COMPASS license for photo montage?


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Read the thread and Im still confused. So do we pay or not? and who pays? Hotel, PG/VG, Couple?

(1) Live Band = ?

(2) Background/March in Music, played from original CD = ?

(3) Background/March in Music, compiled into a CD but all purchased tracks/CD = ?

(4) Video with embeded music = Must pay, VG/PG pay if covered with blanket license, couple pay if diy ?

Anyone out there who is extremely clear, pls advise..thanks so much!


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Gosh...this is so annoying...planning a wedding already v stress n this copyright thingy is making it worse! (-_-)

And about the article from TODAY paper,it is not longer how much was the couple fined?


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how about a song that was written and there's was no records/CD or album launch whatsoever. Can I also use it also?


Shawn, what do you mean a song that was written, but no records/cds or albums? Copyright for songs are at 50 years. Beyond that, the composition/recording is no longer copyrighted. This means that songs by The Beatles may no longer be subject to copyright in as short as 2 years... as long as the law doesn't change.

You can buy royalty-free music online. You just have to google. Some videographers have their own collection of royalty-free or stock music that they have already purchased so you can ask them about it. Otherwise, you can also make arrangements for licensing perhaps thru the videographers with Compass. Chances are that the client has to bear the cost for usage.

For playing a CD at your wedding function:

You can also get a clearer picture here from a local videographer here:


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i also bit confuse.. so the hotel has the broadcast licence and allowed us to play orginal album songs..

the VG also applied the broadcast licence and RIP but he said it oli meant for the montage and the VIdeohighlight he done..

1) Cant it also use to cover the March-in songs which i selected myself?

2) If the march-in songs is i downloaded from internt and i ve paid for the broadcast licence, it it ok?

3) If i re-mix 2 songs into 1 to form march-in songs, do i still nit to pay any licence?

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i just contacted compass informing them that i obtained permission from the youtube singer for that particular song in the montage. and they still ask me to pay the fee for broadcasting the video.. ? in this case since its an indpt singer where does the money go?


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Hi Chinzilla,

I got this from Compass 'About Us' webpage:

<blockquote><hr size=0><!-quote-!><font size=1>quote:</font>

The Composers and Authors Society of Singapore (COMPASS) is an organisation created to protect and promote the copyright interests of composers, authors* (and their heir) and publishers of musical works and their related lyrics.<!-/quote-!><hr size=0></blockquote>
My understanding from the above is that Compass does not represent the singers but the composers.

Chin Leng.


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thx chin leng!

this case is quite cute .. he is the singer ,song writer. so he did the composition , tunes, and performance.

Another thing is i noticed on the form itself, they ask for venue and and date only. No mention of the songs used. if this information is not collected how can they disburse the funds?

So he is covered.. im still awaiting their explaination.