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Hi Blessed Couple,

With regards to the Paris and London legs of your trip, how are you getting to the places outside the cities?

The places you mentioned are not very near to the cities, so you may end up spending quite a bit of time travelling to and fro on the same day, leaving little time for visiting the place itself.

Also, you mentioned visiting the Chateaus in the Loire Valley, which is a good idea. But good champagne and burgundy? Champagne and Burgundy are both quite far from the Loire Valley.

We're based right now in UK so if you need help with the UK bit I'll see if I know anything useful.

Feel free to PM me for quicker replies.
Good day fellow couples!

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Hi all,

My hubby and i are planning to go Paris f&e for our honeymoon next year. It's our first time and need some advice here.

Pardon for my poor geography knowledge. Is Paris and France close to each other? What would be considered a reasonable flight ticket to Paris? Any suggested airline to look for?

Both of us know how to drive but as we don't own a car, we have not drive for years. Is it possible to travel within Paris entirely by public transport and foot there?

We plan to go in feb or march.. When's a good time and suggested accommodation?

Thanks in advance!


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Hi Aimei,

Paris is a city and France is a country. Paris is in France. SQ flight ticket cost around S$1400 to S$1700. You can travel by metro in Paris, no need to drive at all. Spring and autumn is a good time to go.


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Hi Peng,
Great to know you still read & reply to this thread. THANKS so much for your Paris & Italy itineraries. I just finished my France's F&E hotels & road trips, am starting on my Italy leg soon.

Paris - 5 nights' stay @ Alyss Saphir Cambronne Eiffel at Euro 79/night (I couldn't get a room at Lecourbe, fully booked already)

Annecy - 1 night stay @ Hotel Alexandra at Euro 65/night

Lyon - 2 nights' stay @ Hotel Saint-Pierre des Terreaux at Euro 71/night

Nimes - 1 night stay @ Hôtel des Tuileries at Euro 66/night

Nice - 2 nights' stay @ Hotel le Petit Trianon at Euro 85/night

The only sector that I think we can really drive is from Nimes to Nice. And I spent so much time reading tripadvisor.com just to book the hotels we want...


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Hi yes I still read the thread but I seldom reply now :)
Me too I am obsess with the hotel reviews from tripadvisor and spend many days reading it.


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When is Spring and autumn in europe and Any suggested cheaper alternative airfares?

Which travel guide should I research and are they updated?


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Hi Raymond,

Oh thanks for the reminder. It just went too conveniently in my mind to simply ask the question before searching. thanks anyway!


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Hi Aimei,

May I humbly suggest that it may be better in future for yourself if you conveniently went to Google first. If you cannot find the answer there after some effort, then you're most welcome to post in the forum. It makes you look more hardworking.


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Hi Aimei,

For the airfare part, just to share with you that I got my air tix at about S$1,200+ per pax on Thai Airways for SIN-BKK (Transit 2hr) - Paris-Rome - BKK (2 nights' stay) - SIN. I'm going during winter off-peak (before Christmas till Chinese New Year), hence, I guess that's why my tix are cheaper too.

I heard Emirates (or other middle-eastern airlines) are quite cheap also but we didn't check them out ourselves coz' of the transit.

Paris alone is rather easy to plan actually coz' if you read through all the relevant threads in SGBrides, they give you all the answers you'll need in your planning.

1. To get around in Paris, download the Metro map (with attractions indicated) first - http://parisbytrain.com/files/2008/10/metro_geo.pdf

Takes a while to download, so be patient. It looks very complicated at first look but it's really quite easy to understand after staring at it for a while.

2. Then read Raymond Tan's article at - http://rtan.net/France/fne.html

I think it is a concise version of everything you need to know. I read through it like 3 -4 times already.

3. On budget, read Raymond Tan's article at - http://rtan.net/Paris/

Raymond - Hope you don't mind me sharing your links here, coz' they are so useful. They really helped me a lot personally so want to share your good stuff around =)


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Hi Cat,

Thank you for your helpful posting.

I wrote those guides sometime back and they may be a little outdated; but I guess the essence of it is still there. I'm glad you found it useful. Sure, as long as others find it useful too I am happy to share it for free.

A lot of useful tips can also be picked up at the travel forums of tripadvisor, virtualtourist, etc. F&E does take some work but it is all worth it in the end; and it is very good knowing you are in charge of every part of the trip.