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Hi David,

Would like your advise on which dates (03 Oct or 15 Oct 2016) is better for a caesarean surgery? I am expecting a boy. My birth date is 04 July 1984 afternoon. Saw that both dates 冲 with rat but as my doc will be traveling I do not have any other alternatives. My edd is 17 Oct. thanks.


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Hi Master Tong,

Can i check with u, is rom date on 15
Feb 17 suitable for bride(born year of rooster,1981) & groom (born year of dog, 1982)?



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Hi Master Tong,

We had ROM last year on 10.10.2015.

We are planning for customary wedding on 4Q 2017, but I heard 2017 is clash with rabbit.
Is that fine for us to hold our customary wedding?

Groom: Dragon
Bride: Rabbit

Groom's Parents: Snake and Goat

Bride's Parents: Goat

Thank you


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Hi Master Tong,

I'd like to know if An Chuang, Guo Da Li etc should just accompany Customary wedding?

If we decide to only ROM without customary, do we still proceed with the an chuang procedures before ROM?

Appreciate your advice. Thanks!


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hi Master Tong, may I know why in some apps for chinese calender. it shows that there are two "june" months which falls on july 2017 and aug 2017?

I am aware tongshu is nt out yet but is 8 Jul 2017 a general good date for wedding?

Groom is Rat
Bride is Snake



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Hi ni84

C section dates are not that simple. It is about fixing a baby destiny, not just choose a gd date to deliver. that is useless. For this , it is part of my consultation service hence i cannot do FOC here)


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Hi kellyyyyylove

Bazi dates are specifically good for both of you ONLY. Tong shu dates to us are just general dates and not accurate as lots of stuffs are not factored in. Hence it is basically better than nothing only . think abt it. if a date is good for rabbit to get married, then the whole world 's rabbit can get married on same day? or rather if you hear that those born in Pig will earn money this yr, is it true all pig will earn money? Obviously not! it depends on a person's bazi (birthday AND time of birth), not just animal sign so simple. hope this helps :)

get dates for BOTH


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Hi Master Tong,

I am looking to hold my solemnization and wedding in Dec 2017 (on a weekend). Can you advise on an auspicious date?

Here are our details:

Groom: October 24, 1992 (Monkey)
Groom's Mum (Deceased): March 11, 1963 (Rabbit)
Groom's Dad: January 23, 1958 (Rooster)
Groom's Bro: November 3, 1994 (Dog)

Bride: October 27, 1991 (Sheep)
Bride's Mum: April 13, 1968 (Monkey)
Bride's Dad: November 26, 1964 (Dragon)
Bride's Sis: November 11, 2000 (Dragon)
Bride's Brother: July 30, 1993 (Rooster)



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Hi Master Tong,

Me and my fiance have booked our wedding banquet on 31 December 2016 (Lunch).

Our details are as follows:

Groom: September 1, 1981 (Rooster)
Groom's Mum: February 24, 1951 (Rabbit)
Groom's Dad: March 18, 1948 (Dog)
Groom's Bro: August 16, 1978 (Horse)

Bride: September 6, 1989 (Snake)
Bride's Mum: October 13, 1963 (Rabbit)
Bride's Dad: February 15, 1957 (Rooster)
Bride's Brother: August 1, 1991 (Sheep)
Bride's Brother: September 27, 1993 (Rooster)

Would you be able to advise if the following date and time is appropriate:
1) ROM - 24 December 2016, 10am
2) Guodali - 29 November 2016, 1pm
3) An chuang - 29 December 2016, 11am

Thank you very much in advance!


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Hi ashley.lim

Fetch the bride timing will b 9-11am.

There are no gd weekend after 7th for GDL, so your GDL will have to be in july b4 7th mth on 10th Jul, 11-1pm

AC must be BEFORE wedding, hence gd date will be 8th Sep, 11-1pm

Dear Master Tong

"Fetch the bride timing will be 9-11am"- Is it mean that groom can only step into bride house at 9am? Are my bridesmaids possible to start gate crash at 8:30am at downstairs first or can only start at 9am? Thanks.


Hi master Tong,

I would like to know is that above date ALRIGHT to ROM.

1) 22/10/2017
2) 12/11/2017

Bride: Pig 1995
Groom: Dog 1994

Bride's Mother: Ox 1962
Bride's Father: Rooster 1957

Groom's Mother: Snake 1965
Groom's Father: Ox 1962

Thank you so much!!!


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Hi Master Tong,

Appreciate your kind advise urgently please the auspicious weekend & public holiday dates for my ROM + wedding banquet during Mar-Jun 2017 (ideal months are Apr - May 2017 though).

Groom: 10 Nov 1980 Monkey
Bride: 25 Nov 1983 Pig

Groom's dad: Apr 1948
Gooms's mum: Jan 1952

Bride's dad: Feb 1943
Bride's mum: May 1951

Many thanks.


hi master tong,

is 03 june an auspicious date for wedd ?

groom : goat 1979
mother & father : goat

bride : tiger 1986
mother : pig 1959
father : tiger 1962


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Hi Master Tong,

As our apartment might be ready earlier by a year, which is 2017, we have to to hold our wedding in 2017.
Both the bride and groom is born in the year of Rooster.

When will be a better date for us to get married in 2017?

Thank you.


Hi Master Tong,

One of my bridesmaid is getting married 1 week before mine. Issit ok for her to be my bridesmaid? (thou she not pan tang).



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Dear Master Tong,

Can you give me good dates for my ROM and actual day in the last quarter (Oct-Dec) of 2017?

Groom: Ox
Bride: Ox

Groom's dad: Dragon
Groom's mum: Rooster

Bride's dad: Rabbit
Bride's mum: Snake

Thank you!


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Hi Rayale

this is the only gd wkend in Dec that dont clash anyone

- 23/12

*Note that this is a general date only and both your Bazi are not taken into consideration. If the bazi is not compatible with the date above, it can still be deemed as inauspicious


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Hi Tingzcrown

yes 3/6/2017 is a general good date for wedding

*Note that this is a general date only and both your Bazi are not taken into consideration. If the bazi is not compatible with the date above, it can still be deemed as inauspicious


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Hi Katejake

these are the general good dates

- 23/9 , 22/10, 5/11, 25/11, 17/12, 23/12

*Note that this is a general date only and both your Bazi are not taken into consideration. If the bazi is not compatible with the date above, it can still be deemed as inauspicious


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Hi Master Tong,

can I check with you if 18th November 2017 will be a good date to hold a wedding dinner and tea ceremony? Below are our details:

Bride's birthdate: 29 nov 1988 (dragon)
Bride's father: 8 Jan 1952 (dragon)
Bride's mother: 17 Mar 1956 (monkey)

Groom's birthdate: 4 nov 1985 (ox)
Groom's father: 6 feb 1960 (rat)
Groom's mother: 13 nov 1961 (ox)

Thank you in advance!



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Hi Fanta8867

only 14th May is a general good date , provided none of your parents is born Goat yr as clashes to Goat that day

APril is qing ming no dates

Hi Master David,

Beside 14 May, Is 19-21 May 2017 a good date for my marriage+banquet? Was thinking to hold on 20 May 2017?
Groom: Monkey (Dad: Rat, Mum: Snake)
Bride: Pig (Dad: Snake, Mum: Rabbit)

Many thanks


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Hi leocel

C-section dates are based on Bazi, and super complicated to choose. It is not simply a good date and time to c-sect. It is about fixing a baby's destiny. U cannot choose a C-section date or time using the tong shu/almanac. This defeats the purpose of a c-sect date.

For c-section dates selection it is part of my consultation service, hence if you are keen can drop me an email. Tks
How much do you charge for C section date based on Bazi? PM me or send me an email for the info. I am interested. Thanks!


Hi Master Tong,

I heard that lunar 6th month is not good for marriage due to the taboo belief of the sixth month being a half-year, therefore implies a half-marriage.
Is that true?
Thank you!


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Hi Master Tong,

Are there scenarios where an auspicious date for marriage falls on a weekday instead of weekend? As in there is really no weekends for one whole year that is suitable for getting married?
Kindly advise as we are worried that our relatives/friends are unable to make it for the tea ceremony/dinner banquet. Thank you.



Our AD is on 18 Dec 2016.

Can we find out the dates for GDL and an chuang?

Also, if our fetch the bride timing is 9am-11am, does it mean that the couple have to reach groom house at 11am or tea ceremony at groom side has to be completed by 11am?

Our details below:
Groom and bride: both are snake 1989
Groom father: rat (1960)
Groom mother: Ox (1961)
Groom brother: tiger (1986)
Bride father: goat (1955)
Bride mother: horse (1954)
Bride brother: rat (1996)


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Hi Master Tong, would like to consult you on the wedding date. We are planning to have our wedding in 2018 as our flat will only be ready by 4Q2017. My zodiac is Dragon. I read that 2018 is the Year of the Dog and it clashes with Dragon. Is it still ok to have our wedding in 2018?

If it is not, is it possible to negate this by having our ROM in 2017 and the Chinese customary n wedding banquet in 2018? Appreciate your advice.

Many thanks!


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Hi Master Tong,

We would like to have our ROM and wedding dinner together on the same day, preferably weekends Q4 of 2017.
Kindly advise if 25 November 2017 is a good date, or is there any alternatives?

Details as follows:

Bride: 12 Nov 1989 (Snake)
Groom: 29 March 1986 (Tiger)

Bride's Mother: Ox 1961
Bride's Father: Horse 1954
Bride's Sister: Rat 1984

Groom's Mother: Monkey 1956
Groom's Father: Pig 1959
Groom's Sister: Rooster 1993
Groom's Brother: Pig 1995

Thank you.