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Discussion in 'Wedding Banquets' started by jaslin soo, Oct 29, 2000.

  1. NicoletteT

    NicoletteT New Member


    Anyone have any comments on the services and food updates of this hotel?
    Its currently in one of my list~

  2. shulinaoy

    shulinaoy Member

    Just to let you know. I've finished the AD. Banquet managers were very nice and professional in making my day hitch free.
    Guest said the food was good!
    They even helped to convert the VIP room into a tea ceremony room and provided a server to help.
  3. NicoletteT

    NicoletteT New Member

    Noted with thanks! :)
    Because previously I wanted to opt for the biggest ballroom - Venus, but they said the VIP room is subjected if no one using the Jupiter room...
  4. ETJourney2015

    ETJourney2015 New Member

    Hi everyone, can you all share your experiences with Furama Riverfront with me. I realised the perks are the same all these years where they offered free 3d2n stay in Bali.

    The sales manager told me that we will put a deposit of 4k, by food tasting, we must pay 50% and 1 week before our wedding, we have to pay full? Is it their policy.?
  5. shulinaoy

    shulinaoy Member

    Yups! I got married there! :) they are a great team! Very well run!
  6. ETJourney2015

    ETJourney2015 New Member

    Awesome. May I know who is your coordinator? Did you pay full one week before your actual day? =]
  7. shulinaoy

    shulinaoy Member

    Heya! My coordinator was Albert. I paid full on the actual day but because I made use of the UOB one card rebate, I paid most of it over monthly installments by just dropping by the hotel to make payment. That saved me over 1k.
  8. twinklenuts

    twinklenuts New Member

    Hi Everyone.

    Keen to share your experiences with Furama Riverfront?

    Thank you.
  9. maddyTSY

    maddyTSY Member

    Hi! Anyone held your AD dinner at Jupiter room? As my group pax size is rather small and i will only get to have max 25 tables. Possible to share with me your experiences and what's their current installment policy.

    Thank you.

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