Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel


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Hi Fanny, thanks for the advice, will pay special attention to test run the montage.

For those who just had your wedding at GCW, did you use the hotel's background music or did you compile your own list of songs?

Also, I haven't chosen the wedding favours. Anyone care to share what GCW offers?


Hi Irene. The music issue really quite strict also. What I did is to use one cd for background for the first half and another cd for second half. Then my childhood montage I make without music then use cd to play the song at the same time. A bit troublesome cos must troubleshoot a few times to make sure it's synchronize properly. As for my video highlights the videographer took care of it so not an issue .

For the wedding favours , we chose playing cards and mug. Then others hot oven gloves, coffee stirrer, car hanger like decoration, shot glass, letter opener. Think abt all.


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i had my wedding on 16 march...quite far reviews from diff guests abt the food..some say very nice, some said so-so, some said no standard... so i think it depends on personal taste buds...

i chose mugs and p0ker cards as well... and i can see my guests playing the cards n drinking as penalties.. they were enjoying because the p0ker cards entertained them while eating too...

i did not have background music because i engaged 3piece band to sing...1st & 2nd march in used hotel's original songs...

chris chua the banquet manager was very helpful and friendly...just leave everyhing to him and he will settle for you..

i did not have any issues with the projector.....


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Yup.. mine will be tomorrow.. hopefully everything goes well..

we went to test the AV system and projector 2 times.. hope it's fine..


hi jere's wife: had interact with chris chua before during the av testing. he really is very responsible. so realliy no worries for those who have him.

so good u have no issues with the projector..

deerixp: enjoy ur day~~ it will really pass by very fast


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I am now in the midst of engaging a videographer. I intend to put my express highlight but after hearing about how strict GWC is, I am really worried. I don't like the idea of playing the video without song nor the idea of video without song than play CD together. Because this is really risky, what if it can't syn?

Can I buy the CD is I were to put it up in the monatge? As least it shows that it is not downloaded. Sigh.. I called my coordinator but she suggested what I mentioned above and asked me to call COMPASS. Don't seem to be addressing the problem le..

So how are you all going to tackle this issue?


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I checked COMPASS' website and it stated $50 for wedding functions. It didnt state whether it's per song or for the entire event. neither did it state the kind of venue.

but if its $50 to solve the entire prob, im willing to pay but of course need to check with them first.

read Today yesterday and they are in discussion with the PG n VG.. its gonna be a substantial increase in fees if thye pay for the license.. =/


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hi all!

im considerin gcw too

im a btb on 09 10 2011.
eddie the weddin coordinator have e-mailed mi with the latest package for weddin in 2011
its veri disappointin cos of the menu..

i wld like to hear wat u all think too..
menu vs price

im considerin mandarin oriental cos of the very very delicious menu n great service

for faster reply my email is
[email protected]

let mi noe who wans the lastest package fr GCW


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yah... i agree that GCW's package is nothing impressive... bf and i initially wanted marriott... they offer alot of stuffs... free flow of beer, 1 wine per table, 2 nights stay... GCW cant give any of that.. but when we calculate e budget, GCW is still cheaper even if we add on those that marriott is giving us... however i feel tat Eddie's service is not very impressive... he's ok lor... ha! coz i go for service 1st...

what do yall think?

clint: i've only been to e grand ballroom for my sis' wedding... u looking at a smaller room?


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Hi Rebeana,i also in the midst of engaging a VG & PG.They also suggested to play on a CD player together with the video clip.But i told them is too risky.I'm so upset as i already have songs in my minds for the march in and etc.Gotten the songs lists fro Eddie,but all my fav songs not in lists.This rule causes us so many pros.Sianzz i find it weird if play a video w/o a song.


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Snowhite, don't be so upset. Playing the song in a separate CD player during montage is okay, as long as you don't embed the songs. Likewise, playing march-in music and background music from original CDs also doesn't violate any rules cos the hotel has already paid for blanket license.


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snowhite, my AD is in end-May this year, I'm also affected by this copyright issue but take it easy loh... no point getting too upset with things that are beyond our control.


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I agree with u irene,if not we will be having endless worries.haha i think now u will be so excited counting down towards yr BIG Day.How's everythings?


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Hi everyone i'm new gcw btb. Jus signed contract wif them last week, my bf & I love the grandballroom esp the garden part which my coordinator show us. As we saw is during the day so quite curious the effect at night... Anyone has comment or see before for the garden part?
My AD is on July 2011. Do u guys think I'm too kiasu to book so early?;)


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Hi Mindy, congratulations! I just signed up last week too! It is better to book early! My AD is in Feb 11 and the grand ballroom is already taken when we considered gcw.


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Thanks nana.. Also congrat u too!
actually my initial AD is March but all wkend bookings for grandballroom is taken up
so bo bian re-check auspicious dates again then end up choose July. So long wait to my big day... Did u go last Sunday wedding workshop? My coordinator told me a real wedding setup is done on tat day. I miss it cos sick.


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Wedding Package to Let go

Details of banquet:
Date: 29th Oct 2010 (Fri)
Room: Grand Ball Room (40 tables)

Deposit: $5000 (negotiable.)

Others: i had a$688 rebate (had this gd deal cos signed up durng wedding fair) and also alot more perks.

Please pm me for more details.


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hi all..

Anyone had signed the banquet during wedding show before? Could you please share with me what are the usual perks in the wedding show?



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Hi Julia, I just had my wedding @GCW Waterfront Ballroom in end-May. I may post some pics in here when my AD photos are ready.

The feedback we've gotten for the food are generally positive. Many relatives and friends commented that their food were good. One of my friends specifically singled out the desserts (Sweetened taro cream with sago and lotus seeds) as yummy and special. My father-in-law, on the other hand, said it was too watery to his liking.

However, I do receive some negative comments with regards to the service:
- Food was not piping hot.
- The fish meat was kinda smashed after the service person divided the fish into portions.
- A friend was eating her shark fin soup when the lights dimmed for our entrance. When the lights came back again, she found her shark fin soup gone! The friend sitting beside told her that the waitress came over to take the food away and her action was so swift that the friend was not quick enough to stop her. And that became the joke of the night for that table.
- Another friend from the same table also almost gotten her plate cleared when she lifted her bowl from it. So, my friends from that table had to "protect their food well" throughout the night. However, they did not reflect this problem to anyone on that night (although we have appointed some friends as QC representatives whose job was to help escalate any problems/complaints to the banquet manager).
- When a friend requested for a small fork for her daughter, she was told by the waitress they've run out of small fork. The problem was feedback to the banquet manager there and then. After which, the banquet manager personally delivered the fork to her.

Feedback forms were given out by the hotel towards the end of the banquet. Some people thought it was a good gesture as it shows that the hotel do care about guests' experiences.

Despite the few hiccups as mentioned above, our overall experience with the hotel is a pleasant one. Our wedding coordinator (Jeremy) had been accommodating and easy to work with. Our banquet manager for the night was also friendly and listened attentively to our requests during the briefing before the banquet. The General Manager of the hotel popped by to take a look before the banquet starts, shook our hands and congratulated us before our 1st march-in. The service persons holding the doors would smile at us and ask us to relax and smile while we were standing-by, ready for our march-ins... Last but not the least, my hb still misses the bridal suite till today.


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Can share with us how much per table cost and whether the banquet package includes free flow beer / wine? And how many nights of stay in the bridal suite? Any pictures for the bridal suite?
Hi Irene,

Which ballroom did you use?

Do share the pics with us when u have it..

btw,did u have an upgrade for the bridal suite? becos i rem during the bridal show, e suite they show me was quite small.. but come with bridal bedsheets deco tats all...


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thomas > ours was $888 per table with free-flow beer and 2 bottles of wine per table, 1 night stay in the bridal suite and 1 night stay for helpers in the superior room (which we converted to utilise on our 1st anniversary). On top of that, we had 1 free table as we did not go for food-tasting and had $688 off total bill due to lucky dip during the bridal show.

However, I don't think anyone should use our package as a basis for comparison/bargaining if you haven't made your booking. I understand that the rates has increased since then and I learned from my coordinator that they are no longer offering such perks.

Jolene > We used the Waterfront Ballroom. No, we didn't go for an upgrade. 1 week before our AD, we requested to take a look at the bridal suite. Our coordinator brought us to one on the 25th storey. It was rather smallish and looked kinda gloomy. Since we didn't have any expectations before that so we just accepted it. However on the AD, we were brought to the 29th storey. The actual bridal suite we had was definitely more spacious, looked brighter and cheery. So we were very pleased with it.

I received a PM regarding the pillars in the Waterfront Ballroom and asking if livefeed was necessary.
This thing was bugging me too... until 2 days prior to my AD, I had a discussion with my VG. Was told that since the ballroom is not a long one and we did not fill the room up to its max. capacity, livefeed is not really necessary. Furthermore, our wedding planner had been helping us to arrange the tables in such a way that blockage is minimised. So we did not go for livefeed and did not receive any complaint from guests about blocked view.

Hope it helps
HI Irene, foreget which level they brought us to during e show. Thanks for the info..

Oh sorry, 1 more question how is e flora deco? any prob with that?


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Hi Jolene, the flora deco is okie, we have no problem with them. Btw, we liase with an Indian guy instead of the lady boss.


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Hi Irene

I had my wedding at waterfront ballroom too. No matter how they adjust the table it will still be blocked. Having the videographer do the livefeed is real simple. they just need to bring their own cable and connect. After ur match in and toasting or cake cutting he can just remove the cable and move around with u. Its really so much better with LIVEFEED.


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hihi ladies jus wanna share these two pics i took at my fren's recent weddin on 4jul2010

the ballroom is very spacious
nice backdrop
the only thing is the food.. the standard is veri "zhe char"
shark's fin is pretty tasteless
the fish taste of maggi mee seasonin

service was very gd! of cos mos of em were PRC but they can speak english



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hi gin
yes i did
he is very nice, comical and friendly!

he even advised us nt to sign 1st (in feb) as there was a weddin show comin up in apr (which is over) with alot more perks!

althou at last we didnt choose GCW he still called us and follow up lk hw he cld improve
which is sweet cos the problem wasnt wif him we jus prefer oriental tts all


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How long is the march in? I found a song that I like to use for my march in song but it's only about 1.47mins. Is it too short. Dun tnk it's enough for me to march on and go up stage pour champagne right ? Hmmm

Hi Yumsoup,

Who was ur wedding cooridnator?
Can share with me ur package? I am going to the wedding show this sun.

Envisage06 at