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Hello Meyny,

This pic was taken during their wedding showcase last April. The Atrium Suites as seen from the stage.


I think they set up 12 tables for the showcase, but their min requirement is 15 tables and max 18 tables. I'd say 15 tables will be just nice; 18 tables will be too cramp.


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I'm interested to hold my wedding at MO. The food is great!!

Can anyone please kindly share your package details with me? Would like to know what perks I can bargain for.

My email is [email protected]


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Hihi.. I have signed up with MO for my wedding luncheon and it's this coming June. Any brides are having their banquet around the same period as me?? my coordinator is Bethany.


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Wedding show perks r free waiver of cockage for wines n liquor brought in. Free flow of beer for whole of event. My case is hard to ask for more as I have only 10tables for lunch.
Joey: I too signed up for my pkg during the show, but my AD is Oct 2013...I have been liaising with Sheena, but I dunno if she is my coordinator or will it be someone else?


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It will be her bah. I chk wif eve b4. Unless the person resign. She say she be the one who be coordinating on AD. then she will hand us over to the banquet manager. I met sheena n eve togather b4 the wedding show. Sheena quite nice too. My AD is sept 2013.
Yeah she's nice and very fast in responding to emails...

I am kinda happy tt my banquet and BS are settled...Main things are already settled


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Hi, I'm new here... Anyone care to share the packages from oriental? Looking at abt 25 to 30 tables, AD next dec...
Comparing with Conrad n mandarin orchard.... Any feedback?



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Hi èµµæ• (邵æ•éƒ¡ä¸»),

Saw your another post on MO, that you mentioned that u intending to change the colors of the roses for the love theme. can I check is there any additional charges if we change the color of the roses. Thanks!


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I just started exploring to have wedding lunch in oriental and I am liaising with eve. Just to check for Lunch, will they provide free flow beer? Or do we need to negotiate for it?


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Their package includes free flow of soft drinks only. I signed during wedding showcase, that's y got free flow of beer.


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Thanks Joey. I am trying to get in touch with Eve but she hasnt been replying my emails for the past two days. I still hope the date that I want is available.


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Hi all, I have a mandarin oriental banquet package to let go. It's valid from now till first quarter of 2013. MSG me if u are interested. Willing to give some discount on the deposit paid. Its a good deal



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Hi all,

I have one night weekend stay voucher for two in a Deluxe Room inclusive of buffet breakfast for two at Melt at Mandarin Oriental.

Validity period: 14 July 2012 to 14 January 2013.
(Not applicable on all Black-Out Dates, Public Holidays and eves of Public Holidays).

Selling at $350. Please send me a private message if interested.


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Just sharing my 2 cents worth.

Just had my wedding at Mandarin Oriental singapore for table of 35. Was a very nice experience and would highly recommend MO to anyone looking to host 30-35 tables for the following reasons:

1) value for money for e food as their menu includes cod fish n baby abalone which many guests were v v impressed and happy with.

2) the hotel suite was superb. If u are able to get an upgrade to the harbour view, the whole esplanade n mbs area is in sight
imagine falling aslp n waking up to tt. Hotel service was impeccable too.

3) the banquet team was v professional and helpful. My wife n I were assisted by butler Wan Nee, manager Eve, n banquet captain Tim. They were brilliant!! If poss do ask early for a specific butler as a good one can really put an anxious bride at ease. It's e manager who will put in all e extra bargains for u. W a butler n a experienced banquet captain at hand, ur bros n sis can eat w more ease.

4) huge recep area for e grand ballroom tt opens directly out to e hotel's driveway. Makes guest feels like u hav booked the whole hotel. V grand n atas. Had complimentary piano performance too.

5) under 35 tables u get a long march in which is really long, almost 100m n the tables r spaciously arranged. Not to mentioned each guest has a table plate that remains throughout dinner with the individual portions served on top of it. Feels like fine dining!

::WY & PL::
Hi all, I am considering MO also. But I am looking at smaller no of tables, so it will be the Atrium suites instead of the Oriental ballroom.

Any feedback on Atrium suites please?? Cuz from the pictures, it seems like tables are put in single file i.e. one column of tables down from each side of the stage. so does it feel very narrow and not spacious?? is the march in very long and the last tables very far from stage then?

Greatly appreciate your feedbacks and sharing!!
Hi, could anyone share on the perks given during the MO wedding show last Sep 13? I am in the midst of negotiating with the wedding planner and would like to see if she is able to extend the wedding show perks to me.

Please PM me if you have something to share! Thank you in advance! :)
hello, I am in the midst of negotiating with the wedding planner at MO for a wedding lunch in 2015. could anyone share with me their wedding package which they have signed during the Sep 13 wedding showcase and the perks that were offered? I'm hoping MO could extend their wedding show perks! How do you guys nego for more perks? please PM me if you have something to share! Appreciate your sharing! :)