Melbourne anyone??


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hi, thanks but unilodge swanston doesnt have any room available for my travel dates. Any feedback for City Square Motel- location, family room size for 4 too cramp, service & facilities?

Also, am looking at transport from airport and vis versa. roughly how much is per taxi trip from airport to city area? how many passenger can 1 taxi take? any maxi-cab in melbourne for up to 6 passengers?

Many Thanks for any sharing!


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can try little buroke street is in chinatown. also a good location

dun take taxi. take something call the skybus. or somthing like that. cost abt AU$15 per one way or something like that.... Taxis will cost 3x as much according to my aussie friend. it is a bus and can accomodate many people like a public bus (definitely can accommodate 6 pax) but dun bring huge luggage cos hard to carry up to buses. Break it down to many small pieces

hope this helps


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Thanks, have decided to try City Square Motel (CSM). Seems like they're giving the best rates. We just need a place to sleep while travelling around the city during the day. Anyone has any idea if they have microwave or the type toaster which we can reheat pizza/pies at CSM?

Can I check where do you guys apply for your tourist visa? seems like different websites offer different visa application fee - which one is correct? Quite a difference! how much did you pay for your aust visitor visa?
1) USD18
2) USD14
3) AUD20
4) AUD49


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has anyone secured any tickets for the recent jetstar SIN-DAR-MEL promotion at $49++
any clue when the next promo coming up


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Hi, going next week with family. Just wondering
1)how is the feedback for starbus for airport transfer?
2)which local tour agencies r good for day trips?
3)where r e recommmended shopping areas? where is the factory outlet?
4)In melbourne city, which public transport is good for moving around?
5)Any nice after dark activities?

sorry i know that is a lot of qns. But thanks to everyone in advance. : )


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hi everyone,

I like to know if melbourne will still be an attractive option for me to visit after I have been to the following countries: Europe, Japan, Perth, Gold Coast, Taiwan, HK, Korea, UK.


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universal door: melbourne is fun.
the people there are nice.

sarah: can't remember the local tour agencies, but most have interesting packages. i went for great ocean road day tour, and some other tour to dandenongs. quite easy to sign up for them.
shopping areas: victoria street - there's a market there. lots of nice things to buy. i bought very cheap prints of paintings. shopping areas, basically the town area. u can just walk around. u can head to st kilda too. nice beach there.


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hi all,

is early april a good time to visit melbourne?

is it necessary to self drive? or public transport and the local tours shud suffice?

i prefer exploring the place at my own time..

tks a lot~


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hi ginger,

if u like cooling weather, april should be fine. I went in May and it was too cold for me. My advise is if u r going to self drive, avoid winter coz days would be short. And the whole sky turns dark by 6+pm.

for me we self drive coz we prefer own time own target. I rented from Thrifty that time, u can check out their web site. Local tours should also suffice, u can take their day tours for exploring the outskirts. Depends on what u want really...


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hi stardusty,

tks for yr reply. i've booked the air tix already! now planning the itinerary...

can anyone advise me if the below itinerary makes sense :

Day 1 - Arrive at MEL in the morning. Spend a day there.
Day 2 - Pick up car and proceed to Phillip Island via Mornington Peninsula. I.e drop by Mornington Peninsular before going to Phillip Island. Spend night there.
Day 3 - Set off to Yarra Valley/Dandenongs from Phillip Island. Spend night at Yarra.
Day 4 - Set off to GOR from Yarra Valley, bypass Melbourne. Spend night at one stop of GOR.
Day 5 - Continue GOR, spend night at one stop.
Day 6 - Continue what is left of GOR, return to Melbourne by evening. Spend night at Melbourne.
Day 7 - Spend the last day at Melbourne.
Day 8 - Fly home.

I have not decide where i wanna stop by at GOR.. still reading thru...

Tks for yr advice!


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Need accommodation recommendations for Port Campbell, Lorne, Mornington Peninsula, Philip Island and Yarra Valley.. anyone?

Thanks in advance


Hi coolwinter,

I have been to Mornington, philip island and yarra.

Philip island, I highly recommend the whitehouse. It is a nice B&B at a decent price. It is not near shops but given that you are driving, it shouldn't be an issue at all. It is really beautiful. I love this B&B.

As for Yarra, I stayed in Balgownie Estate. It is a vineyard and we had like wine tasting as early as 10am. I think it is way too early for wine though. The accommodation is not bad and it is at a decent price as well. Not luxury but it is quite nice. Check out the websites of these accommodation b4 you decide.

As for mornington, I stayed in Hilltonia. Didn't really like it. Hence, Not one that I would recommend. Hope you have fun!


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Thanks, Mish.

The whitehouse is indeed very beautiful but sob.. it's only meant for couple not family. Think will probably give Phillip Island a miss.. the properties that I enquired all required linen charges otherwise bring your own..

Anyone has stayed at Eureka Beach House at Rye? Any comments?


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Hi all,

-how early in advance do i need to apply for the visa say if i am going 30/5/2009?
-which webby did most of you go to apply? can i juz go to any travel agency to apply for visa?

Thanks in advance for your help.


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Hi all

pls advise if the Vline is a good option to go fr mel to geelong then hop on to the vline coach to sightsee Apollo Bay then bk to mel? I got this tip from tripadvisor but seems very 'ley cheh' but the gowest price is quite ex leh...pls advise.

I wanna go see the Twelve Apostles & go to philip island.


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hi all,

I am bringing my 3 year old to go to melb in march next yr. Any recommendation for lodging in mebourne. Since we are driving, any good place to recommend for non city area. Thanks for the tips.


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I jusy went there for my honeymoon. Spent the last week of April there. It early winter so was pretty cold I must say.

Well i loved the Great Ocean Road and Puffing Billy tour the most. Great scenery for ocean road and great train ride as you can hang your legs out while the train is moving.


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I have 2 vouchers for a hot air balloon flight at Yarra Valley (50 min drive from Melbourne city) to let go.

I recently returned from Melbourne with my HTB but unfortunately, we weren't able to go on the flight due to weather condition. We couldn't re-schedule it because we had to return to Singapore. We don't think we will be going back to Melbourne anytime soon so we are willing to sell it at a discounted price here.

It is with a hot air balloon company, called Global Ballooning ( The package includes a champagne breakfast for 2 at Rochford Winery (Yarra Valley) after the flight.

To those who haven't visited Yarra Valley, it's a very beautiful place! We were vey disappointed that we couldn't get on the flight

I paid S$820(for 2) but I'm letting it go at S$680. Those interested, please email me at [email protected].


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This post has not been active for awhile.....
I read some say April is early winter.... That's early huh...

I planning for 2nd week Dec, worry it might be hot and lots of bush flies
Anyone been there during this period? Care to share?