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Thanks, Celestia


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hi, between electrolux ewf 8555 front-loading (6kg) at 699 and samsung wf8650 front loading (6.5kg), which one will be better?

Apprehensive about getting a samsung again because my 3-year-3-month-old samsung just conked out by moving very violently out of its place during its wash cycle. The repairman said the circuit board might be spoilt.


Hi All, was wondering if any of you have any reviews on the following machines

EDE77550W vs

any views or opinions?


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Hi all, I'm new here.

Do anyone has any review on Electrolux EWF54761?
The sales lady from courts recommend to me.

any opinions?


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hi @ridhwan82,

just ordered the EDE 77550 W from Aik Leong. Got it @ $710 (original $899), Courts selling $779, Gain City selling $714 ($689 + $25 delivery). Aik Leong's price includes delivery and bracket (initially $45, but after nego 'cos Gain City was throwing in bracket FOC).

Got it to match our 3-year old Electrolux washer EWF 1087, which is the same dimensions 850x600x600, and it is stackable, meaning don't need to mount. It's has NEA 3 ticks, sensor, digital display, mechanical controls, 7kg, and option for delicates and gentle, which we need as baby is coming.

Not sure about the Bosch one, though looking at the specs, it's not exactly square (842x598x625), and seems to have less functions or modes. Not sure what's the market price too.


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Hi Ridz,

Do you have any comments for the following washing machines:

1. LG Washer - WD-1488TDS5
2. Bosch Washer - WAS28448ME
3. Electrolux - EWN14991W

Thanks in advance!


What are you looking for? Wash features? Or what is it that you are looking for?
Are these your shortlisting?
What are your needs and budget?
Let's disuss


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Hi Ridz,

Looking for a regular washer that washes the clothes thoroughly - and spinning with less noise! Currently, I've a Thomson washer cum dryer and it's terribly noisy during spinning! Then there were times when I spotted some particles all over the machine when I opened up the cover after the operation stopped and some also on the clothes, especially on white colors. I don't know what is it as I do clean the inner tub once a month. I used to have a Toshiba washer and it was pretty quiet thru out the whole process and the best part of it - it has a cool button for self-cleaning! Yes, the list is my shortlisting after checking around the stores and I'd decided not to get a combo (i.e. washer cum dryer) anymore! Budget wise is NIL at the moment.


If you are looking at the ultimate washing machine then it would be Miele.

Miele washer + Miele Dryer = $3880


Here are the youtube video links for you to really have a look at really understand and appreciate the amount of money that you are investing in the quality build of Miele.

1) Miele Laundry Care

2) Miele Honeycomb Drum - Superior Wash

3) Miele Durability

10,000hours durability testing

Miele quality stocking test on the drum to see if it breaks to ensure perfect drum

Miele Water Spray Test and 3000v jolt

Door Impact test 30,000 open and shut

Door Weight Test attached to door

Miele Drop Test - Transport

Miele Enamel Coating

Miele Quality 0 Children Proof

4) Miele Patented Rinse Cycle - How it detects for optimum rinses

5) Miele Mechanical Action - This is the miele difference

6) Miele Auto Load Sensing

Happy Watching


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Hi Ridz,

Thanks for your reply and recommendations on the Miele washer. Btw, while checking around - I came to know about this post : http://www.waleedhanafi.com/2009/04/miele-singapore-avoid-at-all-costs.html
I'm wondering whether this are just some of the isolated incidents and the service levels provided by Miele Singapore. No, I will just be getting the washer as I dont see the need of having a dryer. I've the Thomson washer cum dryer and I'd only make use of the dryer once for the last 3 years!


Yeah I guess its an isolated case. And I've had miele machines and I'm a heavy user. So far no problems. Usual usage is 5 times a weel (average users) mu average use is 2 - 3 times a day. It hasn't died on me.

So far okay. You may wish to consider the extended waranty from best or harvey - I prefer best. But its your choice.


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For those who considering buying Electrolux products better think twice, i have a dryer need for serving, I have to wait for 17 days appointment date.This is rediculous and in dirrect telling their porducts allot of people waiting for servicing. In my passed experence other products it take one week can settle everthing!


relax ah. maybe so suay they also very busy. sometimes even premier brands also gotta wait. Bosch sometimes up to 5 days. miele also sometimes up to a week +

relax ah.

Gone are those days where you can call today tmr they come. remember we have 6 mil people wor.


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hello friend, cannot relax la, it so piss me off,now i am handing my clothing from kitchen and hall.If appointment date in 7 to 10 days is acceptable. lucky is not the washing machine, if not I have to handwash my clothing.Anyway this will be my last products for Electrolux!


i totally understand how you feel im just telling you there nothing you can do really. just ride it out la.

I know how it feels okay. I wash 2- 3 loads of 8kg daily. i confirm know how you feel okay. one day accumulation is sure dead. that why i opted for miele. they r way awesome doesnt die ever so often but if they do. its really they are "not feeling well" hahah


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Hi Ridz,
Thanks, feel relax reading your note.
Totally no power, I did call and write, the answer is still Sorry for any inconvience cause!
Intially I want to buy is Bosch, buy the sale keep recommend this stupid products to me. Last time i have the Fisher Paykel if need servicing appointment within a week only.


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Got the Electrolux EDV705 dryer. It's power die just after 2 years old (just after the warranty is over). Service "estimate" at least 50% of the dryer cost. The service center's attitude.. take it or leave it. I will stay away from Electrolux in the future.