Eczema problems

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  1. melody_fav

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    I agree... since young i have more of sensitive skins and ezcema too.. only on legs! after the outbreak of chicken poxes when im in P6, the condition of ezcema seems out of controls.. i seen docc and they also say that there is no cure for this.. all we can do is really improve the conditions n try to curb the scratching to create more " wound"... its really frustrating.. each scar took at least 6 months to lighten but the scar is still there..

    i also dare not wear skirts or even dresses.. as others might not understand hw we feel... they see us elseif we have wat kind of diseases like tat.. sometimes in the train or shopping centre, they walk pass you or nearby u will stare u from top to bottom like wat.. really hate that.. sometime when im really in bad mood, i will stare fiercely back at them but sometimes jus try to ignore those stares..

    Also will feel inferiors to my frens whom can wear short skirts..

    Lets think more positive and be happier. at least we are healthy

  2. linzie

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    My brother has eczema since young and recently he has been using a cream called Pso Herba cream which he bought from a website selling dead sea products. He tells me that products from the dead sea have minerals which are very good for healing eczema or any skin problems. It is natural and has no steroids. He says that this cream reduces the itchiness and redness.
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    Hello, I have suffered from eczema since I was a kid. I am now 25 & I've never had a flare up since I probably was 15. The other day I had the worst flare up ever. All over my body. It has never been this bad ever. Literally everywhere I touched or scratched caused a flare up. I tried EVERYTHING from tea tree oil, calamine lotion (this only soothed the flare ups) lemon juice (stung really bad) grape seed oil mosturizer (this was very soothing it makes your skin feel great) but none of this actually worked. I was so frustrated. I decided to use coca butter, I am so serious this works. In one day it was almost gone. Every couple hours I would put this on. I even kept the coca butter by my side in the bed. & constantly put it on. I woke up it was gone. This is amazing I recommend this to everyone. You should try this if your suffer from eczema. It worked great for me. Be patient & see results. I had to share my story with you all. Thanks =) I hope this works for you.
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    i don't have this problem, but i've been reading that a lot of people get relief from applying VICK'S VAPOR RUB on the troubled areas maybe twice a day for a couple of days until symptoms are relieved. it's been ruled harmless and inexpensive to try this by the doctor column i read in my newspaper. try it and see if it helps.
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    hi all,

    I have this kinda weird skin problem..

    I'm sensitive and allergy to something but not too sure what it is. However, whenever im feeling hot and humid, i'll have running nose and red patches on my face. There's once I went phuket and in the end, i came back with a super itchy and rough patch on my right tigh. It took a year to get total recovery. Recently, I just came back from Taiwan and the temperature there was around 10 degree. My nose was perfectly fine and my skin too.

    Are these one of eczema?
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    i have the same thing too.. I went overseas for work for 4 months last year in USA, and after I came back I suddenly found patches all over my legs and my arms and it was really itchy.

    I went to see a Derm who did confirm that it is eczema...
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    YESS. I suffer with that eczema pblm then i got serum from my cousin . Really Really works good .
    It is foderma serum to cure eczema.
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    It's nourishing and gentle. Foderma absorbs unto the skin and improves texture and tone with regular use. It has anti-inflammatory ingredients that keep symptoms in check. And it CONTROLS THE MADLY ITCH with regular usage.
  9. maddyTSY

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    One of eczema sufferer here. but mostly on my face. :(
    i have rough, dry & red patches on my face for the past 2 years and it's not getting better. went to derm docs but it gotten worse. so i have stopped visiting them.
    Skin condition is pretty dry, itchy at times. and pretty lack of collagen. any advice on what supplements to take as well to help?
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    I used to suffer eczema on my face too. Skin around lips got so dry and red. I recovered after seeing my current doc but his charges not cheap though. Pm me if you are interested to know his name.
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    I have eczema too. Have numerous scars on my legs and trying to keep it under control by moisturising diligently everyday and avoiding food triggers. I get flares when I’m under stress as well but it’s not avoidable as I’m working in an area that is highly stressful.
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    I have ezcema problem also.
  14. NatalieChew

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    How to repair DNA?
  15. NatalieChew

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    Genetics means that if my parent got eczema then i will have eczema problem,right?
  16. NatalieChew

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    Can you sharing with me what natural supplement can help to repair DNA?

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