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Discussion in 'Wedding Banquets' started by fennie, Oct 27, 2000.

  1. Tulipmania

    Tulipmania New Member

    Hello babe, can share with me more details on your experience with Mariott too pls? I am bout to sign with them. Thanks much :)

  2. Tulipmania

    Tulipmania New Member

    Hello babe, can also share whose's your coordinator by pm-ing me? Thanks thanks! :) I haven't sign with Mariott yet but thinking of.
  3. PlasticBottle

    PlasticBottle New Member

    Hi. Can anyone advise if the venue for the gallery in marriott a good place to hold wedding? Im interested to sign a package there but quite skeptical as i never attended a open concept of the gallery before so i would appreciate if those who have hold their weddings there before to give me some valuable pointers.
  4. PlasticBottle

    PlasticBottle New Member

    We are expected to give a confirmation by this sunday as they have block out the dates for us. So appreciate it if anyone can advise us.
  5. Geniec

    Geniec New Member

    Hi everyone, I'm a 2017 btb. Im considering Marriott for wedding lunch. Can anyone advise on the package and perks they offer? And if anyone managed to nego on min tables, as we were told they need min 25 but we were looking at 20. Thanks!! :)
  6. yiqii

    yiqii Member

    Hi everyone, I'm a June 2018 BTB. I'm thinking of signing with Marriott for wedding Dinner. Possible to let me know what things to look out for to get? Or some extra freebies. Hahaha
  7. kewpie20

    kewpie20 Member

    @yiqii able to pm me? i cant pm u
  8. thetinygiant

    thetinygiant New Member

    You can PM me for details too, happy to share :)
  9. yiqii

    yiqii Member

    PM you already!!
  10. yiqii

    yiqii Member

    PM you already!!
  11. Jstan

    Jstan New Member

    Hi, am interested in signing up a package with them. Anyone can advise what perks i can ask for? Do appreciate all your kind advise. Thank you !
  12. blue_honey

    blue_honey New Member

    Hi, I am interested in their package too, anyone mind sharing with me your package details / experience?
  13. blue_honey

    blue_honey New Member

    Hi yiqii, could you share with me your package details and who did you coordinate with? Thanks :)
  14. tinkerella

    tinkerella New Member

    Hi all, I went for a site visit at Marriott Tang plaza a couple weeks back and managed to see the banquet set up as they had a wedding that day.
    The theme is really beautiful.. IMO I think Marriott Tang plaza has the nicest wedding themes I've seen so far.. However, their ballroom was too big for me as I only expect around 120 guests. I eventually signed with Fullerton for the Straits Room.

    The planner I met with is called Ester by the way. She is fantastic really. Very prompt in responses and very sincere in helping you with your needs/requirements.
    The perks given by Marriott Tang is also the best out of the many hotels I've visited. I'll be glad to share if you want to know more - can just drop me a PM :)
  15. Elylin

    Elylin New Member

  16. pinkconnoisseur

    pinkconnoisseur New Member

    Please share the information to me! Thank you :)
  17. ivy88

    ivy88 Member

    Hi can share with me the info?
  18. kittyee

    kittyee New Member

    Hi would like to know more from you :)
  19. smaltblu3

    smaltblu3 New Member

    Would be great if you could share with me too. :) My email is :)
  20. qooirky

    qooirky New Member

    Hello! Can you PM me the details too! Thanks so much! :)
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  21. Juneohzn

    Juneohzn Member

    Can I also have the details too? Many thanks!!

  22. smaltblu3

    smaltblu3 New Member

    Can anyone share your experiences with Marriott - especially regarding the food during the actual day itself? Close to signing with Marriott....
  23. qooirky

    qooirky New Member

    Looking for reviews on their food as well! Anyone care to share?
  24. ml12

    ml12 New Member

    Hi! Can you send me the details too? Thank you!
  25. cookiemonsterrr

    cookiemonsterrr New Member

    Does anyone have Stella as their wedding coordinator? Any feedback on her? Thanks!
  26. smaltblu3

    smaltblu3 New Member

    Hi there! Stella is our wedding coordinator. Thus far, all's good, she's quite prompt on emails and she's friendly. We haven't had much contact after we signed the contract but our wedding is in July 2018 so i guess there's still a bit of time to go?
  27. cookiemonsterrr

    cookiemonsterrr New Member

    Thank you! We have been in contact with her as well and she seems quite friendly and replies really fast. So fast Marriott has been the most prompt and given us the most perks... But the ballroom ceiling is quite low, which is something i dont really like >< Cant decide on which ballrooms to go for now
  28. ml12

    ml12 New Member

    Anyone had Mavis as their wedding coordinator?
  29. Yan Jun

    Yan Jun New Member

    Hi everyone! I'll be having my wedding at Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel in July. Stella is my wedding coordinator.

    I am scheduled to have my food tasting on 22 March 2018. Anyone with any recommendations on the dishes? Especially the desserts!

    Thanks! :)
  30. smaltblu3

    smaltblu3 New Member

    What a coincidence! I'm having mine at Marriott in July as well. Which date is yours? I heard that their lotus rice, eefu noodles is good! Dont pick the chilli crab dish though cos its on the sourish side. Melting hearts is also popular there. Also keen to hear what other btbs or brides' feedback on this this as well!
  31. qooirky

    qooirky New Member

    I'm attending my food tasting in April! I chose eefu noodles but i heard lotus rice is good. Let me know if anyone has tried it! Almost picked the chilli crab dish though. Thought of getting something different but parents dont really like the idea of that. Lol. 2 of my friends who've attended Marriott banquets recommended Melting Hearts too!
  32. Laughingpooh

    Laughingpooh New Member

    anyone able to PM me what are additional perks that they have throw in? Thanks
  33. Flowerloveorange

    Flowerloveorange New Member

    Hello would like to find out the additional perks they throw in too!!! Please PM me thank you!!!
  34. Yan Jun

    Yan Jun New Member

    I’m holding mine on the 22nd of July! Btw! I tried the melting hearts dessert, it was really good! We’ve selected that as our dessert! :D
    Tried to upload a picture of it but the file is too big
  35. Yan Jun

    Yan Jun New Member

    Hello! I’ve PM-ed you with my package perks! :)
  36. Michelletanll

    Michelletanll New Member

    Hi! Can send the package perks to me as well? including your package details in general pls! Thanks!
  37. Wp123

    Wp123 New Member

    Hi! I jus had my wedding at Marriott tangs! In my opinion, I think I have no regrets signing w them.. initially I was tempted by other hotels such as w hotel.. but the coordinator is so experienced here.. I got Denise loo btw.. she is very very genuine and dedicated. I was very busy with work and she basically helped me with a lot of things like liasing and updating vendors. She works like a wedding planner for which i appreciate a lot. Worth considering as they throw in a lot of perks and the themes are great. Food is good too! Thumbs up!

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