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i guess most packages cant be trf. try not to sign too many packages. sign one will do. anyway they alway have promotions. dun be pressure to sign and sign then regret


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the admin gers there very screw up. called me to go down on thursday. i went there, they asked me to come fri as the consultant on leave. wondering those admin ger r they also facial gers? like tt die liao..


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im here to comment, tried one place for facial not too long ago..homebased one..compared to modern beauty treatment and service..very different..homebased one more worth it and can see results..modern beauty..haiz...wash n no different de..

if u have same problem..PM me..i can share with u my homebased de service =)hope this helps


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i tot i'm the only unfortunate one who signed up packages with modern beauty!
thru my experience, i agree that they always pressure to sell more packages/ sessions even though i still have a lot more sessions. keep saying the new packages are better. Don't be FOOLED!
and they tend to screw up when i book appts with them...


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I have been a customer of Modern Beauty for a few years and the reason i am stuck with them is becos i have sensitive skin. I used to go one a month for the normal facial and body massage and friends often complimented me on my skin condition. However the exasperating thing now is i felt that they are having too many customers to handle and the booking of appointments needs to be made ONE MONTH in advance. As a sales person, a month in advance is really hectic and many times, i was at their branch in tampines, i was also unable to make my next booking for the following month. I felt that the most irritating part of it all was that i know they are good but when it comes to the schedule, it's all haywire and not very flexible for the customers to book appointments in advance in ease and comfort.
For this whole year, i have not visited them for months already and am really unhappy that since they are already here for so long, why can't they quickly get their online booking in place for the convenience of us all ?
Also, if i want to book in advance for the remaining months for the year, they are also quite inflexible as the reason given is that they can only book one month in advance. The rest of the days needs to be later confirmed and most of the times, they dont call back to revert on other available slots.
For the time now, i still have another new package with a deposit made but yet to complete on the payment becos their lousy schedules really made me think twice about having to fully pay up the balance and go for their sessions which are so hard to get in place!


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Dear Ladies,

I SHARE THE SAME EXPERIENCE WITH THE LADIES ABOVE ALL! During facial, they do hard selling after cleansing your face. They say that ' this time your face needs radio treatment etc etc with ampuloses'

My next qns to them is, how many coupons? they say they need to deduct about 4 coupons! my god coupon for mine is 30 dollar..trick to try to promote me out of my course want..suck modern beauty..

waiting time is bad. they dont call u up if u make appointment. u got to call them one dae before to confirm at times. im nt going for this salon after my package finish. face sux too.


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Hi ladies,
I do share the same with you gals here.I just went for the 3 faces package treatment.paid for 3k packages and then listen to their Some call th "Promotion" for this mth. try to ignore their hard selling.So more there staff always change and tell u that they had return to their country.


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dats always da case gurl... I did most my t'ments at a neighbourhood spa wif lotsa t'ments to try & preety good price.. not to mention " Hard Sellin" never encounter any wif em..


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I am highly disappointed with MB and would like to organise a complaint to be made to the HK HQ (it is public listed in HK), following which I would like to send a petition to CASE to seek a refund of the amount paid but services not rendered due to their "busy schedule". To those who wish to join me in the cause, I encourage you to drop me a line at [email protected] so that we may do it on a group basis.


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I am also a victim of this salon. I must say, i really like the massages provided by them. Everytime after my massage session, i feel very relaxed. That is why i've signed a package with them. As my package is finishing up, they encouraged me to sign up for a package $2000 for 100 times aroma massage. It seems a good deal coz evens out to be $20 per massage. But upon trying for Lymphatic Massage, they pester me to add an additional $1150 in return for 35 Body Massages and 40 Lymphatic Massages, sounds like a good deal so i took up. As they took more than an hour to settle and give me the receipt, i have to rush off for work and could no longer wait, they TOLD ME TO SIGN THE RECEIPT BEFORE THEY PRINTED IT OUT. When I return for my next massage session, I realised that its only 30 lymphatic massages and 35 body massages, the other 10 lymphatic massages belongs to my old package that i've finished off paying for. But the sales people in order to get my business, didn't explain to me properly that out of the 40X massages, 10X belongs to the old package. So, i reflected that to a lady named Lishan in their Singapore headquarter requesting that i do not want the new package and wanted back the original 100 times massage with $2000 and the additional $1150 i paid to buy 14X of lymphatic massages. I explained to her why and that they made me sign the receipt before printing it out. Lishan even blames me for signing before i see the receipt, saying that once there is a signature on it, the company cannot do anything about it anymore as that shows that i've agreed in the contract. Then i pointed out that i was really in a rush to go off for work and they made me sign it, if they have such policies that once i've signed, nothing can be changed, why in the first place they allow their employees to make the customers sign before viewing the receipt? Then she said no matter how in a rush of time, i should have stayed to view the receipt before i sign it, but how many of their customers are actually tai tais that stay at home that don't have a work that needed to be on time? So, they refused to change back my package, i was quite angry and told them that this will be the last package i sign with Modern Beauty and will not go back to them anymore, told them to inform their sales person to stop pestering me into buying any packages. My advice to people who are intending to buy packages with them, don't even think about it!


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<font color="aa00aa">hi gals,
i think i am in the same situation with you all.
I have been a customer of MB for quite some time. But i feel that their facial session does not really help me much. And i dont really feel the difference.

I have previously went to the one at AMK &amp; Toa Payoh both branch about 6 mths ago. One of their sales mgr, by the name of Jo(AMK), want me to sign up another package with them. I had already told them i dont want to sign anymore package as i need the money for my wedding preparations. But she keep forcing me to sign up the pkg, saying its good for me blah blah blah. When i told them i really dont want, she will show you the kind of "black face"! How can they be so unprofessional?

Then recently i went to the branch at Taka, sometime last week, cos i just want to finish my sessions and stop going to MB after this. Then one of the mgr telling me i should take up more sessions so that i can see improvements.
I am really very scared to go back and angry with them as they use such hardcore marketing tactics. I agree that we should do something about this.</font>


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I have been with MB for 3 years already. So many bad experiences. I can't wait to finish my package. I'm now left with 5 treatments to complete by Jan.


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Wah.. i cant believe this.
I jus signed up last year through a recommendatin from a colleague...
And i have 30++ treatments for $1350 i think...
About $30++ each treatment.. And since then, I've only been there twice and since, I havent been able to make my appts.. its either they say fully booked or i wonder coz my package is too low for them to take notice or they are only interested in making us pay and not willng to let us go for the treatment.. in the end when we are too fed up, we just give up..and i guess they'll be the ones thats benefitting.. its really like a black shop loh...
I just called 6 branches and all said fully booked.. do they really have so many customers or actually they have only 2 or 3 and the big place is just a hoax????????? Regretted..


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Terrible MB ...Really so angry when reading so many bad reviews on this salon. I will tell my friends to beware on this. Thank you for the posting.


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I sign up with them as well. I would say all the spa and facial saloon are very pushy. But Mondern Beauty has the worst service I've ever come across. I had made appointment 1 months ago and I just call them to confirm tomorrow's appointment yet they can tell me I'm not in the list. Just got scolding by me. I feel very sick of going Morden beauty to do facial. its a black shop! I never like to show ppl att. But for morden beauty they need some scolding from some ppl. Can anyone teach me how to deal with these kind of con ppl!!!


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I was a previous MB client, now switched to another Mega slimming centre. New and friendly staff!
Just signed up a very good deal -$1500. My consultant says can extend to my frenz plus get another 3 FOC treatments. Interested, pls PM me.


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gosh, MB really sucks...but so far ok, i mean, yes, they hard sell, but it doesnt happen with every visit (to me lah)
and when they do the 'wah, your face so bad, needs xxx treatment for xxxxxx coupons', i'll just smile and tell them no need lah, too ex (sometimes they will reduce the price AND throw in free eye treatment)

i think this place is fantastic for practicing patience and bargaining skills.

but true, their facials arent fantastic (altho i enjoy the green tea one the most), their body scrub/massage quite nice (so far)

as for the always full case, you can make some noise...of course, if you call too late, then surely booked lah. i usually book 1-2 weeks in advanced. so i've not had this problem before and my package is cheapo cheapo ones also (~$30-60 per session)

i used to go to the TP branch, now i go to the taka one.
tried the tanjong pagar one also.


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nec> you can go to Taka ones?? Mine is a fixed shop package.. cant go to Tamp, Taka and somewhere else. forgotten where.....Taka better??

which one so far nicer??


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go to the bigger branches....usually they are too busy to hard sell their nonsense to you. lol.
and i try to book the last slot of the say, so after that they just say sitting there for 3 hrs talking abt dunno what crystal facial etc etc...
like i said, take the opportunity to practice some patience and some bargaining skills..


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nec> i cant go to Taka.. mine is fixed shop.. cant go to the big ones..

ur package is not limited to which u can go to??


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yours is fixed shop to which branch?

tell them you moved house from east to west blah blah...or some other excuse..maybe they can change the fixed shop to another place for you?

there's one near raffles place...oub center i think...quite a large branch too...


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nec> my fixed is only can go to those small ones.. any of the small ones..
cant go to Taka, Tamp &amp; one more...forgot where...


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mine encounter with them is ok leh. Just sign up recently. 100 treatments for 3k. got free spa somemore.


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Ling Ling> you just sign up... wait till u go for more... u wont even get to use ur 100 treatments... they'll ask u try something new..then pay cash... else deduct 3-4coupons for that treatment...usually not worth it to deduct so many..end up pay cash......


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ling ling,
must be smart ok?
when they tell you it's worth 3 coupons (say $180 worth) or $120 cash, tell them too ex...dowan.
then bargain with them to deduct 2 coupons and throw in collagen eye mask or ampoule or some neck treatment...

if you really cannot tahan their hard selling, let them know firmly that you don't like it...i believe they will stop...
worked for me.

good luck.


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I'm another unhappy customer of Modern Beauty. Their managers have the habit of coming in to persuade you to sign up a course at the most inconvenient times. Worse still, they promise you freebies and conveniently omit to give it to you. This has made me suspicious of all their verbal representations. Instead of feeling relaxed, I am actually quite tensed during the facial.


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same experience here! very upset with MB. Got their deal and just won't entertain me. Don't even have email to complain about them. Going to CASE to seek help !


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Thanks for the advice, nec.

Aiya, I should have read this forum b4 I sign.
Indeed, their package is very attractive to me. Even include ampoule is $60. It's abt the same price that I go for home facial.
That why I sign up. Like that, no choice die die got to finish my pkg within 2 years (I always go for 2 facial + 1 massage per month). Although, I admit sometimes their slot are very difficult to book.

And I always go to taka that branch, I think the sales mgr also know my pattern. Cos I did tell them b4 that I want to do my facial peacefully. Any hard selling talk to me when I done. Sometimes, even b4 they can tell me anything. My hubby already call me to go off liao.


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hi, was really shocked when I read MB is such a terrible salon, almost wanted to give it a try there for facial, but anyone went Mary Chia or Bioskin for facial or slimming before?


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me too, i am so disgusted with their selling methods. every session, after cleansing ur face, a so-called "consultant" would come in to examine ur face. no matter wats the outcome, the "consultant" will recommend a "facial-of-the-day" (something like soup-of-the-day concept) which requires me to deduct 2 or more slots.

for the past few sessions, i totally din give them face! i juz told them, they haf used these tactics on me before already, dun waste their time and get on wif the facial.


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I was shopping around Toa Payoh Central last weekend and was surprised to find that MB shop has changed its name to GIMAN. Has they just simply change name or taken over by someone? I still have credits with MB, will they honour it?


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I am also a very unhappy MB customer. I have been with them for 4 years. Their services just get worst and worst. Their customer service staff Lishan is even worst. They never think of customer benefit one. Watever request you need from them, they will ask you to top up your package. Everything is money. No MONEY NO TALK. Anyone who like to sign with them, please reconsider. Although their package is very attractive but service really sucks. I am also referring my incident to CASE,. Hope they can really help if not more victim is going to suffer.


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yeh i'm also quite unhappy cos they too hard-sell liao. Last time used to be stupid and end up sign up a few pkg w them. Now whenever i go i will just go without any bag and wallet. So when they pester me to sign, i will just tell them i have nthing with me at all....all my things with hubby! haha


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I am a very unhappy customers with Modern Beauty( they now changed name to few like Be, etc) I first started with a small pkg and everything looks fine. Then i started to get interested in their lmypjhatic massage hence top up 6k+ for 150 session with free spa together. Before signing the pkg, the manager called zi qian and amanda(bogger boss) promised that my spa is either milk/green tea. And also they promise that my friend can share it as well as i tell them i am concerned with signing a big pkg with them. After upgrading and getting the service at raffles pl branch(previously jurong) and i notice that their service is lousy. sometimes when i arrived or leaving, i had to wait very long(sometimes the consultant forget) for someone to attend to me. What frustrated more is that later i was told that the spa freebie they gave is ust normal spa that need to share with public. I felt so much cheated on this coz otherwise i would not bother to sign up such a big pkg with them. I checked back the contract and yes it is stated as spa but how would I know during the contract sign up process the spa that they promise has to be stated as special spa. What;s more is that there is a small clause that the pkgis non transferable and my friend can only use it for once. I lodge the complaint to the branch manager telling them that initially i was provided with special spa and later some times they just disputed it. Zi Qian(raffles pl manager) promised to look for old data book and come back to me in 2 weeks. After then everytime i went there and asked for update, she seemed not follow up and ask for more time. 3 months has elapsed and i still not getting response. I am thinking to lodge the complaint to CASE, and i urge other to do the same. I wish that my story is a lesson to others if you are thinking to sign up with MB(or some other new name they changed recently) although i do admit that they could offer pretty attractive pkg. But it is just not worth the $$.


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me too leh,went there for the trial massage and the end pester me,i refused to sign up then they ask more ppl to come in my room,at least 3-4 of them,so at the end i paid them 400 for the initial deposit or else they dun wanna let me go,till now never dare to go there,SO SCARY MODERN BEAUTY..can try carelyna,rosy nice girl not so pushy...BUT MODERN BEAUTY WORST THAN LOAN SHARK


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after u sign up with them, u will realise ur next difficulty is to book an appointment. book too early, they say schedule not out yet. book too late, they say no slot left, ask u to try again. then u give them a date, they say they call u back coz schedule not out yet n the cycle goes on... if u ever get an appointment, after ur session, they will pester u to buy more


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I was also a victim of MB. I thought that my 100 times $3K facial package was a great deal but every facial session was a torture. They will critize how bad my skin condition was and that I should top up this and that blar blar blar. I still have 50 sessions left but I won't be going any more because I didn't see any improvement and I couldn't stand their hard sell. Black shop.


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me also spend abt the same amount as you. I think since already pay for, i think it's better to use finish.


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To victims of True Spa: I'm leading a legal class action suit against TRUE SPA.

A group of 13pax (from different walks of life, gathered from various internet forums) have come together to join forces in seeking compensation.

Many have heard of the horrid customer service at TRUE SPA... I myself is a victim.

1. Unable to get booking slots made many weeks in advance.
2. Cant get thru their booking hotline.
3. Slots available for trial customers but not for existing customers.
4. Member card chargeable for some members but not ALL members.

The list goes on!

Legal action's purpose is to seek termination of contract, get back unused amounts, and also seek compensations.

Est. $200+ per pax in legal fees led by authorised lawyer.
The more pax joining, the less each participant needs to fork out.

I'm continuining searching for more victims from various internet forums to come together join forces.

Let me know if keen to join.

Contact me at [email protected] to find out more.

Spread the word... Thks!


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When I signed up my 30 times SuperVIP package 2 yrs ago, the consultant mentioned to me that there was no expiry to my package and now they're telling me that my package will expire by end of 2 yrs...that's shop..and hard selling consultants..wonder if they're really qualified? When you ask more questions about their products, they can't answer properly. Poor service..BEWARE!!

And the customer service gal Lishan can't even decide...she can only say it is the company policy...what type of customer service is that..really DISAPPOINTED!! I think they'll lose their customers soon with such service...


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I faced the same situation as you. And guess what?!? I'd been their member since like 2004 and earlier this yr, they told me my package HAD expired. Never ever did they tell me anything about expiry date.
But I managed to force them to "extend" my "expiry date" to next yr.

Actually I was able to fend off their hard selling and hence had continued to use them as their branch locations really good (same building as my work place).

But 1 incident yesterday (18th Dec 2008) made me super pissed and fustrated with them.

I visited the OUB branch yesterday. I went to this branch a few times and thought it was ok (as it's quite a new branch).

As usual, before the facial, they will come to examine your face and tell u what treatment u should use.

The consultant (Linting) recommended a milk facial to me at the deduction of my 3 Super VIP sessions ($80+ x 3). I find it too expensive and previously, I'd done this facial before and didnt really like the smell of the products used.

So I declined and told her whether there're any suitable treatments for me using my current package at the deduction of 1 session.

Then she keep repeating abt the milk facial stuff, and u know, basically, their consultants talk the same thing everytime u go.

Again, I told her I don't want and told her not to tell me the same things other consultants had always tell me before.

U know what she said? She said she graduated as a beautician (something i heard before as well), and I'M NOT RESPECTING HER.

I was shocked as never ever had I said anything offensive to her and neither did I raise my voice at her at all.

So I told her flatly that I don't feel that I'd done anything to make her feel that way and told her that I'm also seeking her opinon and advice what treatment I should seek BUT only using 1 session.

I spoke mainly in Mandrian with a mixture of English and she told me "I cant understand English. Speak to me in Mandrian".

Fine. So I repeated my statement and she actually said that I can do whatever treatement then since I'm so sturborn, etc. Shortly, she went out.

I thought that's the end of the whole of terrible session and I WAS TOTALLY WRONG!

While the beautician was cleansing my face, another beautician brought in another customer to SHARE the treatment room as me. For the past 4 years, I'd never have to share a treatment room with another customer nor being informed that there's such a procedure.

I totally felt that my privacy was infringed (as you know, usually u only wrap a towel for facial). Worse of all, the customer next to me SNORED LOUDLY throughout the session and I was not able to rest while doing my facial.

So after the session, Linting came to me to sign on the membercard &amp; the "blue slips?. I tried to ask her why I have to share a room with someone and she just said "If you don't want to share a room, then u have to tell us beforehand".

I told her like in the first place, if I don't know I've to share a room, why will I put such a request right?

Instead of trying to explain to me, she treated me as "invisible" and told the beautician beside me to ask me to write down anything I want to say instead and walk off without even saying anything to me!

I was so pissed and angry as I felt that I'm like paying money to them for humilation.
As I'm those sort who will have tears in my eyes when I'm super duper angry, tears began to roll down and my beautician was shocked.

I tried to explain to other manager ( I assume) who came in to understand the situation and the same thing....just the usual phrases, like they're sorry, the consultant dosent mind that way, etc.

Again, they gave me a number to call as well to this customer service gal Lishan.

Apart from apologies and telling me that appropriate action will be taken, nothing was offered. She even insisted that their policy to ask customer to request no sharing of room is correct when I questioned her how can customer put in such a request when they don't even know.
And somemore only certain branches share rooms, and certain branches don't.

I asked her why cant your receptionist doing the bookings ask the customer at the point of booking whether they mind to share the room or not and the most ridiculous reason was provided.
She told me that because their phone bookings come in nonstop so they want to ensure that do your bookings asap and asking too much will delay the booking. Lame right?

Any way, I'm going to actively use up all my sessions and not ever going to renew to them.
Seriously, I'm considering writing in to CASE. Even if nothing comes out of it, at least something is recorded and documented at CASE to build a case for future dissatisfied customers.

For those who remain hopeful, I'd been their customer for more than 4 years and it shows that they don't give a damn about their long time customers. Think twice before signing up.


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fanfan, yours alot of drama. i totally agree with you, how to share room? I am sure the other person also offended. How did u manage to force them to extend? that means 3 yrs?


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Hi Fan Fan, how do you make them extend your package for a yr? I've this problem too. They told me that my package has expired and extend only 6mths for me out of good will. But they told me that there was no expiry when I signed up with them 2 yrs ago. I feel that this is cheating. Their service is real poor with all the hardselling and black face. Also, very hard to make booking. Always full..


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did anyone see the papers, modern beauty salon got charged for tax evasion? now the companies say they are not linked to modern beauty salon?