Good JP to recommend?

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  1. happymoonz

    happymoonz New Member

    May I know whether Mr Cheong has any religions affiliations? Both of us are free thinkers and we hope to get bilingual JP with neutral religious background.

    Thanks for your reply in advance :)

  2. lovmoment

    lovmoment Member

    @ksmile care to share your previous jp?
  3. chinleng

    chinleng Administrator Staff Member

  4. xSMILE

    xSMILE Member

    Hi, I am not sure if he have any religions affiliations. But he mentioned that he wont talk/ share too much on that day.
    So there should not be any religions sharing or so. :)
  5. xSMILE

    xSMILE Member

    Hi Lovmoment,

    My previous JP was Mr Lim Beng Tze. :)
  6. happymoonz

    happymoonz New Member

    Thanks for your reply xSMILE
  7. michimochiie

    michimochiie New Member

    Yea, he's really nice, patience and friendly. Just met up with him together with my htb, he brief us carefully and the things to take note also. Telling us what might happen and how to solve etc.
  8. msjac

    msjac Member

    Contacted Mr. Cheong but he isn't available on my day :( So sad.
  9. amy_tan89

    amy_tan89 New Member

    I am contemplating on a few jps. They are all recommended by my friends who used them. How to make a choice?
  10. JuzDream

    JuzDream Member

    Go by the one with most recommendation =)
  11. JuzDream

    JuzDream Member

    Guess i am lucky. I just contacted him last night and he is avaliable. In fact, i emailed him at 11.30pm last night and he replied me at 11.45pm on same day. Super fast reply!
  12. msjac

    msjac Member

    Anyone had reviews on Tam Chee Wah? :)
  13. spreeaholics

    spreeaholics Member

    Any review on Mr Francis Ng? I googled but there isn't much reviews.

    Btw I'm curious if solemnization is done at ROM center instead of outside is red packet required for ROM's in-house JP?
  14. Hi fellow btbs! how early in advance should we book JP?
  15. outtaworld

    outtaworld Member

    Hi, based on ROM I think is around 3 months before but quite a lot of my friends advised me to book earlier. So I started booking about 5 months before. And some are already booked.
  16. outtaworld

    outtaworld Member

    Anyone had Mr Teo Chong Tee as JP? How is he ?
  17. Avril08

    Avril08 New Member

    Hi xSmile can i check with you is this jp william cheong yip kwong number?97805638

  18. JuzDream

    JuzDream Member

    His number is 97806638

    I engaged him for my solemisation as well on 25 feb 2017
  19. ruachgall

    ruachgall Member

    I've his number as 9780 5638 too though
  20. Avril08

    Avril08 New Member

    Oh really. That's good! I booked on 3 sept 2016 for my ROM. :)
  21. JuzDream

    JuzDream Member

    Also with William Cheong?

    Please let me know how is he on your solemisation day=)
  22. ruachgall

    ruachgall Member

    Hi there, can you pls advise on Mr William Cheong's mobile number that you have?
  23. Avril08

    Avril08 New Member

    Hi this is Mr cheong number 97805638.
  24. Avril08

    Avril08 New Member

    Okay sure! ;) Will be going down to meet him on july. :)
  25. ruachgall

    ruachgall Member

    Thanks much!!
  26. michimochiie

    michimochiie New Member

    Anyone knows the rate for angbao for JP now?
  27. LHC

    LHC Member

    Same thoughts! I'm a free thinker and hope my JP wouldn't touch on religious matters. Do you happen to have/found any photo of William Cheong?
  28. Pigity

    Pigity New Member

    I think it will be easier to save his number and view his photo from whatsapp though. He seems like a nice man and btw I've also booked him for 2 oct :)
  29. LHC

    LHC Member

    That's a great idea. I already confirmed with him for 18 feb even without looking at his photo. Heh! Just want to get it over and done with.
  30. x3Fang

    x3Fang Member

    Please do not engage him. I have created a thread about him and has more evidence from other brides about how money face he is..
  31. msjac

    msjac Member

    I totally agree that he is not a great person at all.
  32. x3Fang

    x3Fang Member

    I reported to ROM they have told me that his license will expired this year end due to numerous complains :)
  33. tanahmin

    tanahmin Member

    hi all :) does anyone knows if William Cheong is bilingual in English and Chinese
  34. Evelyn Barr

    Evelyn Barr New Member

    I am also looking for JP.
  35. Loveinstills

    Loveinstills Loveinstills Photography

    u can pm me your email and I shld be able to send to you some whom I have the honour to work with.
  36. frommisstomrs

    frommisstomrs New Member

    Hello! I also engaged him on the same day! Congrats!!
  37. Xiaohuibebe

    Xiaohuibebe New Member

    Hi all babes, I've emailed Mr William Cheong and he agreed to be my JP on 21 May 2017! Anymore review from him? Is he a very formal or informal kinda person?
  38. akane81

    akane81 Member

    After seeing all the recommendations here, I quickly whatsapp Mr William Cheong to book him for my July wedding! Luckily he is available and willing to take the booking so much in advance. :)
  39. dollielovely

    dollielovely Member

    Hi Sebastian,

    which jp you do you recommend? Thanks
  40. Loveinstills

    Loveinstills Loveinstills Photography

    pm me your email? not so nice to share the JP's contact here lah. :)
  41. dollielovely

    dollielovely Member

    Pm You :) Thks!
  42. mrandmrsertobe

    mrandmrsertobe New Member

    hihi! same question as the other ladies - is Mr William Cheong bilingual / multi - lingual (dialects)

    Thanks in advance!
  43. shulinaoy

    shulinaoy Member

    Hi, we had a diff experience. we gave $88 for our Ang Bao but he didn't make any noise. He's quite nice except he sabo my husband to sing which is kinda nice since I wanted to hear my hubby sing anyway. In addition, he will get everyone to say something, mum, dad so on which kind of came at a surprise.
  44. roseandrouge

    roseandrouge Member

    Dear Brides,

    Can anyone help to identify this JP? Anyone knows his name?
    Thanks in advance!

  45. mrandmrsertobe

    mrandmrsertobe New Member

    hihi! for brides who recently have their solemnization done by William Cheong - any comments/feedbacks?
  46. lemontreasure

    lemontreasure New Member

    Hello BTB!

    I would like to recommend Mr Teo Chong Tee.

    My solemnization was on the 18th February 2017. I contacted him end October 2016 via email and he was prompt in his replies. His instructions on how to go about with the online registration / documents needed were clear. He even provided us samples of Marriage Vows.

    On actual day Mr Teo arrived early. During solemnization, his speech was professional and straight to point. We enjoyed having him as our JP :)
  47. walkwithme

    walkwithme New Member

    Hi I noticed most JPs met up face to face to sign the consent form. Is the original hardcopy of the consent form required? I got my consent form signed via email - i.e. only scanned PDF copy. Anyone went ahead with just a scanned copy?
  48. lemontreasure

    lemontreasure New Member

    Hi walkwithme, our JP did not require us to meet him.
    We signed the form, scanned as PDF file and sent to him via email.
    The JP signed the form and email us back the PDF file.
    Remember to print out and bring along during your ROM appointment.
  49. Taustaus

    Taustaus New Member

    anyone have reviews for Mr Francis Ng?
  50. Sushella

    Sushella Member

    I also want to know the reviews for Francis Ng, anyone? ;)

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