House Moving (movers) Company - Any recommendation?


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Never ever use RTF Mover, lousy service and request for more money! Anyhow threw things on the floor! Didnt wrap the stuff properly at all.


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Here's some tips for home owners looking for house movers,
always get at least 3 quote to compare market price, DO NOT believe instant quote that's "verbally" promised over the phone....
a good house mover will insist on-site visits, because they will give u an initial assessment to check whether your stuff is too many or just nice... bulky and fragile stuff also a factor to take into consideration....

My crystal chandelier is super ex, so i dont want anybody to damage it, so i do my homework before anyone can move my house!...

Lastly, i choose to move my house with although they may not be the cheapest one... But!! they are very professional and meticulous... they insisted on-site visit and promised no gimmick quote... they bubble wrap my fragile items, and place it nicely into carton boxes as per my request... AND most importantly handle my stuff and new house with care.

they also asked me to carry my valuable belongings with me and my 2 precious little pet... overall 10/10 for their service rendered :D

mummy ng

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I use Moo Movers for moving house for four years already due to rental flat and company need delivery guys they are professional without fail and William the handyman really did a good job for helping me dismantle a very heavy dining table with no scratches . Can try using his service call William @ 93475339


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We had moved 3 times and hope this is the last! I used Rodex Movers on my wife's sister recommendation. Very professional and efficient. i was quoted $600 for moving everything! It was the cheapest of the 3 quotes i got. I was assigned 6 movers and everyone involved was extremely courteous. I had three beds 2 wardrobes 6 seater dining table 5 seater sofa, washer dryer fridge and 50 boxes. They had to make 2 trips. It was really a good deal and the movers protect every single piece of furniture. Definitely recommend them.


try ah peng 9670 1824 . he helped us some years back and his team was good. the furnitures were nicely wrapped


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I would be shifting to my new place at the end of the year. I'll be engaging the services of a house moving company and would be looking around for a reliable company. Anyone got any recommendation? There would be a number of sizeable items involved eg. TVs, washing machine, chest of drawers, beds etc.., Heard its quite competitive nowadays.
Hi lonewolf
Please send me the contact of the mover that
hi, i know of someone who does moving and at a very affordable rate... recommanded a few friends to them and they are please with their service...
i'll post their contact here shortly...

Hi Alpha
Appreciate if you can send me the contact of your recommendation. My email [email protected]. Thanks!
Well just to put everyone at ease. I engaged the house mover recommended by alpha and I have to say that I'm happy with their service.

No hidden cost was involved coz they would come down to survey the items you had to move and give you a black and white quotation. So no possibility of dispute.

Hi lonewolf
Appreciate if you can send me the contact that Alpha's recommendation. My email [email protected]. Thank you!
Will be moving next week.


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Hi all, I called up Jimmy 9271-6042 last week to help me move my things to my new home. I must say that they are very good. 2 chinese guys, they were very efficient and very careful with my stuff. And the price is pretty fair too. SGD100 for 20++ boxes + computer table + misc stuff. For every item they moved in, they will ask me where I want it placed. The whole process was less than 1 hour. My hubby and I were both very impressed and happy with their work

This is the 3rd time (and hopefully my last) I have used house movers, found the first 2 through Straits Time Classified. I had much lesser things then but they charged me more than $100. First time was 3 foreign workers, they were very "cho lo", broke one of my bookshelfs legs... and they just dumped my things at the living room. 2nd time was a chinese guy, also just dump my things on at the living room...


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Hi Alpha and Lonewolf

I will be shifting next month. do you mind sending me the contact of the recommended mover please?

Thanks a million.


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You can consider Helping Hands. Responsible and efficient. Basically they are a non-profit organization that gave the ex-offenders a second chance. You can do a Google search on them, there are loads of good review. Richard is the guy to talk to +65 9111 4797


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If you would be shifting to my new place at the end of the year. I suggest you that you can freely contact at V.S. Mover. VS Mover is one of the best mover services. The V.S. Movers & Logistic now have excellent expertise in a wide range of services as Commercial Moving, Professional Household Relocation, Loading of Containers and Disposal of Bulky Items.
You can contact - +65 6423 1030 / +65 9754 5757 .


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You can find Pegasus at 8822 7078 . You can quote reference from Bernice. I have used his service 3x.. very good service as items all carefully wrapped.. and no breakage..


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Hi ,

share a Bad experience with this mover : I stored my furnitures, appliances and stuffs in boxes with VS Movers & Logistic Pte Ltd when I moved last year. After storing in the their warehouse for about 1 year or so, they moved my stuffs on 21 Jan 2019 to my new house. To my horror, they LOST MY LEATHER SOFA, DENTED MY FRIDGE and LOST 1 of the BOXES. Since till date, they still have not compensate for my losses. During the move to my new place, I discovered some of the stuffs that they moved to my place does not belong to me and they didn’t realize at all. I still have to tell them those stuffs doesn’t belong to me. I think my sofa was moved by their mistakes to other people’s house instead . What a joke! The sofa is so big yet they can lost it. Spoken to the sales in charge and he told me that the company will not be responsible for the losses as their workers(movers) will be the one accountable. What nonsenses are these excuses? And the workers that moved my things to the warehouse have left the company too. So now who is going to pay for my losses? I felt like my sofa was stolen instead. My horrible experience with this moving company :VS Movers & Logistic Pte Ltd !☹️☹️