLi? And who is your coordinator?


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Thanks for the explanation Leana! I feel more reassured now. Mine is from FaGuoBaLi and the coordinator is called Amy (I think). The original coordinator left and they assigned a new one for us recently.


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Hi, i also signed up for Taiwan PS with one of the Bridal Shops. We have paid 60% of the package as deposit. The BS requested us to pay the balance when we reach Taiwan for PS. Is this the same for other BS? We are worry once we finish paying, we can't get what we want for the album already... Experience brides, pls advise me!! Thanks..


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Nicole, is fine :)
I paid full when they are here at roadshow.. but Im leaving for my photoshoot this Sunday already. My BS is Judy wedding :)


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finally found another fa guo ba li bride...

coz they are not very common in sg. compared to bluebay etc. was worried at 1st..


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Hi all,

Anyone have experience with Asia Pacific Exquisite Wedding 亞太麗緻婚紗? I just signed up with them and getting quite worried about their standard and quality. Can somebody please advise??



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Hi Girls, I just came back from my Taiwan photoshoot today. Brought back my (slightly editted) photos and am very pleased with what they can do! The effects were amazing! We even managed to get sakuras in full bloom. I'll post a review (if anyone wants to know) soon but just a few things to take note if you are going too.

1) Try to bring your own groom's vest and cravet/tie (1 gray & 1 cream set) because they are not provided. Although FaGuoBaLi's contract states that the groom suits are provided, they are from another suit shop. 2 basic Tuxs (black & cream colour) come with white shirt and bow tie. If you do not want your future hubby to look like a waiter and you want to go for vest and cravat, they charge about $70 per vest set. (You can also choose to go with your own casual shirts instead.) We rented 2 sets. The more "fashionable" jacket design also comes after an additional fee of about $100.
2) Must get the make-up artist to follow you for the shoot as she can provide so much help on top of creating a new look for each dress.
3) There wasnt much choice when I went to select the outdoor shoot dresses and many were in bad condition. Provide the assistant descriptions of what you have in mind and she will disappear somewhere to find something for you. (Not sure why I wasnt allowed to select from the basement which they showed me last time. Instead, I was brought to a nearby office building with a room full of dresses to choose.)
4) 40 photos is way NOT ENOUGH, according to how they put 3 photos in 1 "ye"(= 2 facing pages), to make an album....... unless you go for the album with the parting in the middle and your lovely landscape photos will turn out miserably small. Be prepared to buy more photos because thats how the photographer gets his income.

However I will still like to commend him for the 200% effort he put into taking the photos!


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Hi Leana,

I also had signed up a package with Sha Luo Man Ting. Our ps is next month and my photographer is Lai Sang èµ–æ¡‘. Do you mind sharing your ps photos with me? If you alright, pls email to [email protected] tks... =)

btw, how much more did you pay for the additional 60 main photos & did you hand carry back the canvas mounted photo?
Hi Leena & Jo,

Finally i found FaGuoBaLi bride here, at 1st i m quite worry =(

Thansk for ur guy sharing... My frens told me that it is better to have PS at 3rd day, if 1st day cant find the gown, stil hav 2nd day to choose...

Mind share who is ur PG & MUA? Can i hav a look of ur photo... email: [email protected]

Between, where u guy get ur AD gown? n how much it cost?

Thank you in advance.


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Hi [email protected], I think it is alright to choose the gowns 1 day before. Before I went, I also thought that a few hours wasnt enough. However, there aren't that many to choose from and basically you browse through all those you find ok and try them on. It only takes a few mins each. However, do not settle for something you do not really like, even if they tell you those are all you can select from. They keep more dresses elsewhere. I took about 2.5 hrs to do all the choosing and two couples nearby took even less time. In the end, we still had an hour or two to go for dinner. We went back to the shop only at 830pm to meet up with the photographer who just returned from that day's shooting.
I will send my details and some photos to your email. I highly recommend both my photographer and MUA!
Hi Jo,

Thank you for sharing... I have email to ask bout that, n she say it is better if i go selecy gown on 2nd day, not tat rush.. if hav enof time, den i'll plan my time again le...
Thanks thanks... I m not tat worried since u guy share ur experience with me... Appreciate it!


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Hi Leena & Jo,
Mind sharing with me your photos, additional main photos' fees and list down the items that need to be brought to Taiwan ourselves? Did they ask you to buy other stuffs such as all the softcopy and how much is that? Thanks in advance.

[email protected]


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Hi Katherine, I just shared my photos with [email protected] in Facebook. Thats where I have uploaded them. Do you have an account which I can add you?
No they didn't ask us to buy the soft copies but you can bargain for them to give u some. They took about 300 photos for us so it was not possible to buy all.


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Hi, can share all the expenses with me?

Fa Guo Ba Li offered me 3K packages but i guess there is lots of hidden cost.
I am out of my budget and have RM500 voucher for this RM3K packages.Wonder if anyone interested?


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Hi marieanne

you can consider the package offer by truelove http://www.truelove.com.tw/smh/index.php It is specially offered to Singapore, Malaysia and HongKong customers. I had my PS in March and had very good experience with them, I'll say thumbs up for their services. They not as active as other BS who comes for bridal fair, so have to enquire through their customer service online. And guess this will more or less make BTB to have doubts in their reliability, so as a happy customer of them, I will like to promote for them
Feel free to enquire, they have very good customer service. You can also look into www.verywed.com.tw for comments for taiwan BS


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Hello Everyone!

I took my photos with RL during december. It was an awesome experience. My husband and I enjoyed ourselves alot during the trip!

You can view our trip at my wedding blog: http://truelymadlydeeply.wordpress.com/category/pre-wedding-overseas-trip/


I find that rl is EXCELLENT for their photography and selection of dresses. However, i am rather hesitatant about the after service, artisitic layout and photo shop. i will update more on the quality of the items once i receive the album and more!


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hi to all :0) like Leana i've book PS with fa guo ba li for taiwan & paid in full too!! i intend to go in early Oct2010 but some concern with the limitations of gowns to choose from & the reserving part for the gowns too :0( Lena it it advisible to go choose gowns 1st day i reach or can wait 2nd day?? also im quite interested in their gowns & wld like to have 1 to bring hm (either additional topup my pkg cost or they free me) so is possible to negotiate?? wat abt the fitting of the gown if i were to bring back to sg?? can choose either 70% or fully new :0) of cos if bringing back im going for the FULLY NEW :0) any other info & stuffs to share?? need advises & helps plsssssss!!
Hi Leana, u received ur photo already? How is it? How much for the postage?

Hi Helen, when u gign up ur package? I signed up on Mar'10, will go for PS on Nov'10.

Anyone know the weather on Nov at Taipei?


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Hi weifung89, i just got my package from judy wedding as well. was wondering how was your experience over there?

anyone who also got their photos taken by judy wedding? pls share your experince wif me. my hubby is a little paranoid as tis is taken overseas. :p

what should we be expecting when we are there?


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Hello I am going to take Bridal Photo Shot at Taiwan,anyone can share your package details w me?
I scare kena cheated : ( haha
Seen Fa Guo Ba Li photo which is quite natural.
Plan to take around year end
Please advise