Riverview Hotel


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Hi potat0,

I also think so, so far, they are nice to agree to change the desserts in my chosen menu to what I want free-of-charge and upgrade my bridal suite to an executive suite if I sign with them.

How many bottles of red wine are they giving you? Any white wine? I'm hoping they will throw in some white wine for me the next time I meet them.

Yours AD is on one of the auspicious date?


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hello orchids and potato~ I've just signed with them over the weekend for my wedding in Oct 2011.. Amanda's quite chatty and we did not really bargain for extras coz the package was quite comprehensive.

She mentioned that next year they will be getting new table cloths and maybe new decos, so she told us no need to confirm the deco that early.....

Have u went for food tasting?


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Hi Queen

I see.. that's good to hear. I already like the present garden theme decor but I look forward to see the new decors they will have nexy year.

I have no food tasting yet cos I havent even signed the package but I've eaten at the restaurant for lunch to try out their food, a number of dishes are very good


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Not really an auspicious date though but maybe whole month of nov 2011 is auspicious to some hotel... our date is not 20 nov 2011 and some hotels actually got the cheek to say it's auspicious date.

Tong shu not out yet, i am guessing they are saying it's an auspicious date because more than a certain no. of pple asking about that date. That's just my guess.

I did not ask for wine as I am going to buy my own. Took the barrel of beer instead. I would suggest u ownself go and source for wines bah.

Hotel wines can be hit and miss at times. So far, i have yet to attend a wedding banquet that i find the wine to be my liking. I'm not a wine connoisseur but I'd like it to be smooth and easy to drink. Some wines are way too sour.

I will advise u to sign with them soon if your date is in next year. In terms of hotel, i think their deal is quite good.

Food tasting is around 3 mths before AD bah. It is there and then, need to confirm your menu then go for food tasting.

I hope they will touch up some of their decor items though. Maybe I too perfectionist, some of those decor stands seems a bit old to me. a new coat of paint for those stands will do wonders.


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quite quiet here...

anyway, for those who are enquiring, would you mind sharing your experiences with the staff that attended to you?

We had a pleasant experience with Amanda but too bad, she's leaving.


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hi im new to this thread...im interested to hold my wedding dinner at river view.Hence, need to get as much feedback as possible..

the hotel looks good except that the location is not really that accessible to guest. anybody have any opinion on that?

went to view the ballroom and bridal suite. the lily room looks good, though there are two pillars...

however, i find their bridal suite not that impressive. anybody can advise whether it is std bridal suite or can we opt for a nicer one?

lastly, any feedback on the food??


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Hey, I m interested in holding my AD at RV too. But I thought lily ballroom looks a little dim. This might be due to the ballroom not set up for wedding. Has anyone hold/attend wedding banquet there before? Can share your experience? Thanks!


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queenie> i think by now u already know who had taken over.

my deal is currently handled by kim peng. So far so good. Hopefully it will maintain that way and deliver a good banquet at the end of the day.

joylyn> You might wanna check with them direct, that might be the only bridal suite that is available. In terms of practicality, i think it's pretty doable in my standards. Only drawback i feel is that they are unable to cater a helper's room on the same level. Might be a little of a logistics issue.

peixuan> based on what I know, there is only 1 ballroom. The rest are function rooms. In a way, that is good as it will be somewhat exclusive unless someone else is holding a smaller wedding located at a different level as function rooms and ballroom is located on different level.

That was one of the key point that made us chose riverview. You should see some places where they have all the function rooms and ballrooms at the same level. IT can be confusing and the ambience will not be that great. Lacy exclusivity.


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I'm interested to hold my AD with river view hotel too. I've their package details already. But yet to visit the place. I would most probably taking the lily room.

Anyone visited there for any wedding dinner?



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Went down to view the ballroom with my HTB , the new coordinator is Eileen . The reception / Cocktail area is spacious and Lily ballroom seems ok. Eileen seems quite friendly and explained all details to us with patience .

However , just wondering if the Food and Service of the Hotel is good? Any reviews?.


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any idea is there any outdoor solemnization like beside the pool? plan to hold a outdoor solemnization before the dinner...


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Hi Fanny,

Based on what we were offered, there's no option to do outdoor solemnisation by the pool. The outdoor venue will be the alfresco dining area at Jade Lounge, facing the canal.

Just to share with all, recent spat of events with River View had not been pleasant.

It was one disappointment after another. The ultimate was their food tasting.

We are going to meet up with Kim Peng to give her an opportunity to provide reasonable solution for all the issues we faced recently.

Food tasting was a major disappointment. We started at 7pm and ended up being the last group of people leaving the restaurant at about 11 pm after they resolved all the issues!

Best of all, it was supposed to be them offering the best presentation of their banquet food.

However, if they were to serve such standards for vegetarian food on that day, I seriously think they ought to reflect on their capabilities to offer decent vegetarian food for wedding banquets.


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Hi All,

Anyone visited their Camelia Room before? Is the ballroom very small? I am thinking of having 16 tables but it can only cater 14 tables for this ballroom.


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Hi Chococat,

Camelia Room is right outside their biggest ballroom Lily Room.

For Riverview, they are really upfront about the number of tables. 16 is probably a no-go for them if they stated 14 as max number of tables.

Just an update on our situation. We met up with Kim Peng and was relieved to know that the people who served us during our foodtasting will not be the same team for the Actual Dinner.

It was easier to speak to Kim Peng and get her to understand our point than to talk to the restaurant captain.

Now we are just keeping our fingers crossed and hope that it will not be horrible on the Actual Day.


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I just had my AD with Riverview Hotel on October 30.

Overall very satisfied with the service Eileen (Catering Manager). Some reviews from my guests:

Portion of food was good. The fish is very fresh and the dishes were delicious.

Although there is a pillar, as long as you do not max out the lily ballroom, they will try not to have anyone blocked by the pillar. Reception area (Camelia Room) was spacious, we had our ROM there just before the banquet started and most guests were comfortably mingling around with us.

Only thing was there are limited themes to choose from but from what I know, there are new themes for 2012.

If got any other things you wanna know, can email me @ [email protected]


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Hi I'm btb for next yr had just sign up with riverview hotel... eileen ( catering manger) who attended me n my htb.. She is nice, patient n explain detail clearly stated in the contract ...


kitty_pretty angel >

i visited them last friday and Eileen (Catering Mgr) is very kind to bring us to the bridal suite. There are 2 types actually, junior suite and executive suite. I can say their room looks new and nice becoz they jz had their overhaul renovation 3 years ago.

According to eileen, junior suite is for those with booking below 25 tables. if you book 25 table & above, you will get to stay in Executive Suite. Executive suite is definitely more spacious, king size bed, jacuzzi bath tub, spacious living room.

Hope this help


i have confirmed my wedding dinner banquet with RV. My coordinator is Eileen. Thumbs up for her, she is very detailed and patience in explaining the package to us and also care for our concern.

My colleagues told me the foods are really nice. Any comments??

Hope everything goes smooth till my big day


Angel: the package are quite standards..most important to us is the food, the venue, nice coordinator and meet our budget ;)


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Hi celine, I'm looking at river view hotel for next year may 2013.. Do u mind sharing ur package..? As from the website, it's rather quite standard.. Any other freebies we can ask for?

Can email me at [email protected].. Thanks ya.. ;)


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went to a wedding at river walk recently, one of the worst weddings i ever attended. it might be a one off case but it is bad enough, will highly discourage the peeps here to consider carefully.

1. i arrive at 7:10pm(pretty early), carpark was totally full. i end up parking at the double yellow wheel clamp area right outside the hotel. security guard says no problem. my friend also came pretty early, she was told to park at some smelly area a distance away. hahahaa

2. the wedding reception area looked like a old fashion mock-up area, look like out of a film set....dont know how to describe lah, one good thing big enough and spacious. servers don't know where the toilet was haha...

3.Lily room layout nth to shout about, typical wedding. servers are dressed in a vest that is super ugly(took a photo) haha, they seriously need to get a revamp. very 60s or 70s. retro.asked for white wine, was told that there's red wine only and it will be served after first dish. okie understand the first dish part but only red wine??

4. Video played. first half of the time, no sound. then cracking of the sound, sound came out on 2nd half of video

5. wedding march in suddenly the speakers give off some cracking sound that was a bit irritating, but still ok

6. Cold dish came in and we were excited. one big lobster head that blocks one side of the dish. only 3 types of cold dish on the plate? (jellyfish, salad cocktail and one more other thing)

7. sharks fins nth to shout about, friend mentioned that be thankful that it is better than how the wedding has started. very mediocre no sharks fins seen

8. fish was served which was kinda odd and then we realized chicken was supposed to be 3rd dish of the menu but ended up fish decides to come out first. servers cut the fish but we were left to help ourselves

9. survey feedback form given out after 3rd dish....hmm are u serious??? gave a blank form to the server, was tempted to write a huge chunk though..server returned to say something must be written.

10. chicken decides that it's time to come out. meat was normal and pretty dry. the chicken has some dahfa cuttlefish on it, special but did nth to impress

11. the scallops with celery was presented with in a basket and it was in a small portion. never seen servings in this size.the plate to hold the basket was big though haha

12. OKIE THIS IS THE BOMB. 2nd last dish the mee came out and a friend's husband found transparent clear plastic in the meat. looks like those plastic you find when you open a bottle of mineral water, just that it is bigger. there was a bit of discussion whether we should tell the couple but ended up we just reflected to the banquet manager who came over, and ask if we wanted a new plate of mee. by then, everyone was kinda turned off. and then he passed a survey form to one of us and ask us to reflect....seems like we are given extra homework for their mistake.

13. went back and check on the banquet price and was shocked that each table costs $900+. certainly did not expect that they produce such shoddy work, esp when it is such an old hotel with many many years of experience. oh yah for this couple, there wasn't a champagne glass tower(not sure if they ask not to do it or what)


hi pooring, wow...quite bad huh...
anyways, now is EU cup, thats y car park will be full. their cafe provide life telecast..they never ask you to park at miramar hotel consider very good already...