Good JP to recommend?

Discussion in 'A Meeting Place For All ROM Couples' started by sprinkles, Mar 23, 2010.

  1. frommisstomrs

    frommisstomrs New Member

    Francis Ng was quite horrible for a friend's wedding.

  2. yiqii

    yiqii Member

    Hi all, roughly when do we look for JP? Thanks.
  3. walkwithme

    walkwithme New Member

    By right it should be around 3 months from the solemnisation really depends on the JP. A JP i contacted 6 months before mine told me he was booked for my date already whereas others told me it's too early for them to commit...finally secured mine abt 4 months from the solemnisation
  4. Bernardsgbridge

    Bernardsgbridge New Member

    Current experience with Mr William Cheong Yip Kwong.

    30 mins late for ceremony.

    Understand that the venue might be slightly inconvenient but there are follow up events which hinged on things going on time.

    While ROM ask couples to be on time to prevent inconvenience to the solemnizer and his subsequent schedule, once again, it works the other way also as it affects the couple and their guests.
  5. ing1

    ing1 Member

    Wah.. Tts bad... 30mins late.
  6. Bernardsgbridge

    Bernardsgbridge New Member

    Yes 30 mins late and took 30 mins with the whole ceremony.

    Supposedly has 10 solemnization on that day. Seriously this will have a knock on effect on the subsequent couples.

    I wonder does ROM even monitor how many solemnization events per solemnizer do per day.
  7. Nate Wolfff

    Nate Wolfff New Member

    ANy good ones to recommend?
  8. ing1

    ing1 Member

    May I ask where was yr venue?
  9. Bernardsgbridge

    Bernardsgbridge New Member

    The Villa (formerly known as Halia) at botanics garden.

    When we gave a call at 12pm, he say will be 15 mins late. Reached at 1230 eventually.
  10. ing1

    ing1 Member

    Botanical garden not that inconvenient.. Perhaps he was rushing from another solemnisation venue? Did he apologise n explain why he was late?
  11. Bernardsgbridge

    Bernardsgbridge New Member

    I was trying to give him some benefits of doubt....
    I was just the assistant coordinator for cousin wedding so i never know did he give any reasons or excuses. Apparently he cut off the phone when the main coordinator call him.

    From the aftermath, seems like he never gave any reasons to why he was late.

    Though a relative who spoke to him briefly said that he claimed to have 10 solemnization for the day.
  12. chinleng

    chinleng Administrator Staff Member

  13. walkwithme

    walkwithme New Member

    My JP Mr Chia Ngiang Hong was on time and the solemnisation process was very smooth....

    Granted he's not on the list of 'top solemnizers' but I was very happy with what he did for us
  14. sylphide85

    sylphide85 New Member

    My solemniser was Mr Zenon Teh (#30 on this website's list of recommended solemnisers).

    He arrived early to our venue, but we started late because one of the witnesses was stuck in traffic. He had another solemnisation 1 hour after ours, & had to rush off immediately afterwards, but he did not rush our actual ceremony at all. Everything went smoothly.

    I found that to be very professional & gentlemanly of him. :)
  15. akane81

    akane81 Member

    Oh dear, he's our JP for my wedding next Sat. He claimed that I'm the only bride on that day and he'll reach half an hour early. Crossing my fingers now! Thought I had good vibes when I met up with him two weeks ago, he was really specific and tried to know us better during the meetup (after rushing over from 2 solemnisation that morning), many of my friends told me they did not even meet up with the JP before the event.

    I'll post back again after the actual event with him.
  16. blurbtb18

    blurbtb18 New Member

    We are having Mr William Cheong for our solemnization in November too and our schedule is timed to the minute, hopefully he will be on time too.. So far the communication with him have been smooth and well and he also suggested a meet up prior to the actual day.

    Wondering if it's okay to tell our solemnizers to be on time and we only have certain time allocated for the ceremony? Don't wanna sound rude as well..

    @akane81 - do share your experience after your wedding! & Congras!
  17. akane81

    akane81 Member

    Okay, just had the wedding yesterday so I'm back here to share my experience. Mr William Cheong was on time and arrived 30min earlier as he promised, he left a really good impression with the guests with his good humour and he even helped to entertain the guests for a little while (he preferred to be the emcee for the solemnisation and we were 5 min late for the ceremony). So the solemnisation ceremony turned out well! Phew!
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