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thanks for the contribution. I like it.

I like what you said so far, you are spot on. Waiting for your review.

I like to add that, if anyone of you like to buy honey products, I recommend you goto the supermarkets, it is cheaper than the tourist shops.


Hi Angry and all!

Sorry for the late report, I got a long one here…. Hope it is useful.

Before we flew off, I had only booked our first 2 nights stays at Christchurch, not even the rental car. I had also planned a clockwise route which my hubby decided not to follow when he collected the car.

Day 01 : Sydney > Christchurch
Day 02 : Christchurch
Day 03 : Christchurch > Greymouth
Day 04 : Greymouth > Franz Josef
Day 05 : Franz Josef > Wanaka
Day 06 : Wanaka > Queenstown
Day 07 : Queenstown
Day 08 : Queenstown > Dunedin
Day 09 : Dunedin
Day 10 : Dunedin > Lake Tekapo
Day 11 : Lake Tekapo > Akaroa
Day 12 : Akaroa > Christchurch Airport.

Day 01 :
Reach Christchurch airport very late, there is an i-site center at the airport where we picked up lots of information before we use the free phone to call for the motel shuttle bus. Be selective of the brochures you pick, don’t be kiasu like me and act as if this is the only place that you can get the guides! Most motels have racks of information and town maps for you to pick up. JASON TRAVEL is always a good guide with useful coupons.

Day 02 :
We used U SAVE car rental, they drove us to their depot and we picked a car on the spot. No problem with them. We drove to Cathedral Square, went i-site to plan our itinerary and booked the next 4 days accommodation.

Christchurch i-site was promoting REAL JOURNEY’s Milford sound coach-cruise-coach package with snack lunch for around NZD160 which they claimed they have the best deal of all i-sites. (We did not take up the package and when we reached Queenstown, the i-site was promoting the same package at around NZD190.)

We bought a 2-degree prepaid card from a convenience store, but the seller did not understand our queries but still we bought the card. There is an internet cafe by the name E BLAH BLAH across the road opposite i-site, next to a souvenir shop, they are able to serve better so we top up amount with them. If you are at Christchurch i-site, and wants a prepaid card, you may want to go directly to them instead. But then I was unable to surf net with my iphone at most of the places, anyone knows why?

We took the tram ride, it was not a big loop and within half an hour we were back to where we start. Will not recommend this then.

Day 03 :
We set off to Arthurs Pass before we reach Greymouth and then went up to Punakaiki Rocks. The scene along the way to Arthurs Pass is great. The visitor center provides good information about some of the native animals. The drive all the way up to Punakaiki Rocks tired us out and I feel that the pan cake rocks were over-rated. I did not get to see the blowholes though. Will not recommend this if you have no time.

Day 04 :
We set off from Greymouth to Franz Josef and checked in around afternoon. We managed to do a hike to FJ glacier on the same day. There were a few hiking routes to FJ glacier. We did not take the guided hike up to the glacier as our little boy was with us. We followed the others and took the most direct route, a very straight forward but long route, without any surprise along the way (except for that day’s weather). You can see the glacier right from the start of the route and you spent more than an hour to reach the barrier which prevents us to go further, and yet you are still not very near to it. (I feel that this will be more family friendly as compared to Fox glacier which we also went for a hike.)

The unpredictable weather really freaked me out. First we thought it was quite warm at the carpark and we left the jackets behind. While we were on our way, the wind became stronger, and then it turned misty and started to drizzle! We left the poncho in the car too! While I turned back with my son while my hubby continued, the rain stopped! The other travelers encouraged me to continue to the glacier which we ultimately did. However it did not really impress me any further as compared to the view when I was in the middle of the route. After this we learnt our lesson to be always well prepared and accepted that weather really played a very important part for the rest of the trip. Helicopter flight was not allowed on this day too cos it was quite misty and we hope the sky will be cleared next day.

Day 05 :
We woke up with a clear sky and we took the helicopter flight. We got the package from our motel reception instead of the other operators in the town. A van was waiting for 7 of us and sent us to a farm where they pulled out a helicopter and begun to start its engine…. We paused for a while and wondered if this is going to be a safe ride! But we laughed it off and told ourselves not to think too much. It was a fantastic flight. We approached a glacier and got up on top of the snowcapped mountains. We landed on top and it was a majestic view. This was our favorite activity.

We headed for Lake Matheson after we checked out. It was in the afternoon when we reached there. It was a very peaceful place. With the café and the gift shop, it was a great feeling to look across the green field. Then we wondered, where is the lake? Hubby told me it’s a hike again. This time, I told myself I am not going to let my son suffer and we actually pushed a stroller with a sleeping child with bag of whatever things you can imagine. Then we realized this hike is something like a Mac Ritchie hike. *Fainted. We had a hard time and managed to get to the so called jetty point but then we cannot see Mt Cook reflection as it was covered by mist and the water is not calm. We should have remained outside enjoying the calmness of the place.

After this, we went to Fox Glacier which is not easy. This is not family friendly with small rivers to cross and slopes to climb, but we can go very near to the glacier. Our boy was with us, he walked on his own and we carried him across rivers but we got no complaints and I actually prefer Fox over FJ. Weather was good and this was a very important plus point as compared to our FJ glacier hike. After that we headed for a night stay at Wanaka.

Day 06 :
After checked out, we went to Puzzling World. An interesting place, but you can give it a miss if you do not have much time. After that we headed for Queenstown where we stayed for 2 nights.

At Queenstown, we went to i-site and booked another 3 nights accommodation and our Milford Sound coach-cruise-coach with SOUTHERN DISCOVERIES. We had wanted to go with MITRE PEAK but it was fully booked and REAL JOURNEY was pricy. Had wanted to go Milford Sound via Te Anau but realized we need to spend 2 nights there, (first night to catch the next day morning coach, 2nd night as it will be too late to drive to another destination) so we decided to go from Queenstown.

After i-site we went for the the SHOTOVER JET ride. They allowed my 3 year old boy to be with us but after the short warm up ride, my son cannot take it and cried. So my hubby went for the ride alone while we waited at the jetty before he came back and looked after my son while I went for my turn. It was a thrilling ride. We were very lucky cos 2 days after this, we learnt from the news that there was an accident with the same operator.

At night we bought manuka honey from the gift shop and realized the supermarket is selling the same at a lower price. Do check out the supermarket first. (At Dunedin I compared the price for Cadbury chocolate too, not a big difference.)

Day 07 :
We woke up early and went for the Milford sound day trip. The weather was not very good during the coach ride, misty and drizzling. We were quite disappointed with the haze vision. While we approached the sound, we started to see lots of waterfalls. When we reached the jetty, the rain has stopped and we were told that it had been days before a vessel was able to sail. So we were in good luck again!

I do not think Milford sound was over rated. I love the place. We were with SOUTHERN DISCOVERIES. With a smaller vessel, and a not-crowded group we had a pleasant cruise. We saw seals and penguins, drank water from a waterfall. The vessel went under 2 waterfalls. As for REAL JOURNEY, they have a bigger vessel and the 2 i-sites (Christchurch and Queenstown) staff was singing praise of it, said that it will not be over crowded and they also went underneath the waterfalls.

Day 08 :
Departing Queenstown, we went to Arrowtown for a quick look. The brochure photo street was full of cars, cannot take a nice picture. After that we went to Dunedin. It was a Sunday and the streets were quiet. Only food can be found. We went to Baldwin street for some pictures but did not drive up the street.

Day 09 :
Hubby wants to take train with our son so we went for the Taieri Gorge Railway ride. We felt that it is quite a boring ride, cos we had been driving throughout the trip and looking at similar scene. Interesting parts will be the stops that we got off to take pictures. Will not recommend this unless you got time and love trains.

We drove to Otago Peninsular in the evening, never expected that it will be a difficult drive with lots of curvy bends. Did not join any guided tour and did not see any seal or penguin as a result. We drove up to Royal Albatross but it was closed so we loitered around looking over the great ocean with lots of seagulls and caught a glimpse of a lonely seal.

Day 10 :
We went for CADBURY chocolate factory tour. Good for the kids, so-so for adults. We bought some types of chocolate which we hardly see in Singapore. After we came back, we found the same selling at Candy Empire but at double the price. If you just want some Cadbury chocolate and not keen in the tour, you can buy from their supermarkets where the price is about the same.

After that we headed for Moeraki Boulders. There are two stops to exit. One is a carpark place which is quite a distance to walk to the rocks. The other is a gift shop with a café, this is nearer to the rocks.
Very windy, took some pictures and left quickly.

We reached Lake Tekapo in the late afternoon. This is my favourite place of all! The backdrop of the church of the good shepherd is fantastic with the lake and the snow-capped mountains. Saw wild rabbits running around too.

We went for the night star gazing at Mount John Observatory with EARTH AND SKY. They provide thick winter jackets so you do not have to worry about not having a warm jacket. It was very cold and dark up there and I know nuts about the various planets but I was bewitched by the dark sky full of stars and the rising moon with reflected light shining on the river. We saw a shooting star too! On the way down the hill, we ran into quite a few rabbits jumping away from our bus.

Day 11 :
After checked out, we headed for the Mt Cook Salmon Farm. The lady boss was not friendly. We did the self guided tour which merely includes walking around restricted pools and feed the fishes. We tried their pre-packed sashimi which was not that fantastic due to the parts of the fish given. We bought fillet of fresh salmon which I cooked for dinner, which tasted so much better. Can give their sashimi pack a miss, buy the fillet and ask them to slice if you really want to eat it fresh.

After this, we headed for Aoraka. Actually we had wanted to stay another night at Lake Tekapo but decided to go Aoraka as we ran into some travelers who highly recommended Aoraka. This was our bad decision. It was a long drive there and nothing much to see along the way. When we reached there, it was already evening and to us, the serenity was nothing in compared to Lake Tekapo. We were at the last lap of our trip and we are fine to just take it slow and stay at a lovely place but not Aoraka. Aoraka is good if you want to swim with the dolphins, if not it is just a small town. The only console thing is it is a shorter drive to Christchurch.

Day 12 :
We set off to Christchurch and went to DRESS SMART factory outlet before we went to return our car. The shopping is so-so only, not like those US factory outlets which you really go wild. After returning the car, they sent us to the airport for our way home.

We cleared the custom with no hassle most probably because we had a kid with us. We declared all food and medicine including Chinese medicine. As long as you declare, you should be fine. The custom officers were very friendly and we got no problem with them.

I cooked some of the meals in the motels. Bought rice, noodles, eggs and ham and etc which can be turned into easy meals, using margarine as cooking oil. I also packed in a cooler bag from Singapore but realized it would be good to have 2 bags instead, one to store cold food like opened milk packet, margarine and unused ham, another to store hot packed lunch for the day. It is not easy to find a place for lunch if you are on the road, so I prepared lunch in the morning before we set off if it is going to be a long drive. Dinner is easier as there is food around the motels.

Bring lots of songs for the long drive. We got so bored with the limited CDs we have. My hubby is the only driver and he did not take breaks except for some stops for photos. My son and I fell asleep most of the time but I ensured water and snacks are within my hubby’s easy reach.


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Hi folks, just to share our experience... been a bit busy so will do a quick one for those visiting south island.

Date: 15 Nov - 4 Dec
Airline: Qantas
Rental: APEX

15 Nov

16 Nov
Transit SYD. Arr CHC. Couldn't find 2 degree outlet, ended with Vodafone card. $30 for card alone. Expensive! Just head out of main terminal to multistorey carpark for rental pickup. Call your rental co and they will send a van for you no issue. Prebook APEX online due to promo rates, slightly over 1k for 19 days (2L sedan with CDW) not bad deal.
Arrived in motel near hague park (Riccarton area). Took it easy, went pak n save (Westfield) to stock up, strolled in park, walked at bit in CHC central but shops mostly closed in late afternoon.
Accom: Arglye by the Park (motel), booked on, so-so, furnishing a bit tired. 10-15 mins walk to nearest tram route but close to eateries in Riccarton area.

17 Nov
Woke up real early for Up up & away hot air balloon. Temperature plummetted from the scorching heat of yesterday to a chill in the morning. Good experience for those who want to experience hot air ballooning. But not as romantic as expected cos you are sharing the basket with 10+ pple. Cloudy day so din really enjoy the sunrise. Should be much better on a clear day. Burnt hole in pocket for this one. 300+ per pax.
Went for the triple pass and took the gondola. Again, the clouds really spoilt the view. Can consider going for evening for those going... nite view looks good on the posters. Went for tram ride and shopped for souvenirs in the evening. DFS and Kiwi Crossing are more reasonably priced.
Accom: Argyle by the Park (motel)

18 Nov
Went punting on the avon (part of triple pass) in the morning. Weather was perfect. Go to the mona vale route... really beautiful. Went 1 last round in the tram and left CHC.
Arrive at Pete's Farm (sheep / alpaca farm stay). All the other guests were from SG! Price quite ex but see comments.
Accom: Pete's farm (farmstay), booked on Looks normal on the outside, but once inside, wow, it's better than 5-star hotel! Luxurious! Bathroom was not ensuite but you get your own private one.

19 Nov
Dropped Kaikoura plan as I have bad motion sickness and Pete warned us the seas do get rough. Went to Hanmer springs instead. Forget the private pool, really boring and the one in Queenstown's much better. Can relax in public pools if that's your thing, much nicer and has better views. Fish n chips opp the hot springs is pretty nice (log cabin). Went back to a bbq dinner by the host. at $40/pax it is pretty steep but we agree the food's really good.
Accom: Pete's farm (farmstay)

20 Nov
Pete showed us his sheep dogs rounding up the sheeps and demo'ed sheep shearing in the morning. Went to the antartic experience near CHC airport. Quite small but the cold room and offroad ride was interesting. Went thru Arthur's pass for greymouth then. Weather turning bad again but Arthur's pass was still spectacular. Reached greymouth and the town was, well, grey... media all round due to the pike mine disaster. Went for the Monteith's brewery tour as hb wanted to try the beers. Took the dinner pkg but be warned... the hotel restaurant was so packed we waited over 1 hr for our food. It was pretty good but the wait was too ridiculous.
Accom: Ardwin House (bnb), booked on, very old house (historical), room furnishing very tired, but Mary's fireplace in the living room was very nice.

21 Nov
Drove to Fox glacier, stopped by Hokitika to visit Kiwi Centre (only 1 kiwi!?!) and hb fed the eels (yucks). Then we reach the real west coast roads... Nightmare! Hb drove thru out NZ cos I forgot my licence. Bad choice. Driver = tired, passenger = giddy. West coast road maybe scenic, but if you are susceptible to car sickness... do yourself a favour, don't. Road reminds me of Initial D, can't wait til it's over. Took whole afternoon after arriving in Fox to recover. By then, not much to do in town. Went to Lake Matheson though. Quite a peaceful and scenic lake. Did a short trek, quite relaxing.
Accom: Fox Glacier Homestay (bnb), booked on, pretty comfy but am afraid of cats... and they have many and will jump into your room! I screamed when I saw that. Hb thought what happended? Nice if you ok with pets.

22 Nov
Went to town to book heli-flight. Weather was uncertain and original flight was cancelled. Check with other companies though, some have skillful pilot that will still go up. Another hole in pocket but this was worth it. Experience may not be long, only spend 5-10 mins on the glacier landing... but be preparded to be blown away... we were busy picking our jaws off the ground when we got off the heli. Spectacular is an understatement. We took the twin glicer flight as mt cook was too challenging on that day even for experienced pilot. Landed on FJ glaicer.
Left Fox for Wanaka. Another nightmare drive. Arrived Wanaka sick again and just strolled the lake. Ate at a lakeside restaurant... nice! Went to Cinema Paradiso to catch a movie at night. Really special experience, must try!!! And buy their huge cookie during the intermission. Fun fun fun.
Accom: Montrose Place (bnb), another luxurious accom, last min phone booking, can't believe we got such a nice place on last min notice! Friendly host with cute fluffy dog which hb really likes.

23 Nov
Went for paragliding from treble cone cos thought less scary than bungee or skydive. Really thrilling at first, but after a while feels like boat bobbing in the sea due to strong winds. Sigh... sick again. This time, even hb could feel the effect. Half day wasted at the doctor and then recovering.
Accom: Montrose Place (bnb)

24 Nov
Left comfy accom. Went puzzling world in the morning. Hall of illusions much more interesting than the maze. Skipped the tilted room cos the counter girl mentioned giddy effects. hb was laughing when he came out. Cannot even stand / walk straight inside. Went to lake tekapo. Flat, straight roads at last! For those thinking of skipping Tekapo due to inconvenient location, don't. The lupins were blooming near the chapel and everything was just perfect. The most romantic part of our honeymoon! Lingered around even after chapel closed to just enjoy each other's company. Ate at lakefront restaurant after that. Tried to stargaze at night a bit but it was too cold.
Accom: Lake Tekapo Cottages (holiday home) forgot how we found this place... meh... ok, the place stole the show, the accom didn't matter

25 Nov
Drove to Dunedin and stayed @ Larnach Castle, would have been nice to stayed at Tekapo one more day but castle was prebooked. Stopped at Moeraki Boulders on the way. What the... those rocks are considered attractions? Waste of time... ate lunch at Fleur's place nearby supposedly famous but difficult to find cos from the outside the restaurant looked like an abondoned jetty. Great chowder, hb wanted mussels but they ran out early. Castle was pretty far from Dunedin centre. By the time we reach, many places were closed. We hurried back after dinner cos the road to the castle is very narrow and dark. Didn't take the castle dinner pkg cos the price was ridiculous.
Accom: Larnach Castle (castle), booked on Larnach Castle website; well it's a castle... well technically you are stay beside the castle. They provide breakfast and entrance to castle and gardens, so if you are visiting those anyway, it's a different place to stay

26 Nov
Shifted to Dunedin centre. Went up peninsula to do some wildlife trip. Heard Elm Wildlife was good but the trip was too long (6 hrs?) so went for Penguin Place instead. A bit disappointed cos the animals were quite far away but managed to see some penguin chicks as this is the hatching season. Passed up on the albatrosses cos the timing was not right. You may want to check when you are there, usually they will let you know what to expect. Again pertty far from town centre. By the time we returned, the Cadbury factory was closed, and they don't run tours on weekends so we missed that. Went for manicure at the mall instead =)
Accom: Living Space Dunedin (hotel), booked on, very interesting bathroom concept, like a space bubble, a break from all the bnbs, good value and the front desk was very friendly (helped us got booking and discount for next accom). Parking is FCFS so reach early.

27 Nov:
Long, long drive ahead so left early. Next town is Invercargill via the caitlins scenic route. Much longer drive thru the caitlins but we figured Invercargill to be boring so we sightsee along the way. Stopped by Nugget Point (lighthouse obscured by fog), Purakaunui falls (small but nice), Curio bay (nto as impressive as it sounds but we actually saw the yellow eye penguin closer then Dunedin!). Slope point (see slanted tress and southern most point of NZ mainland). Many bikes along the way cos Invercargill is having some kind of bike festival so is more crowded than usual. Reach pretty late, thought we might catch some action at the bike show but everyone balik kumpung already.
Accom: Living Space Invercargill (hotel), booked by the friendly front desk at Dunedin at a discount. Bigger but lacked the space bubble bathroom. Front desk also friendly, seems like a common trait among their employees.

28 Nov:
Drove to the end of SH1, to the signpost at Bluff. Touristy but had that edge of the world feel. Proceeded to Te Anau. Booked realjourney tours. Glow worm caves and milford cruise (next day). Planned to drive to Milford but our bnb host made it sound so tough we took the coach pkg instead. The glow worm caves tour left in the afternoon. Pretty interesting, but not as many as we expected (not in season?). Lots of sandflies though, you have been warned.
Accom: Rose n Reel (farmstay), booked on, deer farm, with an over-friendly dog. We got our own little cottage and the deers will come right up to nuzzle you.

29 Nov:
Left for Milford cruise. Found out road was not as bad as west coast glacier roads. Could have drove ourselves no prob, maybe a bit tiring cos back and forth same day. Sandflies central at the jetty!!! Pretty nice indeed, we took the longer discovery cruise on the Milford Mariner. Weather was patchy and cloudy, but we did get spots of sun. Saw seals and penguins but no dolphins (the overnighters saw them in the morning). Sometimes wonder why people even bother to go otago peninsula to see. Stopped by mirror lake (nice!) and Chasm (strange...) on the way.
Accom: Rose n Reel (farmstay)

30 Nov:
Last place on our itinery: Queenstown. Arrived to find that our hotel was a bit too far from town centre... that's what cars are for right?
Accom: Mantra Marina (hotel) nice, comfy, modern, the lakefront units are nice but more for families. Frontdesk is friendly too. Then again the hotels in ZQN all looks nice from the outside

1 Dec:
Went on the Million Dollars Cruise to see lake wakatipu. Pleasant way to spend the late morning and see those lake front porperties. Took the Skyline gondola... pretty similar to CHC one. The difference is you can luge from the top! We took the gondola / haka pkg, so had to pay more for the luge. strange that they do not have the 3-in-1 pkg. Haka was touristy as expected, but should just experience it once since we are in nz.
Accom: Matra Marina (hotel)

2 Dec:
Went to Arrowtown since everyone say must go. All the nice pictures are taken in autumn though. Still, a pleasant little town to walk through. Sent out postcards to families and ourselves. =) Passed by Kawarau bridge on our way back... many spectators but no bungee jumper... what the... But nice view, so if you want to bungee, this should be a nice place.
Accom: Mantra Marina (hotel)

3 Dec:
Went Glenorchy for horseriding with High Country Horses ask hotel said they were good. Anyone tried DART stables can share the diff. Didn't get to ride in Paradise since we took the beginner's ride. Very nice, the river crossings can be exciting. Went to Onsen Hotpools in the evening... miles better than Hanmer spring due to the view and the retractable wall and roof!!! Didn't get to try out the candle light pkg as the sunset too late in summer. Should be really romantic.
Accom: Mantra Marina (hotel)

4 Dec:
Shopped for some souvenirs and headed to Frankton Airport. Home sweet home!


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to Happytea and beanieduckie

thanks for sharing your travelling experience. I am glad that both of you decide to do all the booking in NZ. It does give you all the flexibility.

HappyTea, I am glad you like Lake Tekapo. NZ has applied for it to be a world heritage site.

Beanieduckie, sorry to hear about your road sicknesses. I am glad you took book the bnb accomodation. That will give you an insight to kiwi lifestyle.

Last, if there is only 1 driver, please dont try to drive 300-400km a day. It is very tiring.

I like to say thanks to HappyTea and Beanieduckie for your contribution. I hope potential SG travellers to NZ will find it useful.


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In addition, some general topics:

We were glad that we didn't do a loop. open jaw tix allowed us to not return to CHC to fly home. we had 19 days in the south island, leisurely but a bit long as if you tend to miss the conveniences of home. if we were to do it again, we would shorten the trip by perhaps 3 days and skip the vomit inducing drive on the west coast glacial areas entirely. The highlight was mainly the glacial landing which we could have done from Lake Tekapo, a stop we could have made travelling down the east coast instead. Not to mention Tekapo is much a more beautiful place to stay in. Te Anau is still worth visiting, but you can always drive from queenstown instead. The only thing you will really miss is arthur's pass. Also, 4 nights at queenstown maybe a bit too long.

Rental / driving
Mid-szie local rentals like APEX is totally acceptable and economical. Car are not brand new like Avis, etc but the quality and service is still good enough. GPS really saves a lot of time and doesn't really add much more to your bill. Get CDW insurance if you want peace of mind. If you damage the car what you will pay will be more anyway. 4WD not necessary on our entire trip. Avoid driving at night, especially on mountain roads. Pay attention to the signs as the curves can really come out from nowhere!

Couldn't find 2degree at the airport, vodaphone card is more ex... but they do have a special deal where all calls to SG are capped at $2 per call so you can talk to your heart's content.

Pak n Sav, New world are both ok. Your main stock up points will be Christchurch and Dunedin.

Department stores
Farmer's have really good deals on Thurs!

Most towns have road signs indicating clinics (medical centres), but wait time is long and price exp. Local pharmacists are quite knowledgeable so you can go to them first for minor complains.

Cheaper souvenirs are found at Christchurch, Dunedin, Queenstown, Te Anau

The one thing we hated in NZ. Super ex and not really nice. If you eat out, prepare about $7-$10/pax for breakfast, $10-$15/pax for lunch, $20/pax for dinner. Fast food / food court meals will also set you back $10/pax. Even the highly recommended places were only above average for us. You can only stomach western food for so many meals. After that you tastebuds will be numb. Bringing your fav instant noodles maybe a good idea when you need a break from western food. There are some authentic asian food about but it depends on your luck. Oh... the ice cream was nice! There was this south american chocolate chain in arrowtown... forgot the name

Bring at least one good water resistant jacket regardless of season. Some places/activities will be cold no matter when you go. West coast weather is totally unpredictable and can be really miserable. Clothes can dry fast even in cold weather so dryers are not a must. Plan your laundry points at places where you will stay for more than 1 night and do laundry immediately when you arrive.

Prebooked accom was fine for us as we had zero change in our itinery. Although last min accom are plenty in most places, we didn't really like the idea of not rushing to find a place last min. Insecure feeling. Try to prebook places with no cancellation charges or generous cancellation policies. It's really your personal preference (organized vs free-spirited)

... that's all for now, hope it will help you guys planning your trip!


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Hi guys,
Is it worth going to NZ for about 5 days if we do not plan to travel too much? Or is 10-14 days the recommended duration?


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Hi angry

For 11D 10N

Day 1- arrive auckland
Day 2 - Auckland-Waitomo caves - Rotorua
day 3- Rotorua
Day 4 - Roturua-Wellington
Day 5 - Wellington - Picton - Nelson
Day 6 - Nelson - Greymouth - West Coast Glaciers
Day 7 - West Coase Glacies
Day 8 - West Coast Glacies - Queenstown
Day 9 - Queenstown
Day 10 - Queenstown - Mt Cook - Christchurch
Day 11 - Depart Christchurch

Is the arrangement fine?


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your travel very tight. I pity the driver.
Day 4 is a 6 hour drive.
Day 5 is a three hour ferry ride and travelling

I suggest you focus either N or S Island. When are you going to NZ?



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Hi Angry

Ha thx for the pointers.... tot of doing both to maximise the time there

Going last 2 weeks of Jul.. hows the weather there?


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If you dwant to go in July, here are the good and bad things

a. you die die have to go to the ski fields and do some skiing or play with the snow. Either Mt Ruapheu or Mt Hutt. You can google those 2.

b. Sunrise around 7+ and set around 5.30pm. So, you have a short day. If this is the first time you drive in NZ, i suggest dont drive at night.

c. School holidays start at 15 and finishes at 30th. Any problem, not ready, but ski fields could be packed.

d. Come prepared and bring winter clothing. My suggestion, dont bring super thick jackets, wear layered clothes.

e. Dont drive too early in the morning because there could be black ice on the road.


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Thanks for sharing ... will note the mountains and squeeze in along one of the road travels....

will be extremely careful driving there... ha