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Discussion in 'Wedding Banquets' started by alhana, Aug 15, 2000.

  1. galaxyxy

    galaxyxy New Member

    Hi all,

    Could I check whether any of you had your solemnisation at MO? If so where was the venue and how did it go? Would be grateful for some information here. Thanks!

  2. bubble84

    bubble84 New Member

    What would be the current wedding banquet price for Mandarin Oriental? For Saturday lunch? Is there minimum tables for their smallest ballroom? As we plan to hold only 10-15 tables. Please email more information to Thanks!
  3. ohmytego

    ohmytego Member

    Hello! I only have the dinner package details as I'm doing Friday evening. You can just send a request to Mandarin Oriental on their website to enquire the lunch package and they reply quite fast. FYI mine will be at Atrium Suite, min 15 tables.
  4. small_cia

    small_cia New Member

    Hi ohmytego! ;) By any chance have you went down to have a look at the Atrium Suite? I been searching online couldn't really find much images. Do you mind sharing if you have any? =)
  5. ohmytego

    ohmytego Member

    Hi! Yup I did go down to have a look. Unfortunately I didn't take any photos. Yup online not much images and doesn't really portray how small the place is. You imagine its about 3 rooms that opens up into a longitudinal hall. The stage is quite small as well. But event space wasn't a huge concern for me as I wanted to keep it small. So sorry!
  6. Jacq_Jacq

    Jacq_Jacq New Member

    omytego , did you sign up with MO in the end? Not sure how many coordinators there are with MO - but I got into contact with Wen Long.. anyone with experience with him?

    Just joined the forum - glad to see the girls uniting to give each info :)
  7. ohmytego

    ohmytego Member

    Hello and welcome haha yup I did! I'm taking the Atrium Suites on 9/9 dinner. You? My sales coordinator is Tim but according to him, there will be another coordinator liaising with me on AD itself ;)
  8. Reveriie

    Reveriie Member

    I had my solemnisation at MO's poolside in Jan and it was quite nice. But it was weird, because the guests of the hotel who are using the pool will tune in to your event. Lol! And then I got the Ballroom at night for the Banquet.

    Let me know what else you would like to know. I will try to help you :)
  9. Demisnail

    Demisnail Member

    Mandarin Oriental Dinner Banquet Review

    Hi all! Went for a ~35 table banquet dinner recently and had a very good experience with the service staff.

    I was very pleased that all the food served was piping hot! When there is a slight delay (which means other tables have been served but not yours) they will kindly inform us that the food is on its way.
    As for the drinks, they constantly came over to top the Chinese tea and change your glass of cold drink to a new glass should the ice melt away. That was a very nice gesture.

    Hmm.. I felt very rushed when I was having the dinner, not too sure if it's due to very attentive staff or lack of time :D
    My plates were cleared immediately after I had the last morsel of my portion, and left with no plates to eat with.... even though there were still food left on the lazy susan as we didn't have a full table.

    I feel that the food has somewhat dropped in standard, not too sure if it is because of repeated exposure (no longer the first time) to MO's food, felt very queasy/jerlat after the dinner.

    MO is definitely a very popular pick as you are guaranteed to have very tasty and high quality banquet dishes but it might become boring to your guests as they most probably would have attended a wedding there before. I wrote this sentence because this was what I experienced when I was doing my venue hunting, quite a number of people recommended me MO and even myself and my partner have attended a banquet there before.

    Hope you all find this useful :)
  10. Ruixin1

    Ruixin1 New Member

    To Let Go: Mandarin Oriental Hotel Wedding Lunch Package (from now till December 2016)


    We are letting go our wedding lunch package for Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Oriental Ballroom (min 25 tables) at a discounted $500 deposit.

    The dates available for selection are from now to end of Dec 2016, depending on the availability of the ballroom.

    If you're interested, feel free to PM me or email me at for more details. Thank you.
  11. lauratong

    lauratong New Member

    Hi there! Anyone with Saturday night dinner package at atrium suites? Could I trouble you to share your package with me? Looking to sign soon as I really love the vibe of the hotel!
  12. ohmytego

    ohmytego Member

    Hi everyone! I just held my dinner banquet at Atrium Suites, last Friday evening on 09/09.
    Want to share my experience here :)

    Atrium Suites is essentially like 3 huge conference rooms (Atrium 1 to 3) opened up and can fit 17 + 1 table, and that 1 table is usually left empty (or reserved).
    However we filled up all 18 table with 5 tables taking up the last Atrium so it can be quite a squeeze and it was a bit difficult to move around in my gown during the table-to-table photo-taking.
    Guests at the back may also find it difficult to see the screen in front when there is montage being played. There are no screens at the side.
    Our march-in was from the second door (Atrium 2) so it was quite a short walk but that was what we wanted, so for couples who want a long march-in, this may not be for you.

    One common feedback we got from the guests were that the plates were cleared too quickly and there wasn't enough time to enjoy the food, so we highlighted this to the coordinator.
    Future btbs here may want to remind them again not to clear too soon :)

    As expected, everyone loved the food. We didn't have any rice or noodles and dessert was chocolate cake :D
    The most well-received was the cod fish cuz it was quite a big portion and individually plated.

    After everything, there was a butler who send up the food that we missed to the bridal suite, all warmed up.
    We wiped clean everything haha.

    I don't have much complaints; I'm pretty easy :D
    I just choose the décor from the themes available. Simple and kind of plain but its ok for me.

    Love the bridal suite and service is top-notch; from the doorman to housekeeper!
    Everyone is so friendly and greets you with a smile.
    We also enjoyed the complimentary buffet breakfast at Melt Café tremendously; available till 10.30am.

    Strongly recommend Tim, the assistant manager of event management.
    Always polite, friendly, prompt in his replies, would see to our requests and tries his best in fulfilling them.
    He was a huge help and a reason why our banquet planning was so smooth.

    Good luck to those planning their wedding! I'm glad mine is finally over :D
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  13. happypotato

    happypotato Member

    Hi All, any BTB signed up at their showcase recently (end Oct)? I would like to know more about the perks offered, please email me (
    Thanks in advance!
  14. laroon

    laroon New Member

    Hey, can someone who signed up with MO during the road show please PM me with the perks offered? I would like to have it as reference while negotiating with my coordinator. Thanks!
  15. Livia Tan

    Livia Tan New Member

    anyone can share the additional perks you were given? i'm going to sign a sunday dinner package of 30+ tables with them. want to check if i can ask for more. pm me if it's not convenient to say here.
    thanks :)
  16. Happyfood

    Happyfood Member

    Hi all,

    Appreciate the help if you all can pm me the perks for easier negotiation. Thanks!
  17. heyjoy

    heyjoy New Member

    I have gotten quote from Mandarin Oriental for our Sat lunch banquet -- their garden suite can also do about 10 tables onwards, apart from the atrium suite that handles ~15 tables.
  18. Readygetsetgo

    Readygetsetgo New Member

    One of the key reasons for Mandarin Oriental is their food. I've attended more then 10 weddings there and the food never failed!
  19. minuet12

    minuet12 New Member

    Hi gals,

    I'm also interested in the perks offered at the wedding show. Could someone who attended the show before kindly PM me with the perks offered? Thanks much in advance!
  20. ezfashion

    ezfashion New Member

  21. mysticwind

    mysticwind New Member

    Hi. Grateful if anyone c an send me their package and perks. I’m looking at MO lunch min 25 tables. pls.

    Heard that MO is not stingy with their perks. Hope to be able to nego better. Thanks in advance!
  22. Jesta

    Jesta New Member

    Anyone looking at MO for 2018? Was impressed with the Garden Suite but rather pricey. Wedding coordinator is Alina, impression so far is she's friendly but could have been more professional. Anyone had experience of her as your wedding coordinator? Can share?
  23. MJ_Chua

    MJ_Chua New Member

    Am looking at the atrium suite for next year Jan. dealing with Elena Ong, not sure whether is the Alina that u r referring. So far we found very comfortable with Elena and very professional to deal with
  24. tellingyouthetruth

    tellingyouthetruth New Member

    Hi i have signed up with Alina for atrium suites. yes she's friendly but slow reply or no reply once she clinched the deal. you gotta chase for it.
  25. Jesta

    Jesta New Member

    That's the same feeling I have, she was rather slow in replying when I enquired about the contract she proposed. She's also rather inflexible and strict on the negotiation . Kind of worried her service would be bad after signing the deal :(
  26. Jesta

    Jesta New Member


    I think they are different.
  27. MJ_Chua

    MJ_Chua New Member

    Oh! Mine is Elena Ong that is the senior manager that actually very kind enuff to suggest us some Money saving tips

  28. tellingyouthetruth

    tellingyouthetruth New Member

    most of the time you gotta be hands on and compile all the questions you have at one message to her. if u ask her everytime u think of a question. she would prolly ignore! well~~~. zzzz
  29. Jesta

    Jesta New Member

    Good to hear that! Mine is supposed to be assistant director, so was expecting better service. Enjoy your experience as a MO bride! The food is really good!
  30. Jesta

    Jesta New Member

    Hmm... I did compile all my questions but well... I'll see how it goes, maybe ask for change of wedding coordinator.
  31. tellingyouthetruth

    tellingyouthetruth New Member

    when is your wedding? if it's too near mybe just forget it. mine is quite near. so i'll just have to bear with it.
  32. Jesta

    Jesta New Member

    Mine is
    Mine is also quite near. Anyway let's just enjoy the process and make the best out of it! Congrats and good luck! :)
  33. MJ_Chua

    MJ_Chua New Member

    U mean the Alina is assistant director?
    Think i have to reserve my previous gd review on Elena.
    Two of the previous perks that she actually promised me, when comes to signing contract stage, one she said she couldnt offer anymore and one she she said she has to check on that.

    Its kind of dissapointing service as we decide on mo is mainly due to these 2 perks.
  34. MJ_Chua

    MJ_Chua New Member

    Luckily, Elena managed to rectify the problems soon. :)
  35. Jesta

    Jesta New Member

    That's gd to hear! By right they should bot change the terms of contract anymore.
  36. glorybreath

    glorybreath New Member

    Hi, can anyone share the additional perks offered? I'm planning a Sunday Dinner ~28 tables. Woud like to know if we are able to nego for more.
    Thanks in advance! :)
  37. tellingyouthetruth

    tellingyouthetruth New Member

    get extra night of bridal suites stay. that worth sbout $300.
  38. yanyanLYL

    yanyanLYL New Member

    My coordinator is Elena too. She seems a bit slower when it comes to emailing. I had to contact her first even after our meeting to discuss the package. Now waiting for her to send the contract. I hope this is normal.

    How did she rectify the problem?
  39. nitexowl

    nitexowl New Member

    Hi, I emailed MO through their main email but didn't receive any reply. Wonder if anyone can recommend a coordinator for me to contact? Thanks!!
  40. yanyanLYL

    yanyanLYL New Member

    I booked my wedding with MO a fee months back. Im very happy with the everything so far. I can recommend you my coordinator, elena! She's been very helpful.
  41. nitexowl

    nitexowl New Member

    Thanks, yanyanLYL :) Can you PM her contact/email to
  42. Jenjen81

    Jenjen81 New Member

    Need to let go wedding lunch package for 2019. Would there be anyone who would be interested?
  43. Vangelyn

    Vangelyn New Member

    Hi, could you please pm me the details?

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