Grand Banquet at Hotel Royal @ Queens


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Wedding day blackout
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Crystal Chan | The New Paper | Mon Dec 21 2009
Wedding day blackout
Due to a power outage at the Hotel [email protected], the wedding banquet turned into a buffet.

Singapore, December 21, 2009 - THEIR big day turned into a big embarrassment. All because of a power outage at the Hotel [email protected] in Bras Basah, where Mr and Mrs Lin were supposed to hold their wedding dinner on Saturday.

Some of the 200 guests who arrived early waited up to two hours in the dark and stuffy Chinese restaurant, before they were diverted to the affiliated Hotel Royal on Newton Road.

There, a buffet replaced the original multi-course dinner as the kitchen staff were unable to cook up a storm, given the short notice.

Shark’s fin was on the original menu.

But fried ee-fu noodles was served in the end.

Mrs Lin, who did not want to give her full name, told Shin Min Daily News that some guests arrived as early as 6pm, although the banquet in the hotel’s Fu Lin Men Chinese Restaurant was to start only at 7.30pm.

She knew that a power outage had occurred at 5.30pm, but did not see any workers fixing the problem.

As the lights in her hotel room could not be turned on, Mrs Lin could not apply make-up. In the end, the make-up artist took her to the corridor where there is light to doll her up, reported Shin Min.

Mrs Lin said torchlights had to be used and guests were sitting in darkness in the restaurant. Some guests became so uncomfortable without the air-conditioning that they walked out of the restaurant.

At 8pm, hotel staff announced that as they were unable to restore the power supply, the banquet would be moved to Hotel Royal. Some guests made their way there, only to find the food was not ready.

One guest said: “The staff at [email protected] told us a buffet would be prepared in the other hotel. But when we got there, only bread was available.â€

When reporters arrived at Hotel Royal at 9.30pm on Saturday, hotel staff were heating up bread to relieve the guests’ hunger. The buffet was not ready.

It was only around 10pm that the buffet spread was laid out.

By then, guests were unhappy with the dishes and the delay.

One guest fumed: “It’s no different from an ordinary meal in a restaurant. With the food ready only at 10pm, our dinner had turned to supper.â€

To the newly weds’ dismay, the four-tier wedding cake that they requested was not available for the substitute dinner.

Mrs Lin said: “Not only did we not have a wedding cake, but we also didn’t get to toast our guests. It’s so unforgettable and embarrassing.

“I have not thought about seeking compensation from the hotel. I just want an explanation.â€

Her husband said he is unhappy as he has not received a satisfactory explanation from the hotel.

Hotel employees told The New Paper yesterday that the main power source had failed and that guests who had checked in were transferred to Hotel Royal on Newton Road for the night.

One of the staff members said: “We were able to make the arrangements because the hotels are sister establishments. But there wasn’t enough time to prepare another banquet at Hotel Royal.â€

Power restored

The hotel was unable to say how many guests were affected, but confirmed that power at Hotel [email protected] was restored at 2pm yesterday.

Another family holding a birthday celebration in another function room was more understanding.

The Chens were celebrating their mother’s 80th birthday when the power went out.

Mr Chen, 58, a sales manager said that while his family understood the hotel had not expected the outage to happen, they hoped to be compensated.

Like the Lins, the Chens were diverted to Hotel Royal but the food there was below their expectations.

But they went ahead with the birthday celebrations as they had prepared a cake and birthday peaches.

When told about the complaints, hotel employees told The New Paper they could not comment further as their general manager has gone on a working trip.


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actually not the first time that the place received negative feedback.. been there once for wedding dinner.. aircon not working!!! got leakage of water from ceiling....



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not forgetting food is really nothing to shout about.. i would rather go for $30/pax buffet option where the food is nicer... if you are deciding a church wedding


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haha for me fated ba...
i book this hotel initially but later due my husband oversea posting... we delay our wedding plan and give up the whole packages...

i have a few buddies have their wedding there...
overall still okie as value for the money they pay ba...


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dun know... my mentality.. if you want to host wedding dinner, make sure food is decent... up till today, i still can't forget how horrible the food tasted... literally no one was snatching food... end of every dish, still got quite a lot of food left... bearing in mind, most of us rushed directly after work. it was a friday wedding that started at 9pm...

the worst wedding dinner food i had... sorrie to be blunt... i will always rem how lousy the food is..


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if its not for my good friend, i would have bao much less...

i knew the exact price packaging from the website... if say everyone bao $60, the couple still earn like $3 from a person. for sure will earn one... can even pay for honeymoon trip

for me, i am hope to just break even or at most top up a few k only..


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There was a wedding there last sunday...

Weixiang, no offense, would just like to note that by keep reiterating how bad your experience was, is not very helpful to those who have already booked FLM for their weddings.

No doubt, your experience could be truly unpleasent and you have every right to air your opinions here. But, please spare a thought to those who have confirmed this place. Also, giving your opinions in a more objective manner will be more useful to those who are considering their choice of banquet venue.

To add on, comments on FLM seems to ok so far.


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Acutally, i agree with Ellen
Cos i have been there 2 time for wedding dinner in Dec 2009...
Can say consider the overall is gd....
And not everyone can afford big hotel so FLM is oki


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agree with ellen, weixiang pls be tactful and sensitive with your posts here, there are many FLM customers here too. Sharing of experience is ok, repeatedly badmouthing them is not. It only puts urself in a bad light.


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He probably comes here to cheong post counts. Sibei naggy.

He's also at the geomancer thread there to give advice. Hahaha.. sibei paisey when the geomancer didn't even give a hoot for his numerous "help". Hahaha... o_O


And I tot I was trying to be polite by asking him to tone down on his comments... yup... maybe one day bridezilla will bite back at him...

So I maintain my stand, we do all we can within our budget to have a decent wedding each of us want.

Not everyone can have everything. It might take a lot for certain couples to just throw a dinner at FLM or any other places not considered "good enough" but if friends and relatives are there t be happy for them, i think that would be great enough.

I have once seen a dinner held at the community centre with the happiest bunch of guests I have ever seen... everyone was having lots of fun.

So please weixiang, consider other peoples' feelings.

Chilli-in-ketchup: you are referring to David Tong rite... oops I dont even address him as Master... I guess respect dont have to come from how I address him but rather shown through other methods.

The poor BTB who got "insulted" as trying to scrimp.


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Blur btb: I have already started to address him as David, when I met him on Monday to help me check out the feng shui of the flat that I was eyeing.

He said the feng shui is generally ok, so we have bought and signed the documents on Tue.

He's about my age, so I am sure he might feel more comfortable if I address him by his name.


To add on, i think since it is your good friend, perhaps, just be graceful about it... doing up the exact calculation of the profit he might make from S$3 per person is damn insulting... I feel for your friend...

I will be truly hurt if my gd friends at the wedding goes around saying that they have funded my honeymoon by contributing to the S$3


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actually i give my buddies who held their dinner at FLM over $100+++ cos i know wedding is stress as i am also planning for my ad....

If my gd friend,i will support/ help them by giving more AngBao....


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Blur btb: We have no idea what exactly he's trying to prove. Harping on the same issue, and to the extent of quoting some news reports to substantiate his "facts".

Worst, he stooped so low to complain about giving too much ang baos to his friend/relative's wedding dinner @ FLM. Ang baos are meant as a gift in the 1st place. Nobody said u cannot give more than the value of the table. What has it got to do with him even if they make a profit from there? Don't want to give, then don't go lah.

Imagine his friend/relative learns about him saying such thing behind him/her. Sibei suay to have invited him. I thought usually old people are more like that.

In FP thread, he said, "I can forgive, but not forget." Then why so unforgiving here and in one solemniser's thread? Keep on quoting other members' negative remarks abt FLM and that JP. As if the others will thank him for that. I don't see him quoting positive remarks. But he might start doing so after reading this, so as not to make himself look like some petty and biased low EQ guy.

Trying desperately to put others down to make himself feels more superior. I suspect he is suffering from inferiority complex.

Another disgusting thing is to pretend to be a gentleman in the GPCH thread and some ROM threads. Sibei 虚伪.

The more he complains, the more we feel that the problem lies NOT with FLM, but in his mind. Probably one of the most unwelcomed members in recent times.


charlie_angel: Of cos, understand what you mean. I will also do the same. But not necessary mean everyone will be so totful.

Chilli-In-Ketchup: very straightforward of you I must say. But agree with the part of if really mind so much, then might as well dont go.

Well GPCH is good but as we koe even the 5-6 star places may not be perfect. Imagine the blow if he finds someone talking criticising stuff behind his back.

Suan le... its occasionally good to have some drama mama appearing in the threads to add some excitement and anticipation but if the comments are destructive, then better not instead.

Most people look to forum for some indication of experience and support, not to feel even more traumatised.


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I also address David by his name, calling him master sounds so funny when he's still so young haha.

anyway forget abt the hoo-ha here, jokers like him come and go in every forum, its normal.
It's good to have straight-forward people in this thread. I think 'he' needs some telling-off before realizing how demoralising & damaging his comments were. I can't imagine how the friend who invited him for the wedding would feel after reading about how much he has suffered (emotionally & financially) after the wedding banquet.

Eee... Thomas, you are really everywhere. I have seen your posts in many threads. You are so on
! At times, I still go back to Novotel's thread as it's always so active.


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to each of their own.. =)

frankly speaking FP is nothing to shout about... in fact, i forgot about it.. never had the intention to check that thread again after some very good customer service which was rendered to me.

the reason why i was so active in FLM & the other JP thread was only there are negative incidents which happened.. if simply you all think can go by the probability of it not happening it agian.. fine by all means...

about how damaging and demoralising my comments were for FP? oh, the 700 word detailed description was deleted by them..... if you had seen the sms which i received, i think you would beg to differ to... but i think i dun think i need to resort to posting the photos of the sms here.. its even more damaging..

and one thing, if you think i was kidding... i wished i had snapped photos of how much food was left untouched during that wedding dinner... but i would definitely agree that for the price that one is paying, its super value for money.

putting people down to make one superior? is there even a need to? btw, just realised something from my sister-in-law pertaining their PS from their BS... geez.. going to consult my friends on what's the best course of action to take... looked at their final deliverable.. the standard is really unacceptable... and having paid close to 5k... its even more unforgiving... apparently, they did not do much research prior to committing...

if things can be resolved amiably, then great.. if not, that Bridal Studio can be prepared to be shot down....

that's just me in person.. i am a person. if you are good to me, i will be doubly good to you... if you do not know me, then please kindly reserve your comments to yourself.. =)

my conscience is clear.


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for me i am a pretty simple down to earth guy.. if i receive good service and quality stuff.. i will really "ting" them by giving them the due credit.. you can check with my car workshop, insurance agent and etc.. however if i receive the contrary, you can expect similar "ting" but in the negative aspect... its pretty the same everywhere.. as customers, we would like to have good services and work rendered. if by upholding to this conviction is wrong, then by all means.. disagree with me.

i dun blame you, coz you do not know what happen.... to each of their own...


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maybe to say that the person was a good friend might be a little misleading.. but shall not comment more... else more chill ketchup, any bbq sauce? lol. ^^


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Chilli Ketchup.. you can take over now... my intention was to create awareness so that BTBs can have the chance to consider their options again.. the same goes for the thread in one of the JP's thread...

just answer this truthfully in your mind, how would you feel if you had been that bride who held her banquet in FLM? and those brides who had experienced negative experiences during their solemnisation planning process?

do not need to answer me... i need no answers...
if in your mind, you are fine with that... greatz.


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as you are not aware, my sister in law wasn't aware of the standard of the BS which she had signed up.. apparently during the wedding fairs, the quality shown was extremely good.. however when it came to the deliverables, i was left feeling appalled... the price which she paid for the shoot? $3300 before topping up anything... it wasn't like pay peanuts, get monkeys, mind you. The photos are blurred, and have signs of overscaling, due to low resolution photos used...

that's the result of not much awareness of that BS... even though the name is somewhere listed in one of the thread in SG Brides...

would u want such a thing to happen to you? I am looking for ways to help them look for a recourse, if not that BS can be prepared to be given free publicity from me...

that's my rational...


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I must applaud that we are fortunate to have such stubbornly self-righteous people in this forum. Everything got excuse and reason. Everything justifiable one.

Nobody said u can't write anything negative. We are here to look for comments and reviews of products & services. However, the problem with u is, u like to harp on it, esp the negative ones. No win, no rest.

Good or bad. Said once done, point taken. 何苦如此转牛角尖? Sibei naggy also.

I must declare that with him around, our consumer's right are well-protected! Let's all thank him together.

Asked so many, then said need no answer. Then don't ask in the first place to save one's breath. I am not interested in helping his mother to teach her son anyway. Hahaha..

No offence. Hahaha...


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to bring about one's parents into the picture... i applaud and saluate you... shows what you truly are.. about the no offence, if you are a guy then no need to bring the upbringing into the picture... no offence either.

may i ask you, have you come across a bridal studio which produces albums which are of substantial quality? the quality is so bad that even parents could see how come the photos are quite blurry, the CA are way off, and we can see strong elements of noise artefacts? the BS is quite highly featured in wedding fairs and etc....

if you think i am kidding, then just hang ard at the Bridal Studio thread.. think in a couple of weeks', i will have some answers if the issue is not resolved amiably. my poor brother in law was asking me, is it possible for the BS to post process the photos by sharpening them, and going through noise removal..

one look at resolution of the photos provided... geez, its astonishing low... think the resolution provided is somewhere between 3-4 megapixel.... to be blown up into 15R? no wonder the reason for the degrading of picture quality... if you think i am a difficult customer, then put yourself into the perspectives of the customers who had suffered such appalling services..

the only way to salvage their photos would be a RESHOOT... if the BS really cares about their reputation, i think its only fair..

about once done, point taken... but apparently at times, the point does not get taken in... just like my brother in law, after their downpayment with the BS, they read some negative incidents about the BS... however, being very Da Fang like you, chilli ketchup, they brushed it aside, thinking they are being too sensitive... BUT the incident actually HAPPENED AGAIN for their case... its about the same thing like for the JP thread which similar incidents resurfaced for other couples...

my poor sister in law was asking me for my opinions about the quality of the PS.. I told her the composition was nice and etc, where i would like to have a soft copy of the images... reason which i did not tell her, was to ask for critque with my colleague who is going into full time photography... frankly speaking, quite a number of images are simply unforgivable for a BS PS....

offline, i told my BIL that i will check around on what's the recourse possible... another issue is that they had cleared the final payment.. they are not fussy people, perhaps most singaporeans aren't... however, even to the point where the elder can notice something wrong with the photos, it simply points to the fact that something is seriously wrong...

its the same for [email protected] Royal at Queens and the other JP thread. people chose to ignore the kind advice and warning, ended up it truly did not go well.. who to blame? perhaps except themselves? hence, its the same for the BS..

if there is any lie in what i had mentioned, i would definitely doing interested BTBs a great dis-service... likewise, the same can be applied to my car servicing, motor insurance renewal, wedding dinner venue, solemniser services, AD PG & VG where i was rendered good services...

some BTBs may choose to not to be fussy. however, i am not an easy customer.. nonetheless, those truly deserving ones will enjoy great reivews from me. my analogy is simple, if one is good to me, i will return the favour in multiples back to them...

about the consumer rights... wait till if such a thing was to happen on anyone, then u shall see whether the person can still laugh and brush it off..

my conscience is clear. =)

to top it off, how much did my sister in law pay for the BS PS? the package cost close to S$5000 in all...


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one final point to add: some BTBs may be asking, how come both my brother in law and sister in law signed up with them? reason being during the wedding fair, the photo albums produced were of top notch quality, and the gowns looked truly attractive...

hence, moral of the story: do your homework and know your rights...


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to be fair...if you really do have any negative feedback....perhaps u can transform them into CONSTRUCTIVE FEEDBACK and email all your concerns to the respective hotel, BS or PG.
There is such a thing called SUGGESTION FORM. Personally, i just feel that we can do our part by helping them to IMPROVE. I believe the management will take your emails seriously and do any necessary improvement.
I believe all the BTBs here are clever enough to know which is best for them. Thank again for your concern, but i think they don't appreciate your feedback.
Once you have signed up your hotel or BS, pls just remain in your thread. This is a happy place where they share comments in a constructive and CIVILISED manner.
If you still want your voices to be heard, you can email them to the straits time forum. Over there, your comments will reach millions. And your motive will be attained. Spare a thought for the businesses...i think you just want them to close down issit. In addition, you said you will be good to the rest who are good to you and vice versa. Then the BTB in the Fengshui thread has done nothing bad to you, so why do u have to tell her not to scrimp?

Btw, i'm already married in 2008. And will read this forum occasionally. I have never come across such negative comments in my thread EVER.

Thank you. (Hey gals, I hope he gets out of your sight from this moment!)


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Basically, he just wants to be heard, and others to feel that he is well-informed and knowledgeable.

His sis & BIL's unpleasant experience with a BS has turned him into a demon slayer in the forum.

Like what pink_rose has said, u can be more constructive about your feedback. Your comments will be more valuable to everyone if u are more objective, and not so subjective with esp. the negative ones. Otherwise, u are just behaving like a biased and immature kid.

We know u are trying badly to help, and indeed, u are doing it really badly.


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Sorry, but I'm really tickled by this thing Weixiang has going and really want to say my piece as well.

Seriously, "upbringing?"
"An eye for an eye" might be law, but you don't take justice into your own hands.
Nobody said you can't complain. That's what this forum is for.
You said you only want to say your piece, but your incessant threads say otherwise.
Things change all the time, you having a bad experience doesn't mean everyone else will have it as bad as you. What makes you so certain that these service providers want to carry on rendering bad service?
The only thing I know that won't change for now is your negative mentality.

And "homework?"
I have to agree on that.
Step one involves looking into the mirror.
How great a wedding depends on how great a couple is.
If you don't have the looks, you better have the moves or the personality.
From all these remarks you've made all over the forums, we know you are not anything we can consider the better half, in terms of personality, that is.
Just a self-awareness test: why don't you ask your closest friend(s) (if you have any) to talk about your shortcomings?
In all sincerity, don't take our negative remarks for it, "man up" and listen to what your friends have to say.

If you keep going at this rate, I wonder if anybody even wants to render any service to you.
I already know the good service providers are choosing not to.
One of which is Don of FP, whom you said produce good work in the beginning (I have that thread as proof) but now say "ain't that great."

Wedding banquet venue, JP, PG and VG rendered good service for you? Really?
Just meeting or talking with the service providers and you can vouch for good service rendered?
You mean you're already married and you're a repeat customer, only different partner?

Btw, I pity our next generation who are studying under Mr Goven Toh in Yishun Town Secondary School.
Oh, isn't that you, Weixiang?
Thanks for ruining the children's future.

Anybody got friends teaching or studying YTSS?
Do everyone a favor by sending these infamous forum threads to them, yah?


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Oh, and about this FLM saga you went through, I think it was more likely that the guests at your table lost their appetite thanks to all your incessant comments, complaints and whining.

Yes, I also believe your conscience is clear. So clear, I can't see it!
Weixiang, I hope you understand where we are coming from. Take a look at all your posts & note the number of times you repeated the same points. If the JP, FLM & FP are really so bad, just drop your comments once will do. By repeatedly posting the same old details, you are really presenting yourself negatively.

I believe there are other couples who are proud of FLM. If I am invited as a guest, I would be happy to turn up to give the couple my blessings. Honestly, food & services are not the priority, as long as I can be there to share my friend's joy.

Actually, why don't you have a time of reflection on the many negative feedbacks that are directed toward you from other forumers? Obviously, your style of comments are not acceptable to the majority. Many times, we may not be able to see our flaws. However, my mentality is that if more than 2 persons commented on the same thing about me, I know that's my area of weakness, which I need to look into.

Good luck for your coming wedding!


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thanks, chocolatepraline... I appreciate your constructive feedback... think i shall be precise and concise in the future... apparently, i would say my style of comments are not acceptable to majority.

shall think of how i can help my brother in law pertaining to his BS PS saga... but in all very much appreciated... think i will post a thread under Bridal Boutiques about possible recourse for a BS that went seriously wrong..

likewise, all the best to all BTBs and GTBs in their wedding preparation process. afterall, marriage is a once in a lifetime event.

its true that at times when one person is so tunnelled into a certain view, one might not be able to see where he/she is going wrong. afterall, forums are avenues which one can learn from each other.

all the best to your future endeavours =)

p.s: feel free to throw in advice and etc other at my other thread under Bridal Boutiques.. to all BTBs whom i might have caused distress, i hope all of you can check with your coordinators to ensure everything go smoothly according to plan.

Cheers =), won't be reading this thread anymore le.. Apologies for the distress caused to BTBs, as good intentions are viewed in a negative light (due to the style of comments adopted)


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He has finally thrown in the white flag, though the last statement reiterated his stubbornness.

Similar to what he did in the FP thread, he would say, "I won't be reading this thread anymore," so that he would have the last say. Hahaha.. Loser.

I seriously doubt his credibility since even his sis & BIL did not want to heed his "well-intended" advice. Obviously he has a "popularity" issue at home too. Hahaha..

That explains why he turns to the forum to impose his views on us! He's always harping on one issue as he is hoping that somebody would agree with him. But nobody did, so he repeats himself like a broken recorder. But actually said once is enough. We'll take that into consideration. His sis & BIL obviously can't be bothered with him too.

Nobody understands his "good" intention seriously. More like trying to close FLM down so that all the staff there would lose their jobs? He's one vile character eager to see troubles everywhere.

One last thing, he'd better be wary with whatever he writes about FLM, if he doesn't want to be sued for libel.

Really good luck to him.

Inspector Gadget: U are one super resourceful guy! How did u manage to uncover his identity? Yishun Town Sec is a very decent sch in that neighbourhood leh. o_O


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There he goes again, escaping from reality and not understanding how messed up he is and thinking that he is still in the right.
Seriously tempted to corner him in this forum just for kicks.
So easy to find him within this forum anyway.

As for digging up his identity, just search his email and name in facebook and google.
Helps that there was an informant too.
Yup, YTSS seems like a decent school, until this Mr Toh spoiled the name.

Oh well, at least he knows he's blown his cover here, and he might just start behaving.


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choco: hihi, u still rem me ah? not everywhere lah, just very amused by this superhero that I really 'followed' his posts and wanna see what kinda 'advice' he wanna give, maybe even better than Justice Bao's lol. u signed up with FLM?

anyway I'm really tickled pink by our superhero, we need more ppl like him for entertainment LOL. Bloody good joke if u ask me.

I shudder to think how our next generation of kids wld grow up to be if every teacher was like him.


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i'm also interested to hold our banq in flm at hotel royal@ queens.. just called and ask is booking available for 2011.. but e person say not yet, onli open after 2010.. wahahhaa.. so i say my wedding in jan 2011 den i can onli book after 2010?? abit too late rite.. den she say can book after mid of 2010.. omg.. faints... does she noe wat she's saying? i tot usually is 1 yr in advance?? but actually my AD in may 2011 lah.. i'm trying to disturb her.. lol
Thomas: I am with GPCH, with Blur btb & weixiang lah. We are all very amused with weixiang, that's why we followed him wherever he goes lor :p.

draaaloon: Hee... I think we are all here to kapo around. Maybe Lavender can help in this area. Good luck to your wedding.


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i called up again not long after i posted here.. den ask to speak to manager but not ard... so will call mi later.. but i doubt will get a call so quickly.


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choco: wow so u dropped NCQ in the end? tot u were joining us hahaha...

draaa: really such a small world...we meet here AGAIN!'s life after ROM?


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I am scared with u around, uncovering people's identity! Hahaha...

Leave him alone for now since he has already been driven out of this thread. U like that exposed him, he's now as good as running around the forum "naked". Hahaha..

P.S. Given his "never-say-die" character, I am sure he's still reading the FLM & FP threads. But he has to keep his mouth shut coz he already said he's not reading anymore. Hahaha.. I don't believe that lor.


Hmmmm din know that's such annoying people around. Thanks to investigator for pointing him out. Hmmmm he is such a freak.... I realize he seems quite happy that FLM faces such issues.
Did he ever thought this might happen in any hotel? And also the BS.... Hmmm does he really so naive think that can sue them becos of bad service and photo? Cos if can then y those BS who BTBs n GTBs pay 100% payment but closed down din kena sue?

So i think he super bo liaoz loh... n worst of all i felt pity for those BS and Hotel servicing him, imagine anything happen what will he do? hmmm on second thot he might keep quiet about this so as not to kena suan by ppl.... Also talking about ang bao... So little still dare to go around telling ppl u sponsor to ur friend's honeymoon. I think hmmm ur friend is really very "fortunate" to have such a so called good friend.


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Hi All,

New here, will like to check out the package for FLM.

Hmmmmm just to speak out for the rest of BTBS n GTB in this thread.
Mr. Goven Toh Aka Weixiang, don't u think u are very rude to say this as a budget hotel?
What will the BTBs n GTBs who has booked this place felt? You are simply too much.

Imagine your big name being publish in the headlines of Shin Ming Daily and Lian He Wan Bao:


I| would not be surprise what this will let you ended up with. It's so cruel of you to say such kind of comments here. N u seems to be happy about it.

I wonder what will happen to your wedding since it has not happen, you better pray hard that everything goes smoothly, and thinking of suing ppl, that's probably some ignorant monkeys would only said.
People open business is for you to choose and engage their service. Not for you to sue them here and there, and don't forget, there's always contract sign between 2 parties, its both willingly one, do you think you really can sue them so easily?

Don't understand how can people with such low EQ and IQ teach our future young generation?
Its and insult to the good teachers out there, i better show my friend teaching on your way of handling things.


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dear brides, anyone has photos which they can share with me about the setup and etc?

currently, i am considering Qian Xi / Fu Lin Men or a simple luncheon at a hotel...

i personally do know the couple involved in the unforunate incident through a common friend.. initially they were pretty upset at how things were being handled... the incident was not handled with the best interest, no doubt...

however, in the end the hotel has decided to do things with what the bride had demanded.. an official apology on straits times.. with other issues that cannot be brought up due to red tape...

its good that awareness is brought up as this incident did happen... however, i am still willing to give this hotel a try. have spoken to the management, they are very apologetic that for the incident which happened over x'mas eve...

wondering any brides can share their packages and photos with me?

thanks alot!!! in fact, i am quite amused by some of the heated exchanges going on here. why dun all of you cool down and look at things from a different perspective?

by the way, are the prices listed on the website nett prices? any further hidden prices and packages whom you can kindly share?


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Wah! Din noe there's so much happenings in this thread! wahahhaa!

grace> Hmm.. Their webby got photos of both the restaurant & the ballroom. I initially oso shortlisted the 2 tat u shortlisted & i chose FLM coz 1. They haf a free nite in the hotel (coz usually dinner ends till quite late, so it's gd to haf a place to sleep w/o travelling too far) & 2. I booked their ballroom, hence wen printing invitation cards, i put the hotel instead of the restaurant & u noe nowadays some ppl gif AP depending on venue of lunch/dinner. The prices listed on the webby is subjected to ++ (10% & 7%). Hope it helps. =) If u need any further enquires can PM me, coz i dun come into this thread often.


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alicia, but then their photos on the net are not comprehensive enough... so they actually include free printing of cards? so good? seems really good value for money... considering that even restaurants charge much more..

actually, its good that newspapers report the incident that happened in hotel royal @ queens.. at least, they know that they have to be very careful now...

i will pm you accordingly... some said its 4 star hotel, some said its 3 star hotel... but nonetheless, the location is quite near the city, which is a plus point...

so in all, i will consider this value for money as hotel in towns will usually cost at least $900 onwards.... Alicia, will pm you accordingly.. thanks!!!