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Hi Sophie,
My beautician always see my face condition and explain to me first then ask me whether i wan to use 2 times for 2 masks anot. Most of the time I take her advice wan!
My package is 20 times, per visit is $80 I think, so each time is $160? Sorry I dun remember but I tot my 20 times package can last me ard 2 yrs but for me 1 yr plus shld finished le..cos most of the times i used 2 time to change to a better mask and I like the effect - no redness (maybe for awhile then next day ok le), no peeling, everything fine.

I tot u sign package can go any outlet? Why do you have to go to the one inside? Mine is outside...


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It seems alot of ladies is facing this "expiry date" issue..

I m also considerin goin to case.. do you think if we join force it will be stronger.. cos 1 is always weak.. N I m also intendin to make it big by writin to newpaper n lian he..

For those who wish somethings to be done pls PM me.. n we must all stick togther n be firm on this so something can be done

I also spoke to this Li Sha n her sttitude sucks.

I m even plannin to go down n talk to her or even higher level.. but like I mention power of a single person is not enough.. the more the stronger

So I hope you ladies here don jus sit there n be bullied! We must fight for it!

PM me if you wish to join force n complain to CASE, write to newpaper n also go down n talk to them.


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I've just came from Gimen JE and luckily have been able to extend for another year but I have 52 sessions still! I've read all the threads above and have experienced everything that was described, from the force selling to the soft mask to the full appointments, etc. The China lady wanted me to convert my packages today by paying another $600 which I refused. She practically blew up at me. I was totally appalled at her behaviour.

At least now I know I'm not the only one. I think I will check with CASE too.


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Hi all!

I am a customer at Giman too and i can attest to their appalling customer service! I have been with them since 2006, from orchard to robinson tower and they have been getting from bad to worst!

I have recently bought a food and massage package and It's so hard to make a single booking after the first few payments. They told me that the month of Aug is full! can you believe that? I have been trying to get an appointment since end of July and finally was able to book on the second week of sept.

And i'd like to highlight that the person who sold me the package didnt not notify me of the fixed timing until after ive made payment. The manager had me to pay for another session so that she can change to a non fixed timing.

Besides that, the previous session of facial i had, the beautian has missed out one session and the manager has mentioned that the customer service will contact me to rectify but i have yet to receive any calls from them.

For those considering Giman, pls do not even think about going there! If need be, just purchase one at a time, lest you will not be trapped in a package.

If any one wants to go to CASE, pls let me know. I'll be glad to help.


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since 2006 n from bad to worse n you still sign the package..? my package is finish n no matter what they say I don give a damn.


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i am utterly angry at MB too. been their client since 2007. they sold me that so-call Super Platinum membership. And i still have 95 facial packages to date, estimated another 7 years to go. OMG!!!
I always show a black face to them, and run away as soon as my facial is done.

OUB branch Mavis & Ziqian, hope you will read this forum!


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Im sooo angry with MB, when I signed up they siad it is a gold membership with no expiry.
Last week I went and they said my membership expired and they can only extend for another 1 yr based on my usued 93 facial package. I was sooo mad i asked them how am I suppose to finish using the 93 facial within 1 yr????


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hmm so much story of MB to Gimen..
I am also stuck with them since 2004. It seems to be so reluctant to go back. I have no choice but hope to finish all my packages ASAP. Whenever, you step in, you just feel like asking them to keep their mouth close/shut. The moment you lie down for facial, they will start telling you they have "NEW" things to intro n minus off my blocks.
Now i dun bother how many blocks they deduct, as long as they finished up my packages, and stop bugging me to change packages or sign new packages. Always waste my time.


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i signed up my package with them in Feb 09 for 10 sessions. It was a total nightmare. They love to come in once u lie down for ur facial and start to hardsell their package and deduct more slots. Super taoyan. I will keep saying "No No No" and stick to what is inside the package. Really glad that i have finished my package. Phew...


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I am also very unhappy with their service too.They focus more on hard selling their package rather than customer need. So sad to heard that CASE cant do much for us, i still got 14 session to go and dont really wish to visit them.


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Hi all

Just want to share with you a good news. I won the case against Giman finally. CASE just called me today and managed to fight for me and got me a 22 months extension from my outstanding package. Giman claimed to be out of goodwill but they are full of craps.

One thing for sure, once I depleted all my 25 outstanding facials, even when they give me free treatment or pay me to use their service, I will never go back to Giman at Chinatown or anymore Modern beauty salon. Once bitten, twice shy and all the more, I have been bitten by them so many times. They provided the worst service experience that I have received in my entire life.


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Dear Ladies,

I have been a victim of MB also and i foolishly signed up 100 sessions with them. If you are a customer of MB/giman , you will know that the expiry date is 3 years .Obviously 3 years is not enough and as usual the sales staff will say that they can help you extend and they even show you the forms. BUT PLS DO NOT FALL FOR THE trick, as they will only make u sign up more packages with them. Anyway to cut the long story short, I manage to get them to extend my package without an expiry date and to make it transferable to anyone , as and when. But in order to get this simple request, I have to bring them to small court because LISHAN (d customer service ) refuse to give in to my request. If you want to extend the expiry date, bring them to small court, you just have to pay $10-30 only but have to waste a lot of time for going down to court . Bringing them to CASE may not work all the time and anyway lishan is very well prepared with regards to going to small court, if anyone need help, can email me at [email protected] . JUst simply cannot stand this salon and till date I still have 88 facial sessions with them. (and they still try to sell me).


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ng pei wen,

can you teach us how to go about this?

do you have to pay a lot to bring them to Small Court and do we need to be CASE members for us to take this action?

I wonder why the ugly bitch Lishan can go against her conscience knowing full well the tactics and principles of the company..only people with a vested interest in the company would do that..if i found out my company operated this way, and I am just an employee drawing a fixed pay, there is no way I will betray my personal principles and conscience. How the hell do people like them sleep at night?


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Dear All!
I have the same issue & i have also spoken to Lishan.
I have 20+ facial treatment & I only know in shock that already expired. I freaking did not go for facial the whole of 2009 coz I had family problems, family in hospital and all. I did not call to ask for suspension because I did not even know there was expiry date! The sales consulttants never told us anything about expiry date.
Lishan just F*%#ing tell me "when you sign your package, its written in the terms." I Freaking couldnt control my voice & told her "do you know how many bloody terms there are & its your sales consultants responsibility to highlight such important point to us. They keep asking us to buy buy buy & now tell me my few thousand dollars just expired like that?"
She wanted to change my package to a more expensive facial so she can "in goodwill, help me to extend my facial package"
I almost agreed & then I told her its not fair to me. I only want extension and asked them to also considered the 1 yr in 2009 as suspension, so its a valid point to extend. Guess what her answer was.." oh, this is your personal issue" I am as pissed as I can be. I told her I will go to CASE then & slam the phone.
Now that I saw this & a few more websites.. oh no.. I realised so many people had the same experience.
Can someone who had successfully gotten back their $$$ or something, say something? Give us some guidance please!


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Gosh, I just experienced the lousy attitude from Li Shan at MB and it got me so worked up!

I have been with MB since 2005 (VERY unfortunate choice that I made then) and put up with their hard-sell tactics for the past 5 years (without giving in at the facial bed when they keep pressing you to use a few ‘ge’ to do some stupid crystal/diamond/gold facial which will cost at least $200+). Never mind that, I’ve also been a victim of the ‘facial slots full’ and ‘schedule not out’ which frustrates me tremendously as I can’t book any sessions. The products/service is terrible(x 100000000000000000) and I’ve been trying to use up all my facials just for the sake of using them up.

Recently, I’ve been told that my facials are long overdue (since Feb 2010) after the 6 months’ extension which I blindly signed in August 2009 and that I had to call Lishan to solve the issue. As told by LiShan, to extend my facials I have to forfeit my 7 times Super VIP and 2 green tea facials (total cost of $500+) for just 2 sessions of supposedly better facials or purchase more at some ridiculous price! I have other things which have also expired, massage, soft masks, scrubs which she said she will extend if I’m agreeable to the terms of having my facials reduced. I was not agreeable to the terms and she said that there is nothing else she can do and when I said I would bring this up to CASE, she said that I signed the extension in August 2009 that stated ‘no extension’ allowed.

This is indeed unfair practice and would definitely want to fight this tooth and nail. SusieOng75, reading your good news, can you help provide some pointers? I can be reached at [email protected]

Cecilia Tan, I totally know how you feel, none of us should be made to go through all these. Modern Beauty or Giman or Be Sanctuary or whatever it’s now called should not be allowed to continue to exist conning innocent people like us with their malpractice.


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Hi All,
On 9th Aug' 2010 i went to Giman Beauty Wellness for the 45mins first trial massage which i purchased the trial voucher fr Hougang Mall Atrium for $29.90 (without knowing the sales tactic suck). After the trial session i was pressurized to paying by credit card installment.I was not convince but insist on paying deposit $500 by NETS & when i was at the counter the staff just pass me the NETS machine stating as $535 saying it is w/GST. At that moment i just key in the transaction without thinking. Later I found out that the receipt stated as payment by credit cards & balance by installment for the package of $1605. The next day i went to the salon to retify. I was told that they cannot amend nor change & i need to call the customer service hotline spoke to this lady by the name of Lishan & she refuse to talk just ask me to write an email to them.

I do not like the fact that as a comsumer i need to write email to retify their mistakes & they must be joking.I was misled into taking up a package of S$1605 obviously they are making it difficult for the customer.I was misled by the hard selling tactic as consumer i am very dissapointed with them & now seeking a refund on the matter thru CASE. After approaching CASE & came to know that they are useless.

Now, i would like to file thru small claims & not sure will their be waste of times just for the $535? Not so much of the amount it is the principle!

Anyone can give me advise?
I can be reached at [email protected]


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Hi all,

I signed up a package at $800, yet surprised to find out from my credit card bill that 2 transactions of $800 were registered.

While I am very sure that I only signed up one package, I called up yet they insisted that I had signed of 2 packages. I felt that there was clearly a business scame going on in GM.

I have called up my credit card company to hold back one of the $800 payment. Meanwhile I intended to lodge in report to CASE or Police since this is definitely not right that they double charged the bill and insisted that I paid for 2 packages.


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Two days ago I went to AMK Branch to finish off my last few facial. Instead of having my complexion improved, I am left with wounds all over my face! My colleagues and customers all thought I have chicken pox!

During extraction, I already felt something was not right and it was getting very painful. I told the beautician to stop it. She insisted that the black heads are very deep and squeezed even harder. After the whole facial I noticed my entire face swelled badly. I feedback to the gal but instaed, she disregarded my feedback and said it's normal and it will go off very soon.

Usually i do experience swelling after facial extraction, but it will go off the next day. However, in this case, THE SWELLED SPOTS TURNED BLACK. It was obvious something is wrong. Fearing it might turn into depression scars, I went to see the dermatologist today and the doctor said these are WOUNDS and not swelling. Doc had to prescribe me antibiotics to prevent infection in the wounds on top of that, I have to put off using all commercial skincare and use the dermatologist's prescription for 2 weeks.

I went down to Giman to complain and guess what, the manager keep trying to brush me off saying it is normal. They have customers who have this problem also or who have worse problem than mine. And I should work together with them to put mask at home to recover the wounds. But in the first place they are the ones who cause the problem. What does she mean by I have to work together with her for this?! THEY SIMPLY PUSH THEIR RESPONSIBILITIES AWAY AND KEEP INSISTING THEY ARE NOT WRONG!! SO UNPROFESSIONAL!!

They try to win me by giving me more free facial. After hearing all the crap they were giving me and how they try to push the blame, I told them this is not what I want. The spots have turned into wounds and now I have to spend extra $$$ outside just to solve the problem they created. Best part is, I actaully paid them in the first place to fix my face and they are now worsening the condition! I have loss my confidence with them totally.

The manager say she has no power to grant me a refund or cash compensation and I was asked to call their Customer service hotline. What crap...

I wrote to the customer service yesterday and guess what, not a single acknowledgement from them at all. And now she is trying to push me to the customer service again.


I'm prepared to go to small claims courts for this. I am spending extra $$ which shouldn't even have in the first place if the salon bothers to train their staff well, and if they bother to be responsible for their actions.



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We all should start a Facebook page call BAN GIMAN BEAUTY to stop this unethical company from cheating more innocent money.
The more I found out how many pple have been fooled into buying their packages and how dis company can still continue to operate, eventhough other better-ethics spas have collapsed, makes my blood boil.


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Giman Beauty not recomemded .

I signed with Giman Beauty with the consultant named Hui Yi at Toa Payoh Branch. She pressived me to sign more package and that comes with " pure essential oil ".

You know what happen?
They only gave me the normal oil and add in a drop or two ( reqested only) of so called essential oil . I questioned her and she said this was meant by come with essential oil in your package . Spoken firmly .
I don't like to see her again and went to another Giman Beauty branch .

The new branch saw the card and told me the same thing . " only one or two drops means come with essential oil" if too much , that essential oil will harm your body, so only one or two drops would be just nice .
No points argue with them , just let them said what they like to say. you sure lose at the end and got very tired .

One of the consultant trying to sell me another new package since i was there for few sections.

If sign another one ? I have to make sure they explained how it comes with essential oil .

I got her to explain what mean by comes with essential oil.
It was what the Hui Yi had told me and showed me a small box with 15 bottles of essetial oil and given free if I signed for more package. Every sections will comes with these essential oil and allowed you to mix with difference fragrance difference time .
Don't it harm our body if too much ? I questioned .
No , it won't . It is very pure essential oil and would not harm your body . In fact , it more efficient for the message . Explained by the new consultant .

Why my present package stated come with essential oil yet your did not provide me as what you just said . I questioned again .

If you like I would put a note on your card and they could provide you the pure essential oil in the future.

You see that ?!!!

They are out there get you to sign and not provide you what they promissed!!!

See ? How they twise and turns ????

That is Giman Beauty sales strategy !!!
Not sure it trained by the marketing manager or their Hong Kong Boss !!!

So please don't go there , if you want ,
Please make sure they write the explaination on the paper not only explain clearly !!!!

All the Best !!


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One Word desrcibe this salon " HORRIBLE " Please dont sign any package from them, They are just CHEATING & LYING ! Feudp with their attitude and disrespect customer ! Whatever they promise they will never fullfill them and whatever they said before and after sign package is totally diffrent.

I wish i could get back my refund so that i have no need to see their face anymore ! i though i could enjoy and relax my facial but i feel stress and tiring whenever i have my facial there,what they want is just $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ .Is only thing in their mind !!
I am a victim of Modern Beauty/Giman Beauty & Wellness/Be Sanctuary Spa too!

I would like to caution all my fellow sisters of their cheating tactics. You all must always take note of the packages you have with them. Cos they will bluff you there is little left to trick you to buy.

When I went for a facial recently, they told me my facial balance was low and got me to buy, which I did. But when the customers statement was printed to me, it stated I have more than 40 facials?!!!! Which means they tricked me into buying!!

When I asked them about this but they ignored me totally.

I have since consulted my lawyer, who told me to lodge a police report as this amount to cheating. As I read all the threads here, I am also so angry that they have conned so many people as well! and for so many years!!!! So, my fellow sisters, I appeal to all of you to do similar. Go to the police or CASE or Small Claims Tribunals and report about them!

We shouldn't let them off scot-free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Dear all,

We are sorry to hear about all the very horrible experiences you had with this particular beauty salon.

This link should be very helpful for those who are not sure how to go about bringing them to small claims tribunals and what to expect from the filing.

Feel free to ask if there is anything else you want to know. We will be glad to help.

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I am a victim of Modern Beauty/Giman Beauty & Wellness/Be Sanctuary Spa too!

I would like to caution all my fellow sisters of their cheating tactics. You all must always take note of the packages you have with them. Cos they will bluff you there is little left to trick you to buy.

When I went for a facial recently, they told me my facial balance was low and got me to buy, which I did. But when the customers statement was printed to me, it stated I have more than 40 facials?!!!! Which means they tricked me into buying!!

When I asked them about this but they ignored me totally.

I have since consulted my lawyer, who told me to lodge a police report as this amount to cheating. As I read all the threads here, I am also so angry that they have conned so many people as well! and for so many years!!!! So, my fellow sisters, I appeal to all of you to do similar. Go to the police or CASE or Small Claims Tribunals and report about them!

We shouldn't let them off scot-free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks for sharing
went for a trial last year at Tampines branch. Facial so so only, not impressive, extraction painful

But not much hardselling, the consultant simply introduce the package (not too expensive, around $50) and I said I need to consider. She didn't pester me to sign.

Their package cannot share or transfer.
extraction is the scary part
i spend nearly 10K @ MB. They really hard sell to me alot of time. I still have balance over 50+ facia, 20 session of lymatic massage. N there is a expiry date of 2yrs. I want to use it asap.

Another things, the staffs turnover rates is quite high, even when the staff has resigned, they also claim they went on long leave, dont know when the staff will return. U mean a company allow staff to take unknown leave meh. Got such things....