Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel


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Hi Ladies,

Can I check with you whether you have a wedding theme? Like colour theme for your banquet? I got the table liner sample from the coordinator but the color really yucks! haiz.. dunno wat to do lei.... =(


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anyone here actually did their solemnization at grand copthorne? can share your experience?

My solemnization will be in Dec 2010, paid deposit with them earlier this year to secure the date. My coordinator was sheena, but she had aldready left the hotel shortly after we paid deposit and sign contract.

Now i feel like we are not heading in any direction. called the hotel to ask for the new coordinator's name and email. Emailed her for one month already, still no reply. Then I emailed the catering departments str away, also no reply. Didnt receive any mails telling me that my emails are bounce too.

Somehow, I think we should not have placed our deposit so early, like totally no follow up on the part of the hotel at all. Guess I've to find some time to give them a call to check what's happening soon...

Anyone had similar experience, can share also?
twlgrace, did Sheena call & inform u that she is leaving? She called me up & follow up with an email before she left. I was transfered to another co-ordinator till e new one come onboard. However, at tat pt of time, no 1 came onboard, so i have contacted & met up with e alternative co-ordinator as my AD is next month.

I think u can call e hotel & request to speak to someone who can help.


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Hi Jolene & Eve!

Sheena did inform us on the day that we signed the contract that she was leaving.

The coordinator I emailed recently was Xuanning. Anyway, another manager (Elizabeth), gave me a call this afternoon after she saw my post here

I was told a new manager coming on board next week and she will contact me once she settles down. More assured now. So now I just sit back and relax till she calls me


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my coordinator jeremy also left the hotel. no one inform us until i called and they say xuan ning is taking over..
somehow make us so lost as we got to mention to her the details again.


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Am Extremely Disappointed with this hotel and i totally regretted my choice here.

You will not expect someone with such a High position in the hotel communicates to you with such a rude tone.

yes - the ballroom looks nice, but the whole service experience is way opposite and i know for such i will never want to step foot in again nor will i recommend my friends.

Anyway interested to know the story? im more than willing to share, u may PM me.

In fact, i want to write in to the ST Forum.


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Hello Ezann,

Could you share your experience with me? And could you let me know which coordinators are good / not good etc..? As i am holding my wedding in 2011 in GCW.. My email is [email protected]

Thank you!


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Hi everyone,

We are keen on GCW cos the ballroom is really nice. We are planning on a Sunday and we realised the menus is quite diff from those on weekend. Can anyone advise if the food looks and taste very "normal"?

Also, I heard that they do individual plating, is it true?

Hope to hear from you guys. Thanks!
kotaroger, i jus had my wedding last mth with GCW..
The GCW has 3 menu: mon-thur/fri & sat/sun..
I think the main diff between fri & sun menu is the type of fish served..

According to my guests, the food was gd, if you wld like to see the pics of the food, actually u can request from the co-ordinator.. Hubby & I were suprised that the fish tasted gd,kinda diff from other hotels.. We ate the chicken the next day, still ok, not too dry..

I dun think they are doing individual plating.. For the VIP they distribute the food at a side table.. For the guests table, some dishes (fish/sharkfin/dessert) they will serve, e rest they let the guests self serve..
kotaroger, welcome..
the menu:
-Chinese and Japanese Combination Platter (there is prawn cocktail as well, but i chose steam prawn in one of e dishes so dun wan duplicate we take e mix platter)
-Braised Shark’s Fin with Crabmeat, Shredded Top Shell and Harsma (they might warn u this is will look starchy due to the Harsma)
-Roasted Crispy Chicken topped with Deep-fried Garlic and Curry Leaves (GCW Signature dish)
-Steamed Fresh Tiger Prawns with Chinese Herbs in Bamboo Basket (tis one look more presentable compare to e rest of e 3 dishes)
-Braised Baby Abalone and Sea Cucumber with Garden Greens(think sun menu is topshell instead of whole abalone)
-Steamed Fresh Promfret with Preserved Vegetables and Chilli (sun menu only gt sea bass,sat menu can chose promfret or gauropa)
-Fried Glutinous Rice wrapped in Beancurd Skin served with Mixed Salad
-Sweetened Yam Paste with Gingko Nuts & Pumpkin Syrup (sun menu onli gt one dessert think is quail egg with Osmanthus Syrup which i think dun taste nice,cos e staff accidently send extra dessert on top of my yam paste to my suite)

The food was ok, so no worries..


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Hi Kotaroger and other BTBs interested in GCWH as a venue for wedding banquets,

I had my wedding dinner at GCWH in Sep too.

From guests' feedback, the food was gd. So no worries on the food

I chose the following menu for Sat:
1) Prawn cocktail with mixed fruits in honeydew melon cup combination platter
2) Same as Jolene
3) Same as Jolene
4) Stir fried fresh scallops with macadamia nuts in spicy Szechuan sauce
5) Same as Jolene
6) Steamed fresh garoupa with black fungus and presevered vegetables (fish was good!)
7) Same as Jolene (most of my guests love this dish)
8) Double boiled snow jelly, quail eggs with lotus seeds in osmanthus syrup (unique combination; refreshing concept for guests)

For those who are concerned abt pillars in the Waterfront Ballroom, you can use your own videocam & tripod stand and get a friend to coordinate the live feedback during banquet. No need to engage specalists to do it.

The reception area of Waterfront Ballroom is spacious and allows guests to move around and interact.

JM florist engaged by the Hotel was good. Just be more pro-active in making appts/requests. The boss is a busy person but she is really friendly and helpful.

Tdragoncards engaged by the Hotel was good too. Good service. No worries in getting your cards printed there (unless you are comparing prices to JB).

The GCWH staff - coordinator, banquet managers & audio/visual technician etc - provided very good service. If there is one thing that they should improve - other hotels probably face the same problem - service of waiters/waitresses. I believe most of them are temp and inexperienced. In my case, my wedding went uneventful at GCWH!

Glad that I had chosen GCWH


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Hi gals...thanks for sharing your experience on GCW. My fiance and myself are still considering if we should hold our banquet there coz it's kinda ex...min. 40 tables,weekday menu...

Heard that the service and food there is not as good as before but we really like the Grand Ballroom. Do you guys have any advice or experience to share?